along with how many Magic Points it costs for a spell to be cast. Typically, the more powerful the spell, the more it costs. Some spells also spend Health Points to cast instead of Magic Points and some cost both. ” The man pointed a remote toward the projector, prompting the screen to change to a slide that was labeled Nature, which showed the five known Natures beneath it with their respective logos.

”As you know, there are five, well, six Natures. Fire, Ice, Wind, Electricity, Light, and the never before seen Dark Nature. ” Upon hearing this, nearly everyone in the room directed their attention to Kamaris Chronicle. Kamari continued looking straight, ignoring the glares in hopes that theyd go away faster.

”A persons Nature is determined by the persons personality, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Each Nature has its own pros and cons in battle, as well as a Nature that they have the advantage over and a Nature that has an advantage over them. Lets start with Fire, shall we? ” Once again the man clicked his remote and the projection changed, showing the Fire symbol along with some information about the Nature.

”Those with Fire Nature typically have a more aggressive dueling style, as well as high damage with medium Health Points. Its the most basic, but don let that fool you into thinking that they shouldn be taken seriously. ”

”People with the Ice Nature adopt a more defensive style, using a mixture of Defensive Spells and Offensive Spells. Though they do less damage than Fire users, they have the most Health Points out of any other Nature. ”

”Wind Nature users typically focus on buffs and debuffs to increase their own evasiveness and decrease their opponents accuracy. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that attacks have a chance of missing, doing zero damage, and skipping the users turn. Your Chronicle will tell you the chances of your attack hitting or missing. Much like MP cost, the rate at which an attack lands is decided by the Chronicle and by how powerful the attack is. Anyway, due to Wind users having such high evasiveness, they have low HP. ”

”Electricity users rely on status effects and lightning fast attacks, giving them the highest hit rate out of any of the other Natures. To balance this, their damage is quite low in comparison to other Natures but that low damage adds up after landing nearly every single attack. ”

”Lastly, we have Light Nature. Light Nature users are glass cannons. They have the least Health Points out of anyone, but also the absolute highest damage potential. ” As those worlds left his masked mouth, the Game Master locked eyes with Kamari, noticing the black Dark Chronicle in the African boys hands.

”Ah, Ive already forgotten. There is no slide for it, but there is also the Dark Nature. Nothing is known about it, not even its strength and weaknesses. Lets hope 126 over there will give us a good demonstration of its power, huh? ” the man said awkwardly as he pointed directly at Kamari. Once again, the young Eswarian had to deal with the stares of his peers, whether they be out of admiration, fear, or disdain.

”Okay, so one last thing before we move on to the Magic Duel demonstration. As I mentioned, each Nature has what is seen as a good or bad matchup for them. Natures that have the advantage over another will have a higher critical rate. A critical hit will give the user a second turn, basically skipping their opponents. A critical hit can be performed randomly, regardless of the users Nature, but the critical rate increase when against certain Natures makes a substantial difference. ”

”Fire is good against Ice, Wind is good against Fire, Electricity is good against Wind, and Ice is good against Electricity. Light isn weak or particularly strong against any Nature. Dark is of course unknown. Despite these advantages, going against someone who has the better or unknown Nature for the situation does not mean youve lost. It just makes for a good underdog story! ”

The clapped his hands, looking over at his wife and back at the crowd before ending the presentation. ”Okay, with that said, follow me and we will make our way to the Battle Duelists Arena to showcase an exhibition match between myself and a handpicked opponent! ”

The Game Master walked off the stage and the future Magic Duelists stood up from their seats to follow him like cattle.

None of them knew it yet, but everything would change for the young duelists by the end of the Game Masters exhibition match and the true sinister nature of the Magic Metaverse Tournament would be revealed.

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