Chapter 009: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.9

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Zong Yujin still wanted someone to do his homework and let them do it for him.
Who gave Zong Yujin this type of hope?

In addition, “This young master doesn’t owe you money.
If you try to extort me again, believe it or not, I will report you to the police to have a talk about life and morals.”

Luo Ling was angry.

Did this guy see him as someone easy to bully and disliked him?

Fine ah.
Come, let’s see who dislikes who to death.

Zong Yujin turned around, and crossed his arms.
He was obviously looking up at Luo Ling, but no one thought that he was inferior.
On the contrary, Zong Yujin exuded a compelling aura.

Luo Ling, who was very angry, saw this and felt his confidence drop by a fraction.

But when Luo Ling saw the mountain of books piled up on the table, his confidence swelled up again.

“What are you looking at? Don’t think that you are the only one with eyes hmph.” He fiercely glared at Zong Yujin.
Luo Ling raised his chin, “Get out of the way, I’m leaving.”

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If Luo Ling didn’t go back now, he was going to miss the second afternoon class as well.

Then, Luo Ling would be taken to the office to be admonished.


Zong Yujin stood up.
Everyone thought that he was going to get out of the way, but he just stood there.
Zong Yujin didn’t have any intention of moving.

He(ZYJ) had a height of 1.8 meters.
Luo Ling was far from that height and Zong Yujin was a whole head taller than him.

The two of them also switched positions, in who was looking up and who was looking down.

Originally, Zong Yujin’s aura was already formidable.
This time, it was even more outstanding.

Luo Ling, who was subdued by the pressure, didn’t dare to breathe.

Luo Ling silently swallowed.
He moved his feet, and subtly pulled a safe distance away.
Luo Ling wailed in his heart.

What kind of bad luck did he have, to stumble across such an unreasonable Male Lead?

His heart felt crushed.

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Luo Ling felt that he had a black cloud hanging over his head.



Wait a minute, what about his Golden Finger?

Luo Ling stared straight at Zong Yujin with bright eyes, trying to see something different from his face and upper body.

One minute has passed.
Two minutes had passed.
Three minutes had passed, and after five minutes had passed, nothing had changed.

Luo Ling frowned. Was his Golden Finger really a trashy Skill?

Trashy System.

“Time to attend class.
The teacher is coming.
Don’t make trouble.”

Lan Ziyi looked at the two of them in amusement.
He spoke in a warm voice.

They really were like children.

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Having a way out of this embarrassing situation, Luo Ling knew how to adapt to present circumstances.
He quickly sat down, not forgetting to justify himself.

“Well then, for the sake of Ziyi’s face, I won’t care about someone like you.
Let’s attend the class first.”

Luo Ling picked up the textbook, seemingly deadly earnest.

Zong Yujin’s deep eyes contained a hidden smile and he sat down.

Zong Yujin pulled out a book with his hand and placed it in front of Luo Ling.

Luo Ling turned his head in anger.
Seeing that it was this idle wayward guy, he puffed up his cheeks and he turned his head back, feeling depressed.

This appearance of daring to be angry yet afraid to speak out, greatly pleased Zong Yujin.
The corners of his flattened lips curved up minutely, but no one saw it.

Enduring until the time of dismissal with a great amount of difficulty, Luo Ling was not enough of a fool to wait for someone to let him pass through this time.

As soon as the teacher left, Luo Ling leaped up on the chair and climbed over the empty desk behind him.

Once he landed, Luo Ling made a face towards Zong Yujin, who did not expect for Luo Ling to do that and looked surprised, “Nyenyenye~~~”

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Before the other party could catch him, Luo Ling quickly bolted to the door.

“Little guy, you still want to bully me? Not happening.”

After looking at Zong Yujin in disdain for a bit, it was only then did Luo Ling disappear from the door with a poof.

Zong Yujin looked at the empty doorway, then he squinted in a dangerous manner.
He whispered softly, “I really am looking forward to more interesting things from you.”

Lan Ziyu, who heard these words, laughed in a mysterious profound way.

It seemed that the following days would be interesting.

“Hey, have you heard? That person who s*duced Prince Jin at noon today, was taken away by Prince Jin to become his seatmate.”

“Really? That’s really some dogsh*t luck.
I’m jealous.”

“I know right? It can be said that he has turned the world upside down, and he has entered Prince Jin’s eyes.”

TL note: MC’s story of being a Tom Sue…

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