Chapter 001: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue1? 1.1

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The noisy cafeteria was crowded with boys and girls dressed in beige uniforms.

Luo Ling stood in one corner while holding a food tray, the expression on his handsome face was filled with turmoil.

Contrary to his appearance, there was a voice that was urgently nagging him inside his mind.

‘Host, hurry up ah, the target is going to arrive soon.
If you don’t go now, the Protagonist Shou will seize the opportunity and get an advantage over you, then you will fail the mission.”

The impatient tone made Luo Ling’s expression even more entangled.

Turning his gaze towards the doors, Luo Ling indeed saw three male students with totally different styles, having outstanding looks and noble temperaments from head to toe step inside.

As they approached, step by step and seeing that they were about to reach the staircase, Luo Ling’s heart pounded.
He carried the food tray that was filled with food and quickly ran out.

“Ah, to the ones in front, make way for me, make way.
It’s hot.

Zong Yujin’s group of three was about to go upstairs, when they suddenly heard someone shouting at them.
They subconsciously stopped in their tracks and looked back.

*Cling clang*

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The sound of heavy objects colliding and food trays falling to the ground echoed in the cafeteria.
Everything became silent, even the sound of their quiet breathing could be heard.

Luo Ling covered his forehead with a bitter face.
His pretty phoenix eyes were flooded with a thin layer of tears.

It was extremely painful.

Was the chest in front of him made of iron?

Now he understood what was going on in the novels when the Female Protagonist/Little Shou2 knocked against the Male Protagonist/Gong3 and became teary-eyed.(TL note: The worlds he will go through are either BG or BL world, hence the /)

It wasn’t that they were too weak, but the enemy was too strong.

Luo Ling hastily took two steps back and feebly apologized, “I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to do that.”

I meant to do it, Luo Ling thought.

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Zong Yujin had a cold face.
He was in a very bad mood.

At the moment, Zong Yujin did not only feel vaguely sore in the area where he was hit, but his body was also drenched.

After all, an entire food tray had fallen on his clothes.

Seeing that the cafeteria was still silent, filled with a solemn atmosphere since everyone was as quiet as a chicken, Luo Ling gently and cautiously looked up.
He stole a glance at the person who he had bumped into.


The white limited-edition shirt had now changed to one with multiple shades of color.

The shirt hem was still dripping with liquid.

Luo Ling had a guilty conscience for a second.

“Um fellow student, I’m really sorry.
I’m willing to compensate you.”

Zong Yujin sneered, “Compensation? Can you even afford to pay for it?”

Luo Ling unconsciously trembled.
He considered it and tentatively spoke.
“I suppose, I can afford it.”

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“Can you afford it? With what, yourself?”

Zong Yujin seemed to have heard a big joke.
He looked up and down at the person, who was two steps away from him.

Short stature, and a thin figure.
From a single glance, one could tell that this person was a little pathetic.

However, those eyes were very similar to a fawn’s.

Zong Yujin’s heart warmed up.

Luo Ling struggled to explain himself under Zong Yujin’s penetrative gaze, “Fellow student, you misunderstood.
I meant that I will pay with money to compensate you.”

The original owner’s family was very rich and wealthy.

Even though this big brother’s family was also tremendously rich, it was just one piece of clothing.
Even if it was a limited-edition item, he should still be able to pay for it.

Fortunately, the System did not require him to do the same thing as the Protagonist Shou, who couldn’t afford to compensate for the shirt and then was forced to act as a small servant by the Gong.

Then Luo Ling must rebel.

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Nearly forgot to do an introduction.

Luo Ling, the “small rookie” who had just been bound to the System.

Luo Ling’s task was to shuttle through various novel worlds filled with a Mary Sue and Tom Sue in a School Life genre, melodramatic presidents, along with a Saintess|Saint sadomasochist relationship, which had received the deep resentment of the readers, in order to finish the set plotline before the Main Protagonist did.

Make the corny melodrama become fresh! and! detached!

Strategize to make the scum guy suffer and be slapped in the face.

Dissolve the readers’ resentment.


Translator Huntress: The official site raws couldn’t be found, so I can only find the raws from other sites.
There might be some differences.
Please let me know on Discord if there is an error.


Tom Sue is the male version of Mary Sue.
It’s an overpowered male, who apparently has no flaws and can get anything.
Basically, the world revolves around him. Shou(受) – the bottom or uke(Japanese term)  Gong(攻) – the top or seme(Japanese term)

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