Chapter 002: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.2

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Zong Yujin put away his indifferent attitude and seriously examined the person in front of him.

Luo Ling was wearing the most basic school uniform, and the white shoes on his feet could be bought for one or two hundred yuan from the shop.

Apart from this, he was not wearing any other accessories.

The most expensive thing on Luo Ling’s body was the school uniform, yet he still dared to say that he would compensate Zong Yujin with money.

It was really an overestimation of his own abilities.

But Zong Yujin couldn’t speak out the malicious words because of those misty eyes.

Luo Ling was feeling really tormented right now.
The Male Lead kept staring at him.
What was he going to do?

It wouldn’t be that….
Zong Yujin was thinking of turning Luo Ling into his servant, right!?

Luo Ling immediately raised his head and yelled, “Fellow student!” Seeing that the other party was staring at him as if waiting for him to continue, Luo Ling hurriedly spoke out.

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“I really have money.
Tell me the price of your clothes and I’ll give it to you immediately.”

So that you don’t treat me like the Protagonist Shou, running errands for you and being tormented.

Zong Yujin narrowed his eyes, thinking that Luo Ling had just misspoken.

The most expensive thing on Luo Ling’s body was not the school uniform, but that face and those eyes.

Earlier, due to the height difference between the two and the awkward angle, Zong Yujin did not clearly see Luo Ling’s appearance.

On top of that, Zong Yujin was attracted by those eyes at first and didn’t pay much attention to anything else.

The moment Luo Ling tilted his head up, it was only then did Zong Yujin get a good look at the other.


Zong Yujin once again observed Luo Ling from top to bottom and down then Zong Yujin’s sharp eyes firmly fell on the other’s face, trying to see if there was a hint of jest.

However, there was only a tense expression on Luo Ling’s face.

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Also, underneath that tension was the kind of fear that Zong Yujin would not accept the money.

Zong Yujin finally became interested.
His eyebrows slightly moved, “You can’t even tell how much it is, are you sure that you can pay for it?”

Zong Yujin then changed the topic, “Let’s do it like this.
Seeing that you are so pitiful and that I don’t want your money either, you should come work for me as a servant to pay off your debt.”


Luo Ling’s eyes were wide open, filled with disbelief.

Luo Ling had already said that he would pay for it.
How could the plot still return to him being the Male Lead’s servant?

I refuse!

When he thought about all of the suffering he would experience from being ordered around by the Male Lead, Luo Ling felt extremely scared.

He must not agree with this kind of thing.

Luo Ling fished out a stack of checks from his pocket and shoved them towards Zong Yujin.

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“NAH, here’s your money.
We have settled this debt, goodbye.”

After speaking, Luo Ling broke into a run as he quickly ran away.
He was so fast that he left the cafeteria in the blink of an eye.

Zong Yujin: “…”

“Hehe… I never thought that this kid would be so funny, right, Jin?”

Lan Ziyi, who had been maintaining a shallow smile, couldn’t help, but laugh out loud.
He was staring at the direction in which Luo Ling had left.
His eyes were tinged with a seawater-like tenderness.

Lan Ziyi didn’t interrupt them from the beginning to the end, but he thought that it was another strategy to attract their attention.

He didn’t expect that…

Zong Yujin faintly glanced at Lan Ziyi, then turned to leave.

“Hey? Jin, where are you going? You haven’t eaten yet.” Qin Yeyang shouted in doubt.

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Lan Ziyi patted Qin Yeyang’s hand, then dragged him to follow, “Jin is going to change clothes.”

With his clothes in that state, even someone without mysophobia wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Today’s Jin didn’t seem to be the same as before.

Qin Yeyang was reminded by Lan Ziyi about this, when he suddenly thought of something.

“Ziyi ah, do you think that the person who just ran into Jin seemed a bit familiar ah?”

Qin Yeyang would originally be impatient about this kind of matter, but this time, he was unprecedentedly calm to the end.

It was because Qin Yeyang felt like he had seen Luo Ling somewhere, but Qin Yeyang temporarily couldn’t remember where.

Lan Ziyi thought about it and shook his head.
He did not have much of an impression of that child.
Lan Ziyi should not have seen him before.

With the departure of several people, the cafeteria regained its noisy atmosphere, but it was louder than before.

Wen Ran, who was hidden in the crowd holding a food tray and also wanted to “knock it over”, had pale tightly clenched fingers.

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