Chapter 004: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.4

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When Luo Ling saw this plot outline, he felt that it was too melodramatic.
Now that he was actually in this situation, Luo Ling just wanted to vomit blood.

It really made one worry about the Male Lead’s IQ in this kind of plot, ah.

To go as far as tolerating all kinds of behaviors by the Little Shou, it was pretty terrible.

If Luo Ling was in the Male Lead’s shoes, he would have been indifferent towards the Little Shou.
Even if he found it interesting, it wasn’t that interesting.

Luo Ling kept scolding them in his heart, but his footsteps were very honest as he walked towards Zong Yujin and the girl.

“Hey, I say, why are you so terrible? Don’t you feel any shame for bullying a girl?”

Luo Ling walked to the crying girl, took out a tissue and gently wiped the tears from her face.
He spoke in a gentle voice.

“It’s not good for a girl to cry.
Your makeup will be ruined.
You are so beautiful.
Your tears must be jealous of you and want to destroy your beauty.
How can you let it succeed? Be good, don’t cry.”

It might be that Luo Ling’s voice was too soothing, or it might be that his movements were too soothing, but that girl immediately stopped crying afterwards.

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She looked at him with bright red eyes.
At that moment, the handsome boy who smiled like the sun was deeply imprinted in the girl’s heart.

Zong Yujin narrowed his eyes dangerously.
He felt inexplicably upset.

It seemed as if something that belonged to him had been coveted.

The words that left Zong Yujin’s mouth had also sounded weird, “I didn’t expect that you not only love getting into trouble, but also liked to be nosy.”

“Huh?” Luo Ling paused, turned his head in surprise and pointed to himself in disbelief as he asked, “Are you talking about me?”

Zong Yujin nodded his head.

Luo Ling was furious to death. When did he love getting into trouble and being nosy?

This was obviously the System’s fault, he doesn’t want to take this blame!

Zong Yujin saw Luo Ling’s face break and gave him a fierce stare.
Luo Ling’s eyes were filled with his reflection, which enthused Zong Yujin to be in a good mood.

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“For the sake of your self-knowledge, I must kindly inform you that the cheque you gave me was not enough.
The rest of the debt will be paid off by being my servant for a month.”

Luo Ling flew into a rage, “How is that possible! Are your clothes worn by the Emperor? Is it made out of gold?”

The cheque Luo Ling gave was already as much as 10 million, but this guy said that it was still not enough?

Did Luo Ling have a misunderstanding regarding money?

10 million, wasn’t that a big big big big sum?

Obviously, Luo Ling had a general understanding of the market price of those clothes.
It was supposed to cost less than 10 million.

 ‘Tong’er, tell me the price of that clothing.’

Taking a deep breath, Luo Ling waited anxiously for the information that shattered his little heart.

 ‘Host, I will gladly tell you that the money you gave for those clothes was enough to pay for it.’

Luo Ling was relieved. Fortunately, fortunately.

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 ‘However, the Male Lead is extremely valuable and his worth is incalculable.’

He had just taken a sigh of relief when the System suddenly shifted the topic around.
Luo Ling’s entirety didn’t feel very good.

What did you mean by incalculable?

Also, what did that have to do with that shirt?

Zong Yujin watched with interest, as the face of the person opposite him changed.
The hand hidden in Zong Yujin’s trouser pocket couldn’t help, but move.

Zong Yujin felt that his hand was a bit itchy, as if it wanted to pinch Luo Ling’s face to see how he could make so many rich expressions.

“I don’t care.
Anyway, I have already paid you according to the market price.
You can’t come to me to look for trouble.”

Luo Ling pursed his lips and spoke to Zong Yujin in anger.

In the face of evil, Luo Ling would never compromise, or else…

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He would become poor.

Although Luo Ling hid his identity as a wealthy young master, and came to this school for the sake of stealing the plot from the Shou Protagonist, it didn’t mean that Luo Ling really wanted to become a poor man ah.

If Luo Ling had money yet still suffered, then he was an idiot.

Luo Ling was extremely smart.
By no means could he be that stupid.

Within seconds, Luo Ling smugly raised his chin.
His proud little appearance made Zong Yujin’s chest feel warm.

So cute.

It was really different from those flirtatious sl*ts from before.

 “*Cough cough*…” Zong Yujin covered his lips with his hand, hiding the rising arc.

Huntress: Have I mentioned that this story has 1.5k chapters? My different sources shows different number of chapters.
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