Chapter 005: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.5

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“Hey, it’s none of my business if you caught a cold.
Don’t hold me accountable or else, we will be enemies.”

Luo Ling immediately jumped away from Zong Yujin and vigilantly stared at him.

At this time, there was no plot in the information Luo Ling had received, so he must stay away and hide.

Luo Ling looked sideways at the girl, who had already stopped crying and seemed to be stunned, “Fellow student, such a vile Great Demon King is not worthy of your affection at all.”

“Let’s not like him anymore.
Go find someone who will discover your goodness and treat you well.
Don’t be heartbroken by this insensitive, obstinate person.”

The insensitive, obstinate person, the Great Demon King, Zong Yujin’s eyes darkened.

It was indeed a little fox1 with sharp teeth and a sharp mouth.

Luo Ling didn’t care about what the other party was thinking.
After he saw the girl nod, Luo Ling smiled at her in relief.
His eyebrows curved up in joy.

Another plot point GET√

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Luo Ling rubbed the girl’s head, “You will be happy, be happy.”

After speaking, Luo Ling turned to look at the Male Lead, who had been emitting a chilly aura with an unsightly face, and grinned at him with an enormous smile.

“Fellow student, see you next time.”

Luo Ling silently added in his heart, I hope that you won’t die from anger because of me next time.

Luo Ling slipped away extremely quickly, without taking away a single ginkgo leaf.

Wen Ran, who appeared not far away at some point, had a vicious look in his eyes

It was him again.

It was him again.

Damn it.

Why was he everywhere?


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Looking at the empty place, Wen Ran fiercely cursed the 18 generations of Luo Ling’s ancestors inside his heart.

One shouldn’t meddle more than three times.
If Luo Ling ruins Wen Ran’s business next time, Wen Ran will make him suffer.

 ‘Achoo, achoo’

Luo Ling rubbed his nose and leaned on the glass window that displayed a variety of cakes.
He swallowed his saliva, as he complained to the System.

 ‘Tong’er, look, this is the second time.
The Male Lead must be secretly thinking about how he would give me a hard time.
That skill of yours is useless after all.’

What happened to the ability to see through the dark schemes and dirty tricks you mentioned?

When Luo Ling met the Male Lead, he didn’t see anything at all.

“Owner, I want this, this, this , also this one, this…”

In one breath, Luo Ling ordered ten small cakes with different flavors and each had a delicious appearance.
However, he didn’t pay attention to the sight of the people around him.

Luo Ling felt so hungry right now that he could eat a cow.

 ‘Host, you really look like some kind of animal.’

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Luo Ling rolled his eyes gracefully.
He took the tray handed over by the owner, and walked to the table by the window to sit down.

 ‘Don’t you dare change the subject on me.
You haven’t answered my question about the Skill.
Tong’er ah, you’re so inhuman, and have no conscience, don’t you know?’

Luo Ling scooped a spoonful of matcha-flavored cake and put it into his mouth.
The exquisite sweetness rushed into his mouth.
He happily squinted his eyes.


He had never eaten such a delicious cake before!

Of course, he had never eaten such an expensive one either, indifferent face.

 ‘Host, I am not a Human Being, and I don’t need a conscience.
In addition, the System must be produced as a high-quality product.’

The unspoken implication was ‘you are useless and that’s your problem, not mine.’

“*Cough cough cough*…” Luo Ling choked as he patted his chest, feeling bitter and hateful.

 ‘Tong’er, you have been corrupted by bad examples.
You are no longer the Tong’er that I used to know.’

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Luo Ling scooped a large spoonful and fiercely ate his cake.
His cheeks were bulging and his angry appearance looked really cute.

Zong Yujin thought that they were really destined to be together.

Within a day, they had met each other three times.

“Eh~ Isn’t that the little guy who bumped into Jin before?” Qin Yeyang said in surprise.

Lan Ziyi smiled and nodded, “Indeed.
Do you want to go say hello, Jin?”

As soon as Zong Yujin noticed the other party, Lan Ziyi immediately found out.

This was the first time Jin had taken the initiative to pay attention to someone.

Interesting, interesting.



A fox can also represent a sly and treacherous person. 

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