Chapter 006: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.6

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Zong Yujin stared at Lan Ziyi, then after a while, he spoke indifferently.

“I’m going.
Why won’t I go? He still owes me something.”

 ‘Achoo, achoo’ Luo Ling rubbed his nose red.
His eyes were flooded with physiological tears as he blinked them.

Crystal-clear tears hung on his long curly eyelashes.
With a confused expression in his eyes, his red lips slightly opened, Luo Ling looked both innocent and charming, a completely bewitching sight.

Stupefied, people stared at him in awe.

There was cuteness in charm, and there was charm in innocence.

It’s too tempting.

Luo Ling was unaware of this.
He scrunched up his nose and puffed up his cheeks.

 ‘Tong’er, I want to make a complaint.
The Male Lead is too fierce.
What kind of trashy Golden Finger are you? Bad review (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻’

After so long, the Male Lead was still scheming against him.
He was really petty.

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The System, who was questioned, was very dissatisfied.
It angrily stood up.

 ‘You weak chicken.
It’s obviously your problem, trashy Host.’

 ‘Trashy System!’

 ‘Trashy Host!!’

 ‘You…’ Luo Ling was furious.
His own System was such a bastard.

 ‘Nyenyenye~~~’ The System, who had won the argument, was incomparably beside itself with joy.

Luo Ling wanted to throw a pot at it.

No way.

Luo Ling only felt his chest hurt.
He felt even more bitter and hateful because of his own System.

He was just about to say something, when a big hand with distinct joints appeared in front of him holding a glass of milk.

Luo Ling looked up, “?”

“!” It’s the Male Lead.

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Luo Ling stood up and pointed a finger at the other party, “You… You… I… I don’t owe you money.
I don’t have any money.
Don’t you dare blackmail me.”

Luo Ling was really poor.

His net worth was only 20 million, more or less.

Luo Ling couldn’t afford to be extorted.
He would die of poverty.

Zong Yujin looked at the person in front of him, who pointed his finger at him like he was a great scourge, with an ice-cold expression on his face.

The hand holding the cup tightened, and blue veins appeared.

Zong Yujin coldly glared at Luo Ling, and heavily put down the cup.
Then, Zong Yujin turned around and left, while exuding a cold aura all over.

Zong Yujin was infuriated.
It was rare for him to act kindly, yet this guy didn’t appreciate it.

Lan Ziyi and Qin Yeyang looked at each other’s faces, both had an indescribable expression on their faces.

Why did they suddenly have a fall out?

Weren’t they fine just now?

Seeing that Luo Ling seemed to be choking, Zong Yujin immediately bought a glass of milk and gave it to him.
In the blink of an eye, why did it change?

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Luo Ling also didn’t understand.

His eyes followed Zong Yujin as the man left.
Luo Ling reflected in his heart, when did he provoke him again?

Luo Ling’s line of sight moved to the cup on the table. Could it be because he didn’t drink the milk?

Then he…

Luo Ling drank the cup of milk, then waved the empty cup in front of the two guys who had not yet had time to leave.

“Fellow students, you guys are friends.
You have witnessed that I drank the milk.
You must tell that guy.”

Lest Zong Yujin thought that I was unable to tell good from bad and remember it again.

Who knows how many things Zong Yujin had written in his little notebook (of debts).

Life was really difficult.

Lan Ziyi and Qin Yeyang looked at the person who had stopped them.
From the tension at the beginning, to the depression, and to distress… They saw that Luo Ling’s expression had changed a lot and it was extremely interesting.

“Hey Yi(Lan Ziyi), don’t you think that this kid is really interesting, ah?”

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Qin Yeyang quietly turned to Lan Ziyi and whispered sideways.

Lan Ziyi nodded slightly in agreement.

“I don’t know your name yet, fellow student.
I’m Lan Ziyi, and this guy next to me is Qin Yeyang.
It’s very nice to meet you.”

Lan Ziyi faced Luo Ling, his voice was gentle.

Luo Ling looked over and smiled, “I’m Luo Ling.
I’m also glad to meet you.”

That smile was sweet.
As Luo Ling held the cup, his smile was like a rising sun, warming up people’s hearts.

Zong Yujin, who discovered that his friends hadn’t followed him and went back, involuntarily pressed his hand against his chest.

Thump, thump, thump, it thumped so fast.

What’s going on?

Was he sick?

Then what kind of disease could accelerate the heartbeat and cause his chest to feel warm?

Zong Yujin was somewhat puzzled.

He looked at the person not far away.
His eyes were dark and deep.

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