Marked Bullet

He just wants your best

It was lunch time for employees who worked for Kims companies, rumors and gossip were constant since the morning of that same day.

News travels fast, especially when it involves your boss.

Kim Dong-has has officially submitted his resignation as vice president and many rumors and rumors have surfaced in the brief attempt to explain the sudden departure of the mighty man.

Kim Enterprises was a major real estate company in Seoul and its influence spread throughout Korea and parts of Asia.

Dong-hae is the third child of five, being the second oldest male child.

The Kim family was led by Kim Do-yun he was the father and president, as the majority shareholder he still ran and ran the company.

Dong-haes departure was the result of an internal investigation by Do-yun into the companys financial books and he was able to track a strange movement of money to numerous foreign accounts and all of them led to a single person: Kim Dong-hae.

The old man was already 75 years old and his retirement was ready to be announced, it was a great stroke of luck to discover so many problems when he was still active in his own company.

The news of his resignation was already circulating among the employees, but it was only a matter of time before it was announced by the media and worse things would follow.

The cafeteria was usually busy and full of excited voices, this afternoon was not much different. Two employees were talking to each other about the rumors they had heard throughout the day while they were eating. ”I heard that Kims vice president is going to be investigated for embezzling money… ”

The woman listened intently and widened her eyes in amazement. ”The tattooed handsome guy? ”

She made a strong effort not to spit all the noodles out of her mouth.

She had clearly in her mind Donghaes masculine and athletic appearance, he always wore tight-fitting social clothes that strongly marked his muscles, there was no telling that he was not a strong man. Often when he rolled up the sleeves of his shirts it was possible to see the huge tattoo of a lion on his forearm and this earned him the powerful nickname lion king.

”Exactly. ”

The woman approached the man across the table and whispered cautiously. ”Who do you think will take over the companies? Mr. Kim seems to be already close to retirement. ”

The man became thoughtful, he wouldn know how to answer. No one would know the answer other than Kim Do-yun. ”He seems to have one more child, but shes barely graduated from college… ”

It was no secret that Do-yun was a man with many children and they all seemed very successful in their respective fields. The man adopted four children before he could have his only physiological child: Kim Eun-ji.

The woman sighed wearily, she still had a lot to do after lunch, who cares about rich peoples problems?! She shouldn . ”Rich people have complicated problems. ”

”Yea. ”

Meanwhile, on the top floor of the huge building a warm meeting was taking place.

Kim Do-yun ordered an urgent meeting to be held together with the other shareholders, everyone felt uneasy about what was happening and everything would only get worse.

One of the shareholders had received notice that the story had already been leaked and would not take long to be televised in the main newspapers, said and done. They could feel their bodies losing life as they watched the news anchors words.

”Kim Dong-hae has just resigned as vice president of the large company Kims, many wonder who is fit for the position and will accept the daring mission of trying to save the company from bankruptcy. After nearly 20 years of dominating the market, this It is the first time that it has faced such a big crisis. Its shares are already showing a devaluation and the forecast is that it will end the day in a fall… ”

The television was abruptly turned off.

The silence was desperate and frightening… They were on the verge of bankruptcy overnight. A loud sigh was heard.

Kim Do-yun rubbed his face as a way to calm down.

In vain.

He was getting more and more irritated, whoever looked at him would easily notice his reddened eyes, he was completely irate. ”What Dong-hae did was destroy my entire legacy… ”

The old man at the end of the huge table wanted to kick and scream and kick.

His nerves were frying.

A loud and strong sound was present scaring everyone, old Kim simply punched the glass table.

One of the shareholders close to him tried to reassure the old man. ”Mr Kim, we understand your anger, but Miss Eun-ji is too young to assume the presidency. ”

The reality was very harsh and everyone there thought that the old man had gone mad, he wanted to name his youngest daughter as vice president, the girl had barely finished her economics college and she had never really worked in an administrative position at the company.

Do-yun just closed his eyes and loosened his tie, he felt likewas going to die without air. ”I don care, Ive already transferred my shares to Eunji. ”

”But sir… ”

Men and women whispered to each other in complete shock to learn that the little girl now basically owned the company.

The old man didn care about that anymore, only whoever was his blood could destroy him. ”Im not asking you to choose her. Im warning you that she will be your new boss… ”

It didn take long for the meeting to be interrupted by a knocking sound, someone knocking on the door. ”In between… ”

A woman appeared and everyone knew it was Kim Do-yuns secretary, she briefly opened the door and bowed in respect. ”Miss Eun-ji has just arrived from her trip and is already outside waiting to enter. ”

The man sighed in relief, she was finally back. ”Ask her in. ”

”Right. ”

The door wasn even closed, and heels could be heard along with the shuffling of a suitcase.

Eun-ji didn have time to change clothes and it was the same ones she made her trip with. She was dressed casually and only wore a blazer giving her some air of authority.

The young girl walked up to her father and he got up to hug her.

”Dad. ”

The man drastically changed his behavior when he saw his daughter, as docile as a small dog seeing its owner after a long time.

He really looked like a loving father in that moment. ”Good morning dear, how was the trip? ”

She smiled feeling funny. ”There were reporters waiting for me, do they already know the news? ”

The old man particularly hated newspapers and reporters, to him they sounded like parasites desperate for food. ”Youll know about these worms… ”

Everyone watched father and daughter interact and the old man enjoyed the attention all over them. Please introduce yourself… ”

”OK. ”

The young girl finally let go of her suitcase and sat down in the chair where her father used to be. She was so bold that she made everyone want to scream out of respect.

But she didn care.

”My name is Kim Eun-ji and Im the new president of Kims, I hope we can work in a friendly way… Or Ill really have to fix things more definitively and I don think they want that. ”

Her voice was husky and steady, she didn raise her voice and everyone seemed to feel their bodies freeze with her presence.

That girl looked like the devil.

A few men dared to face her and only one had any kind of courage to greet her. ”Welcome, Miss Kim. ”

The young woman just smiled satisfied, for her that was already a great start.


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