Marked Bullet

New secretary?

The meeting had finally ended and there were no more objections to Kim Eun-ji taking over the fathers job, they were too scared to do so.

The room that was once full of people in suits and frowning now only had father and daughter.

Kim Do-yun sat next to his daughter and a feeling of pride surged through your chest, his little girl was actually sitting at the highest place in that company.

He sighed in his heart.

He felt anxious and played with the rings in his hand to try to ease the tension. He and his daughter had a troubled relationship and often the girl seemed to just put up with it. ”How was the trip? ”

Last time Eun-ji was inside that company must

for at least four years, she has not returned once since deciding to study in London.

She lived isolated and completely alone in an unknown country and she really enjoyed that feeling of not belonging and to her it even sounded a bit like freedom

”As expected, but I need to change my clothes. ”

The man nodded a little awkwardly and he remembered well the few requirements Eun-ji had made to accept the presidency of the family company.

First, she would live in her own house and her parents wouldn pay her unannounced visits.

Second, she would not tolerate interference in her personal life.

Third: she wouldn work for her father.

Only those three orders were made, but they weighed tons. Yes, she was forcing everyone to accept their own wishes and decisions to the point of asking her father to leave permanently so that she would accept to take care of the company.

”Well… We prepared an apartment for you since you don want to live with us anymore… As everything was done in a hurry, the renovation should be completed this week. ”

She nodded. ”Its all right. ”

She finally got up and walked slowly to the big window that lit up the room, it was possible to see in her landscape the entire city center, she took a deep breath as if she was finally spreading her own wings inside the cage… It still wasn enough for her could fly, but she could at least move briefly.

Old Kim pulled her out of her deep thoughts.

”Did you hear what your brother did? ”

Kim Eun-ji had no interest in knowing what her idiot brother was doing wrong, though at some point or another she would have to be finally informed in order to fix it, but it wasn like she really cared.

”No, I don really care. ”

Kim Do-yun sighed wearily, his daughter was still the same. ”You can go on like this… ”.

Eunji was known for her nonchalant manner and she didn intend to change it.

The world to her didn seem to have much reason for her to show any kind of reaction, everything was always so boring and dull.

She turned away from the huge window and finally picked up her suitcase.

She stopped in her footsteps only to briefly touch her fathers shoulder and reassure him, ”Well, Im just doing my part of our deal. ”

He got up and followed her to the door. ”Your mother is waiting for you to visit her… You start work tomorrow. ”

”OK. ”

The door finally opened and the girl left without even looking back.

This wasn old Kims dream reunion, he sighed in his heart.

Kim Eun-ji knew that with her apartment under renovation, she would have only two options: go to her parents house or go to a hotel.

She opted for the second option.

Do-yuns secretary had already been informed of the need to get young Kim a driver.

And in a few minutes after she left the meeting room, someone was already waiting in the door of the company building to be able to take her wherever she wanted.

The driver was temporary until she chose someone personally, but in the meantime one of the Kim familys personal drivers was assigned to work exclusively for her.

Eun-ji as soon as she arrived at the lobby saw the car waiting for her and unceremoniously walked to it, her luggage was quickly stored and she was already seated comfortably.

”Take me to the hotel closest to the company. ”

The man nodded obediently and the car was soon in motion.

The young girl sighed tiredly leaning back against her seat, she was exhausted from the trip and urgently needed sleep. She knew it wouldn take more than ten minutes to get to the hotel, the closest hotel was the hotel that belonged to her family.

The Kim family ventured into multiple branches and it was like a very simple philosophy of Mr Kims if there were people who needed a roof, then there was money.

Hotel, restaurants, bars, houses, apartments, commercial buildings… The Kim family owned everything and even if the main company actually went bankrupt, the family would not suffer very serious net damages.

In less than half an hour Eun-ji was already soaking in the bathtub in her room and trying hard not to sleep.

There was a knock on the door and she rubbed her eyes as she shuffled through the bathroom spilling water everywhere.

She donned a robe and went to answer it, innocently thinking it was the room service shed ordered, but what she found was a sullen-faced woman carrying a designer purse and diamond necklace.

She sighed wearily.

Kim Ha-yun has been married to Kim Do-yun for over 30 years and she has accompanied him in every possible situation.

Eunjis birth was such a great gift in their lives, finally she could have the pleasure of generating her own daughter within her.

But why do things now seem so complicated?

She often found herself wondering in her heart if Eunji could ever return to the sweet innocence of when she was born.

”Hi Mom. ”

The woman didn wait to be invited and was already entering the room, for her it sounded irritating to know that her daughter had returned and hadn stopped by to see her.

She looked at her daughters room and sighed, she knew how methodical Eun-ji was with organization and seeing how everything was just spread out showed her daughters level of tiredness. The anger was gone in moments.

”I missed you. ”

The girl smiled kindly and just sat on the edge of the bed to accompany her mother. ”Im just tired. ”

Mom Kim smiled ruefully. ”Do you feel ready to start? ”

”Should I be afraid of something? ”

Hayun didn want her daughter to falter. She felt a slight pang of desperation knowing that her daughter would now be having to clean up Donghaes mess. ”No, you must stand your ground.. its just that your father fears youll be nervous… ”

Eunji chuckled lightly and leaned into her arms as she leaned back briefly. ”Dad doesn seem to know me very well. ”

”You know, he just wants your best. ”

Eun-ji was tired of this subject and this conversation.

Clear. Her parents wanted a lot of things and her good might really be in the middle of the list.

She felt tired and bored.

Hayun noticed how her daughter was doing and couldn quite contain the shame of having bothered her.

”Alright, you always want… What will happen to Dong-hae? ”

Mom Kim was surprised at her daughter showing some interest in her brother and a hint of happiness surged through her heart.

Of course, her children weren perfect, Dong-hae had more flaws than anyone, but they were still her beloved children.

Thinking of her son Dong-hae was an ambiguous feeling, she and her husband were blatantly betrayed by that girl in exchange for a few bucks. How could she forgive so easily?

”Your father has already removed him from his will and everything indicates that there will be a criminal investigation. ”

”And where is he now? ”

”Who knows, he hasn contacted us since the scandal broke. ”

”I understand. ”

The embezzlement scandals were just the tip of the iceberg, Dong-hae was being cited in prostitution and drug dealing cases. Really troublesome.

The police had been investigating him for a long time.

There was a knock on the door and finally room service arrived with Eun-jis dinner, Mom Kim wouldn bother her anymore and as the young waiter served the dishes she said goodbye to her daughter with a loving hug.


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