Wiegelhofen had a small physique, while Melchor was of considerable stature.
His mere presence would undeniably intimidate the feeble Count. 

“Oh, my.
I’m sorry to barge in without an appointment.
It’s such an urgent matter,” the Count rambled as he fidgeted.

“Since you came all of a sudden, I thought there was a reason for that,” replied Melchor.

“I’m glad you understand.
Then, let’s sit down and talk.”

I’ll have the tea ready.”

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“Oh,” the Count chuckled nervously, “excuse me then.”

As Melchor beckoned, Count Wiegelhofen sat on the sofa, wiping the sweat that trickled down his fat chin.
When Melchor sat across from him, the butler named Hugo served the tea.

“Well,” the Count coughed, eyeing the butler, “Duke of Melchor, would you please tell the butler to step aside?”

“Hugo is a faithful butler.
He’s not going to move anywhere from here.”

“Well, still.
I want to talk to the Duke of Melchor alone.”


When Melchor beckoned, Hugo politely bowed his head and left the drawing-room, closing the door carefully behind his back. 

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Afternoon sunshine enveloped the spacious room along with the strong scent of tea.
But in spite of this serene and warm scene, Count Wiegelhofen, as he faced Melchor, felt as if an eclipse had happened. 

He felt frightened as the Grand Duke’s icy glare pierced his soul. He even believed that the man in front of him wasn’t actually a human, but a human-eating beast or a demon of hell.

Count Wiegelhofen felt a chill in his back and a cold sweat running down his cheeks even when he avoided his gaze. He puffed and wiped off his sweat with his damp palms, gulped down his tea like cold water, and put it down.

It was quite hot to drink at once, but Count Wiegelhofen was not in a condition to feel the temperature of the tea.

He began, trying his best not to stutter, “The Duke of Melchor.
I hear you’re protecting Count Crimson Rose’s daughter.”

“Yes, Count Wiegelhofen.”

“The Count of Crimson Rose has already lost his title and territory, which makes his daughter also the daughter of a sinner.
I don’t think there’s any need for interrogation because the crime of the family is crystal clear.
Hence, I’d like you to hand over Roseline Crimson Rose and her personal belongings.”

Melchor stared straight into Count Wiegelhofen, a smirk playing on his lips. What a rude fellow. 

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