“It’s none of your business! The judge will decide on his own.
Besides, Your Majesty, the Emperor, has allowed my sister to take care of this matter! No matter how much the Emperor trusts you, you have no more right to interfere!”

That was it.
The Emperor did allow Melchor to bring the Crimson Roses despite the Empress’s will, but he did not allow Melchor to confront the Empress.

If the Empress is so desperate that she has to deal with it herself,  the Emperor will pressure me to let go of Roseline.

How much does the Emperor know? Although he may not know that the Empress was involved in the gambling scandal, he will know that she wants to end the case by punishing the Crimson Roses.

If the emperor condones that, it means that they are on the same page.

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It was a felony equivalent to treason, but the Empress wants to cover it up.
Only Count Crimson Rose, who was certain to be guilty, needs to be punished, but since he is already dead, his family is punished instead.

The justification for the family’s capture was simple: “There’s no way the family didn’t know what the head of their family was doing.” Since the Count of Crimson Rose was already confirmed as an offender, there would be no one to defend him.
Most of the time, those who broke the law would not be able to hire a lawyer as their property would be confiscated.
It was unreasonable, but it happened often.

They were stripped of their rights, even if they were charged unjustly, creating speculations as if they were true.
But there is no need to retaliate with honesty.

Even on the battlefield, Melchor annihilates the enemy’s army with no expression.
He has never even lost his temper since becoming an adult.
He has never been frightened by anything, never swayed by emotion.
He thought he was very cold-hearted.

“So that’s for the judge to do! It’s the order of the Empress, for what reason are you going against it?” Wiegelhofen cried out.

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However, the truth was Melchor often cannot make a rational decision.

“As the head of Postenmeyer, it is my responsibility to protect the members of the family.
So I can’t give it away without clear evidence.”

“A member of the family? What are you suddenly saying…”

Before he could think of the consequences of what he was about to say, the cold-hearted Grand Duke spoke with a firm voice:

“Roseline is my wife.”

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