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Normally it was natural for dreams to be groundless, but she couldn’t help but ponder since she’d had the same one over and over.

I hope I dream of something else this time.

Feeling restless, Roseline closed her eyes.

In her dream, she was standing in a mysterious room—a room with large windows that stretched along the round walls to the hemispherical-shaped ceiling.
The windows were wide open with no glasses, so she could see out of them clearly, and everything above and below her was as dark as the night outside—like she’d been thrown into the cosmos.
The floor was made up of black and white square tiles, almost like a chessboard.

And the most unusual thing of them all…

The huge clock is in the center of the room.
With no outer cover, the exposed golden cogwheels were rotating together.
On top of there being no numbers on the face, there were only two same-sized minute hands, so she couldn’t tell which one pointed to the seconds and which one pointed to the minutes.
But it was merely a dream—it was meaningless to know the time.

What in the world kind of room was this? And why did Roseline keep having such a meaningless dreams?

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She stared blankly at the stars outside the window.
The stars twinkled as her eyes fell on them.
As if they were looking her way.
If she were to peep in from the outside, she could observe what went on inside since there wasn’t a single place to hide due to it being open on all sides.
Though there wouldn’t be anything to observe.

When she thought of that she heard a voice calling her from somewhere.


It was the voice of a young boy.
It wasn’t her brother Alfons.

“Who is it?”

The holder of the voice didn’t appear when she asked.
Instead, it called her name again.

Please wait, Roseline.

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Wait for what? All she was doing was standing quietly.
She looked around but saw nothing.
Was it because the room was open on all sides? She couldn’t even tell from which direction the voice was coming from.

Roseline, I must… do that, so… so, then… can you do that for me?

It was cut off in the middle, so she couldn’t understand what he was saying.
But the boy was speaking desperately as if begging her.

I will save you.
So please wait for me.

She heard the last part clearly.

Hold on.
The last part?

As soon as she realized it, she got a feeling as if the scenery in her dream was distorted and she was being sucked somewhere.

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