sluggish sigh.

“Crimson Rose… Should I have dried the seeds from the beginning?”

* * *

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There was still no change in Roseline’s daily activities.
She woke up, had breakfast, changed her clothes, and went back and forth between her room and the living room drinking tea or staring out the window, napping occasionally.

It was frustrating that she was still unable to go outside, but it still paid off.
This was because Damian and Heinz, who became lenient when Roseline complained, started throwing clues one by one under consultation.
They were tiny clues when she picked them one at a time, but she soon discovered a connection between them.

So if I put them together, the grand duke’s motive for bringing me here has nothing to do with Father’s daily routine.

The grand duke’s first visit with the Black Knights was the reason why she was suspicious of the empress’s Blue Knights.
But the grand duke’s aim seemed to have changed after meeting Roseline in that place.

She had never heard of Grand Duke Postenmeyer having a mental problem, so maybe only his confidants knew about it.
Despite that, the reason they’d told Roseline was because of the next reason.

Neither Damian nor Heinz had heard who that person was.
Because Duke Postenmeyer was not the type to tell them what he held inside.
In their way, they had concluded the process of collecting clues under the orders of their supervisor.

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The same first name as Lady Crimson Rose.>

The grand duke had called Roseline by her name when he first met her.
Even when he had brought her in and interrogated her he’d only asked her if she knew someone who looked like her.

They said she looked like me, though she must be much older.

He had been looking for someone because of his memory of an uncertain past, and he had brought someone who looked like her and investigated.
Roseline understood up to that point.
The next part was problematic: she doesn’t know who that person is.

And yet he doesn’t send me back and keeps me here.

They said he had sent back someone who came to pick up Roseline at the order of the empress.
Even though he no longer had to keep Roseline, he had even set up a confrontation with the empress to protect her.

“I don’t understand.
What the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Just sign.”

When she lifted her head at the voice that replied to what she’d said to herself, someone was standing at the door, someone whom she couldn’t meet even if she wanted to.
It was Melchor, Grand Duke Postenmeyer.

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