ean that he should commit a crime and hide it from his family.

“What should I do now? Are we all going to be arrested as well? If you’re a sinner, you’ll lose your pretense.
What about young Alfons?” her mother cried.

The young brother, who was in his mother’s arms, couldn’t make a decent sound and was only shedding tears.
He didn’t understand the situation yet, and he could only cry in response.

“…We didn’t know my father was gambling.
We’re not at fault.”

“The knights are certain! If they didn’t conclude that we were sinners, why would they invade us?”

Trembling at the chaos heard from the hall on the first floor, the mother hugged her son, who was more cherished than her own body.
The family was staying on the third floor, but once the knights invaded the mansion, they would reach them soon.

“What should I do now… It’s over!”

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Is it the end? Roseline thought.
If so, her father has indeed gambled, so he must be the one held responsible.
Even if the knights were following the order of the Empress, they could not invade the Count without justification.

I didn’t know.
And my mother… If we can prove that we are not involved in our father’s gambling, we can avoid being deprived of our status and imprisoned.

Roseline recalled what the loud-voiced knight said a little earlier.
He had told them to admit their crimes, but she was certain it’ll only be used against them in the court.
When falsely accused, you must resist as much as you can and claim innocence.
It is also included in the academy’s law textbook.

The professor had said: “The law in this country is strange.
Even if you don’t die, you’ll get hurt.
However, if you do not resist to that extent, you will surely be at a disadvantage in the trial.”

Roseline learned that it is difficult to reverse the ruling if the judge’s mouth says, “Isn’t it because you didn’t even resist even though you were caught falsely?”

“I’ll block them,” she finally said. 

“What? How can you stop those soldiers alone?”

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“I’ll try as much as I can.”

When Roseline got up from her seat and took the two swords hanging on the wall, her mother’s face turned white.
But it wasn’t from concern for her daughter.

“Are you crazy? What if the knights get angry?”

“If you’re taken calmly, it’s more disadvantageous in a trial.
You have to resist as hard as you can,” Roseline replied.

“What if they harm us even before we get a trial?” her mother asked.

But by “us”, her mother only meant herself and young Alfons.
It does not include Roseline.

However, Roseline wasn’t disappointed nor discouraged because she was so used to it.
She wasn’t expecting affection from her mother.
It has always been that way.
Roseline stepped forward and opened the door to the drawing-room.

“So hide, I made it clear for you.”

“Hey, Roseline! Roseline!”

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