en’s Knights moving?”

“Gambling by aristocrats is a felony equivalent to treason.
Of course, the Emperor must have also reported it, right?”

Just as the Grand Duke possessed the Knights of Black Cloak and the Empress the Knights of Blue Cloak, the Emperor owned the Knights of the Red Cloak.
At the Emperor’s command, the Knights of the Red Cloak moved.

However, the Queen’s Knights had been the first.

“I know that even the Empress cannot move the Knights Templar without the Emperor’s approval.
His Majesty the Emperor should also agree,” added Roseline.

“Agreeing means that the other party made the offer first, right?”

Even if the report was delivered to the Empress first, the decision lay with the Emperor.
The illegal affairs of her father were far from urgent, but the fact that the Empress acted on it and asked the Emperor for consent only meant that the Empress had a reason to handle the matter herself.

The Crimson Roses were incomparable to the Imperial family.
Whatever his father did, it shall not pose any threat to Her Majesty the Empress.
Why would she have to send her own knights to ruin their mansion?

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Thinking that far, Roseline suddenly realized that there was something wrong.

The Blue Knights ransacked the mansion.

What was their reason for their peculiar behavior? They had smashed the mirrors,  overturned carpets, opened drawers, and searched all rooms.
For what? Their actions indicated that they were looking for something.

Did Roseline’s father hide something? Are they trying to find evidence of his gambling? No, they said they had already found evidence of it.

So, what did the Blue Knights scour the mansion for?

“Roseline, Is there anything you’d like to point out?” Melchor asked, interrupting her train of speculations.

Roseline shook her head, “No, no.
I have none.”

“Then think about it.
I will think about it myself as well.”


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The Grand Duke rose from his seat, ignoring Roseline’s confusion, and walked to the door.

“Don’t even think about going to visit her Majesty the Empress until you think about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s unravel the mystery.”

* * *

After the interrogation—or so-called “interrogation”—Melchor’s assistant, Heinz, appeared in front of him.
He, who usually wore a bright expression in front of others, approached him with a solemn expression and whispered in a small voice.

“The Empress’s younger brother, Count Wigelhofen, has come to visit.”

Melchor’s eyes narrowed.

This was what I was aiming for after all.

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