Linda instantly picked up the call of the person whom she really loved and admired. Sheryl was an old friend who was earlier dating Austins best friend but has broken up later. She was not just Lindas confidante but at the same time she was Lindas happy place. She was the only bridesmaid in the wedding and perhaps the only true family for Linda

”Hi Sheryl! Are you back? ” Linda instantly swiped the green button placing the mobile phone next to her year.

”Yes sweetie I am back. Do you want to meet today or tomorrow? ” Sheryl knew that Linda would definitely love to catch up as she must be having a lot to vent out. Whenever Linda met Sheryl, she would always burst out all her emotions without any hesitation. Sheryl was one person that Linda completely trusted.

Sheryl was not just a beautiful blonde girl but at the same time she had a golden heart. She would do anything for Linda and considered Linda just like her family. The only person she loved after her brother was in fact Linda herself. She was one of the most successful models in Europe and would often come back to Singapore to meet Linda.

”I do not know Sheryl… I… I have so much work to do but I need to talk to you. ” Linda busted into tears and Sheryl gasped in much shock.

”What happened Linda? ” Sheryl was extremely taken aback hearing the crying. ”All I know is that you were on a honeymoon to Paris and after that Austin told you turn off your cell phone and take a leave from work to spend time with him. Is he alright? What has happened Linda? ” Sheryl spoke in much anger and agony hearing her best friend cry her heart out.

”I have been cheated. Do you remember that divorce case? Austin stole all my documents and has won the case against our company. Yesterday I heard him talking to somebody over a call and he had promised to destroy my company in next 20 days. Not only that… the worst part is that Austin is having an affair with his receptionist. He does not know that I know everything but I have to try my best to save my company. Today we have won one case against his company and tomorrow morning we have another important case against them. ” Linda took deep breaths as she was feeling extremely better by just venting out everything to her best friend.

”Ohh my goodness! I always knew that man was not good. You calm down sweetie…. Have you prepared for the case or you need some more time? ” Sheryl was extremely worried for her friend but she knew that it was very important for Linda to win the next days case.

”I still have too much work to do. I think we can meet tomorrow. ” Linda wiped away her tears and smiled a little hearing Cheryls cute girlish voice.

”Alright then. Then you have to come to a Annual ball party which is being hosted by my brother. ” Sheryl spoke in much excitement and Linda could hear the girl clapping over the phone.

”Annual ball? This time it is happening in Singapore? ” Linda questioned in much amazement. The annual ball held by Cheryls brother, the Hollywood superstar Jackson Hall, in Paris is supposed to be one of the most popular affairs of Hollywood.

Celebrities, entrepreneurs, business tycoons from all over the world came to this ball. People meet ….make friends…. form relationships and at times just temporary love affairs. The ball was not just the most talked about event of Hollywood but also it is said that whoever is looking for a matrimonial prospect definitely finds someone in this event.

”Yes, this time we thought that it should happen in our own city. Jackson has also arrived with me and hes currently looking at the arrangements. Tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM starts the party! ” Sheryl smiled in much excitement and Linda nodded her head in utter disapproval.

”I have never really attended a ball party and I do not think I qualify to be a member of it. Firstly, I am no longer single and secondly Im too depressed to even dress up. ” Linda knew that was going to be difficult to convince Sheryl but she knew that she could try her best after all she was a good lawyer.

”No excuses. I will send my designer along with several ball gowns at your place at sharp 5:00 PM. My makeup artists, hairdressers and designers will reach your mothers place. And make sure that you do not get your mother along. I do not want all the men to feel threatened by her presence. ” Sheryl giggled a little in a teasing manner and Linda finally also laughed.

This was the thing about Sheryl. She could make anybody laugh even in worst situations. ”Really… I do not think I should be coming. I would rather be at home stop ”

Sheryl let out a deep sigh. ” Be home? And do what? It is weekend and you cannot even say that you have cases lined up for the next day. It is Friday night and I do not want you to spend the evening listening to your mothers nonsense. You have to come and if you really get bored you can leave early or maybe stay over at my place for the night. ”

Linda knew that she could convince anyone in this entire world except her best friend. ”Fine! I shall be there at 7:00 PM at your house. ” Linda did not know the venue but she had guessed that as always the annual ball will be at their home. Sheryl hard huge ancestral properties all over Asia and Europe and they always opted to host the ball party in their own posh houses.

”Good! That did not take much. By the way, do you have any message for Jackson? ” Sheryl spoke in a teasing manner and Linda gasped in much shock.

”Shut up Sheryl. We were kids then. I was 9 years old when I told you that I had a crush on him. There is nothing like that now when I have not even seen him in person from past 10 years. ” Linda blushed a little and then turned her neck looking at the wooden cupboard. On top most shelf was the stash of several DVD movies, all of which had Jackson in it.

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