After another one hour, Linda emerged from her bedroom followed by 2 house maids who were holding one suitcase each in their hands. Linda instantly turned and smiled looking at the 2 maids. ”Please shift the luggage in the car while I bid goodbye to Austin. ” She smiled politely an they both instantly bowed, walking towards the staff elevator.

Linda on the other hand instantly rushed towards the other elevator which was meant only for her and Austin. She pressed the button and the elevator instantly opened. The girl was now married for past 2 months but she had never really visited Austins office. Austin, ever since he came from Paris had been spending most of his time either in the company office or in the office upstairs but he never really bothered to invite Linda upstairs.

She pressed the 10th button on the elevator and the glass elevator with a slight hint of golden colour, quickly started to move upstairs. The door sprung open and Linda looked outside in much hesitation. There was nobody inside and the girl slowly stepped outside looking at the gigantic lobby area around her. There were several sitting areas in various corners along with a gigantic LED l screen right in front of her which was currently turned off.

There was a bodyguard sitting next to the reception while a beautiful blonde girl, behind the reception desk was writing something on a note pad totally unaware of Lindas presence.

Linda started to walk away from the reception, straight towards a large wooden door with a massive and royal looking name plate with Austins name written on it. She was literally tiptoeing so that the girl at the reception area could not notice her. The blonde girl seemed to be so engrossed writing something that she did not even bother to left her head and look ahead.

Linda was married to Austin and legally the house belonged to her but she felt like a thief and an intruder walking towards her husbands office.

Soon, she stood outside Austins office and could hear Austin talking to somebody over a call. ”She is going out for 20 days to her house and we can do many meetings now even at my place. Yes… yes… I have received the photocopy of all her documents and I know exactly, what her team is going to plead in the court. I am sure, that just like today, we will win for next 20 days too…. Love? Well… I don really love her… it was my mother who put me in this that too because she thought that I could fall asleep with Linda. I slept with her for two months, and Im completely cured now. And…. the good news is that I do not need her anymore. This 20 days Im going to destroy her company so that she decides to wind off the company and maybe become a proper housewife whose only motive is to look after her husband. Haha….. ” Austin could be heard chuckling loudly and Linda did not know who he was talking to but she was extremely hurt.

Tears welled up in her eyes yet again but she instantly wiped them away and then started to tiptoe back towards the reception area. She first walked towards the elevator and then started to walk normally, making her high heels to click on the floor.

”Click ”

”Click ”

The blonde lady instantly lifted her head and was a little surprised looking at Linda. ”You? What are you doing here? ” Linda found a little strange and felt that the receptionist was extremely offended looking at the lady of the house.

”Excuse me? ” Linda crossed her arms across her chest and lifted her eyebrows looking at the receptionist very carefully.

”Ohh sorry…. I mean, Ive never seen you here Madam. How may I help you? ” The blonde beautiful lady gulped a little and was looking at Lindas beautiful face and figure in much envy. The receptionist was no less beautiful but somehow Linda had a better personality and skin even Without any makeup on her face.

”Tell my husband, Im here to see him. After that I have to leave for my house. ” Linda smiled a little and the blonde lady instantly nodded her head in much excitement.

”Wow! Are you are leaving? Forever? ” The lady spoke in much excitement and instantly held her hands together.

”Heck no! What sort of a woman are you? Im just going to visit my mother for a few days. Can you stop asking me questions as if you are my boss and just call up Austin to tell him that I am already headed towards his office. ” Linda spoke in a firm tone banging her fist on the marbled reception lightly and then instantly started to work towards the office door, yet again.

The blonde lady instantly picked up the phone and then instantly dial zero number leading straight to Austins office.

”What is it Silvia? ” Austins voice echoed over the speakerphone and Silvia instantly blasted the news to him.

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