Sylvia like her own dumb self, spoke extremely loudly and in much panic. ”Sir you have to be very alert…. Your wife is heading straight towards your office!! ”

Austin gasped in much shock and then instantly hissed in much anger. ”Then shut up and put the phone down. You are so loud that even I can hear you till my office you idiot. ” Austin banged the phone and then instantly started to adjust his coat and planted a fake smile on his face. He quickly got up from the seat setting his hair and then walked towards the door where he heard a subtle knock.



Austin quickly opened the door and smiled looking at Linda. Yet again he was mesmerised by her beautiful face, long curly hair, blue eyes and just the perfect curves needed for any girl to look extremely sensual. ”You look so beautiful my dear. Im so lucky to have you as my wife. ”

”Ohh no…. stop it ”. Linda shrugged her hand pretending to feel extremely shy.

Inside, her heart was literally bursting in anger and she wanted to give one tight slap to him. ”I have not really done anything except for changing my dress. ” She looked down at her white coloured shot dress which ended much above her knees. The girl was wearing contrasting black and white heels and a red coloured lipstick making her look extremely sensual. She looked at Austin and then could not help but admire his chiselled jaw, dark eyes and dark hair making him look extremely handsome. She could have never guessed that such an amazing looking boy could be such a crafty scheming man from beneath.

”You are just being modest. You have no idea how beautiful you are. ” Austin instantly held her by the waist, pulling her closer to his body. ”Do you want to do it one last time before you leave? ” He brought his lips closer to her while Linda resisted the urge to push away the boy and smash his head on the glass table behind him.

Linda smiled a little and then bit her lower Lucius lip. she knew she was extremely beautiful and can easily entice any man. She was remembering what Austin was speaking about her on the phone call. He is just using her for sex and nothing else. ”I would love to but my darling husband…. I think we should resist a little. You know I am on my periods. ” The girl lied and shrugged her shoulders while Austin instantly rolled his eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Austin knew that now the girl was of no use as he could not even have sex with her so he instantly left her waist looking at her carefully. ”Well then is everything ready? You are about to leave? ”

”Yes, I just came to say you goodbye. You do not have to see me off as I do not want to cry ”. Linda smiled a little and then waved a goodbye at him not waiting for his reply.

Austin rolled his eyes looking at the girls preceeding figure thinking that she was nothing but just an emotional fool. ”Goodbye sweetheart. I will miss you for 20 days. If you want to come early, you are more than welcome. ”

Linda smiled a little turning her neck to look at Austin. She gave a flying kiss to the man in much reluctance and then quickly walked out of the door heading straight towards the elevator where the blonde lady was looking at her nervously. Sylvia instantly smiled a little looking at Linda but Linda did not smile back at her.

”See you in a few days Madam. Hope you have a nice trip. ” Silvia smiled widely and Linada, from womans instincts already knew Sylvia was up to no good. She was not sure if Austin was also involved but she knew that Sylvia was using her beauty to seduce Austin and was extremely happy upon her leaving.

Linda did not reply and then instantly entered the lift, pressing the ground button. The blonde girl instantly walked towards Austins office looking at the closing lift in much happiness. The door of the lift was about to close when Linda instantly planted her wrist between the two doors preventing it from closing.

She had noticed Silvias happiness as soon as the doors were getting closed and she poked her head out looking at Sylvia who was rushing towards Austins office without even any sort of hesitation.

”Now this is strange. I go to his office with permission while this lady is literally running towards the office as if she is the real wife. ” Lindas eyes popped open and she planted her hand on the door. She noticed that Sylvia without knocking entered Austin office and she could now hear a loud scream from behind the door. This cream was not depicting some sort of panic but more of excitement. She could not hear Austin giggle and it seemed that as if they both were now celebrating Lindas departure.

Linda took deep breaths and she knew that her instincts were absolutely right. She quickly stepped out of the elevator placing her handbag on the door so that the door does not close. She slowly started to tiptoe towards the door, and looked at the guard who was luckily fast asleep. She had just walked a few steps when she could clearly hear everything that was happening in Austin office.

”Ohh baby, the last time I slept with you right after my honeymoon, was simply amazing and I just cannot keep you out of my mind. ” Austin spoke in a seductive but loud voice and Linda gasped in much shock.

”Boss. You are so sexy. Why did you marry that ugly women when you could have married me ”. Sylvia was heard moaning and gasping for breath and Lindas eyes yet again weld up in tears. She knew that Austin was having sex with Silvia and she could not help but curse her own self for marrying such a cheap man.

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