Soon the girl enters the gigantic reception room, made in a circular shape. There were glass walls all around with a circular reception table near the periphery. As soon as Linda entered, the middle aged man at the reception instantly stood up looking at his boss. ”Good afternoon boss. Welcome back. I had no idea that you were coming today. ” He bowed a little and Linda looked at him in much seriousness.

The girl was now determined as she had to save her company. ”I need to arrange an urgent meeting Stephen in next 10 minutes. I need all the senior lawyers along with the board of directors. This is really urgent! ” Linda spoke in one single breath and Stephen was a little taken aback.

Linda was usually very calm and composed even under intense amount of pressure. But today she seemed extremely disturbed and anxious. ”Yes Madam ”. He nodded his head in approval and then instantly picked up the phone at the middle of the desk making the calls quickly.

On the other hand 6 assistant lawyers were quickly informed about Lindas arrival and they instantly rushed out of the elevator heading straight towards their boss. Soon the word had spread that Linda was in company and there was something very urgent matter on her mind. Within next 10 minutes everyone was signing on the non disclosure agreement and were heading to the meeting auditorium where Linda was already waiting.

There was a gigantic Oval shaped table with at least 40 people sitting around it with Linda setting at the extreme edge on the boss chair. Everyone was now looking at Linda while she took a deep breath looking at everyone one by one. ”So I have been informed that we lost todays case. Can anybody tell me what exactly happened today? ”

One of the senior lawyers of the company instantly lifted his hand and looked at Linda. ” We had prepared the case very well and we had strong evidences against the wife. But somehow whatever points we produced they had already prepared the laws against it. All the evidences had already been destroyed while people who had to give the statement in our favor refused to even show up in the court. It looked like everything was against us. ” The man spoke in much remorse and confusion and Linda instantly nodded her head in approval.

”Well, this is exactly what I want to talk to you all about. Today when I got to know about the case I heard my husband talking to somebody over the call. He married me only so that he could steal all the information and within these 20 days he has promised somebody to destroy our company by making us lose all the cases. So all the cases against his company need to be prepared yet again and we need to find new laws and evidences. All the old preparations are of now no use as there company has all the information regarding it….I… Im really… really… sorry I have put you all in this trouble but I had no idea that my husband would do something like this. ” Linda took a deep breath trying not to cry.

Everyone could see the remorse and heartbreak on Lindas face and they turned to look at each other in much shock and confusion. ”You do not have to apologize boss. It is not your fault. Do not worry, we assure that we will work hard and win all the cases. L ” Another senior lawyer instantly smiled, trying to make lender feel a little better.

Linda looked at him gratefully while several other people nodded their heads in approval.

”Yes, you do not have to worry about anything. Well work day and night as this company is everything we have. We cannot let any cheat destroy our company ”. Another lady lawyer smiled looking at her boss and Linda smiled back a little feeling even more grateful.

”You have no idea how grateful I am to you all. I will be working for another 20 days day and night as I have told my husband I am going to meet my mother. So please make sure that you don let anyone know that I am in the company itself. He thinks that I am on leave so let him think that ways. ” Linda let out a deep sigh while they all started to discuss new schemes and laws related to the case which was supposed to happen the next morning. They all had very less time so everyone dispersed from the auditorium and were now really working hard collecting more information.

That night Linda worked till 3:00 AM in the morning making sure that everything was set for the next case. She had completely prepared her team and she knew that they would eventually win the case. Austin on the other had worked only till 8:00 PM as he was working on base of the information that he had collected from Lindas laptop. He was also pretty sure that he was going to win the case against Lindas company.

At 3:00 AM in the morning finally Linda entered her house and parked her car in the garage. Her luggage had already been shifted inside her room as she had texted her mother about her arrival and had given an excuse that she was going to meet her best friend Sheryl first.

As soon as she entered the lobby area of, she noticed her mother yet dressed in a party outfit, sitting on the sofa reading a fashion magazine.

”Hello mother. ” Linda was extremely tired and she was barely excited to see her mother.

”Sweetheart! Im so glad you came to meet your mother. ” The lady dresses in a tight and short black sequin dress instantly stood up and hugged her daughter tightly feeling extremely elated. ”I had red your message that you were going to meet Sheryl till late night so I did not message you back. How are you sweetheart? How are things at your home? ” The lady spoke lovingly and Linda nodded her head letting out a loud yawn.

” Im very tired mother. Can we talk tomorrow morning. Do not worry, Im here for good 20 days. ” Linda hugged the lady tightly and then instantly climbed up the stairs heading straight towards her bedroom.

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