Even though Linda had really worked hard for the case she was extremely worried about it. She was in no mood to talk to her mother. Despite being a part of team, she was not supposed to be physically present for tomorrows case and it was making her even more anxious about it. She had ordered for an online, live video of the case and she knew that it was very important for her company to win this.

The next morning Linda got up at 7:00 AM and she could barely sleep for 3 hours. By 8:00 AM the girl was already ready in her black and white clothes and she climbed down the stairs quickly holding a few documents in her hand along with her iPad. Lindas mother was sitting on the couch sipping her coffee while a lady was rubbing her feet with some cream.

Linda noticed that her mother had kept 3 new staff members who were now laying the table and she frowned a little looking at them. ”Why do you need so many staff members? You are the only one living in this house! ” Linda noticed that there were 3 more housekeepers who were cleaning the house while the other 2 were busy watering the plants.

”I felt extremely lonely after your wedding. So I hired several employees to keep me company. ” Sana smiled a little trying to be extremely affectionate but Linda did not react in the similar manner.

She had known her mother so well and she knew that Sana was only used to spending excessive amount of money. That is why Linda still after the wedding used to manage the entire finances herself and would give only a part of her salary to her mother telling her that this was the entire salary that she received. She made sure that her mother lives a luxurious life but at the same time she did not want all the money to be drowned.

”Alright mother, I have to go to the office but if Austin calls you then tell him that I am out to meet a friend. You cannot tell him that I have to go to the office or he will not like it. ” Linda looked at her mother in much seriousness and the old lady simply nodded her head and much confusion.

”Why would not Austin want you to join the company? ” The old lady frowned looking at the curly haired girl who was yet again dressed in her black and white legal attire.

”Because he thinks that I am over stressing myself. Hes being extremely caring. But I have some important work at the company so you do not tell him….. or he will fight with me and you will be the reason for it. ” Linda pointed her finger at her mother as she sat down on the table sipping some coffee and eating some fruits along with it.

”Do not worry. I will not tell him anything. But if you are really over stressing yourself then maybe you should decrease your work timings and be a nice wife to Austin. ” The lady smiled and Linda rolled her eyes dropping the coffee a little on the plate in much anger.

”Why did I always know that you would say something nasty like that. I have a better company than Austin and all you want me to do is be his wife. Isn it enough that Im married him because of you? ” Linda snapped at the lady in much anger and the lady was a little taken aback by this sudden outburst.

”What did I say? Even I worry about your health. ” The lady shrugged her shoulders and then stood up from her seat walking towards her daughter who was clearly angry and stressed.

”I am stressed because I want to work. If you really want to see me happy then just do not tell him about my work routine. Im living here for 20 days and I expect that you do not piss me off. ” Linda quickly got up from her seat and without even bidding a goodbye to her mother she walked out of the door heading straight towards the garage.

Two drivers were waiting at the entrance and Linda instantly snatched her car keys from his hand heading straight towards the garage all by herself.

”Miss I can drop you wherever you want. ” The driver bowed a little and Linda rolled her eyes looking at the driver.

”No thank you. I think my mother would need you more. ” She spoke in a nasty manner and then instantly walked away in much frustration.

Tears were again rolling down from her eyes as she felt that the world was completely unfair to her. Her mother was not a bit understanding while her husband was a cheat. She knew that even if she told her mother about Austins love affair with Sylvia, it would be her own fault that probably she was bad at seducing her own husband in the bed.

The only person she could talk to was Sheryl who was actually out of town and was supposed to come today evening. Linda quickly turned down the ignition and rapidly drove off towards the company looking at the time by her watch. They still had one hour to go before the legal team leaves for the case. Linda quickly parked the car in the company parking and then rushed towards her office, calling an urgent meeting.

5 minutes later….

3 senior lawyers and 2 junior lawyers instantly entered the office, and looked at Linda who was clearly anxious. ”I hope you remember everything that we had prepared yesterday? ”

”Yes Madam. Please do not worry. ” One of the lady senior lawyers who was heading the team smiled a little looking at Linda. ”We remember everything and we had gone through them today morning as well. Here is the link to the online proceedings and you can open it to see everything that is happening in the court. ” The lady handed over a tablet opening the live broadcast of the court.

Linda noddes her head and then instantly stood up from her seat. ”Alright, I do not want you all to get late. Give your best shot and we will win it. ” She smiled trying to be extremely brave as she knew that she could not be nervous at this moment.

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