Chapter -01.

he law has come to catch him.

The door opened slowly and two masked guards walked inside along with a busty mature woman exposing her milky bust and legs in a crimson dress. Her long hair swayed below her thighs like snakes.

”Dear customer, it seems we had a mismatch in our duties and failed to cater for your needs, we apologise and ask for another chance. ” Her voice was like a sweet wine with a raspy aftertaste as she bowed slightly.

”With this many guards? ” He replied and shocked himself because of the confidence in his voice which he never had. He cursed himself because his words will only escalate the matter. But wait, what does she mean by mismatch? Does she not know who I am? Did…did the Isekai God dump me in this room and tucked me in this bed? Is this a random spawn? He speculated about his origin.

”Dear customer, they are my adorable fans and do not leave me even if I chide them. Please do not mind them. ” She giggled.

He watched his mouth this time to stop himself from spitting any unnecessary words.

”Ah! Where are my manners? I am Xiao Ning, Madam of Crimson Flowers of Phoenix. How should I call you my dear handsome customer? ” She stressed the word handsome invoking blood to boil again in every wrong part of his body.

Fuck! She is looking at me like a fox looks at a baby rabbit. I would have to quickly come up with a wuxia name for me.

”Jerry…Jing…Jing! Smith. ” He quickly blurred out a made-up name. Fuck! Fucking Fuck Smith my last name? Seriously!

”Smith? ” Everyone looked confused. ”What kind of Smithing can you do? ” The sweet vine in her voice was now gone and she spoke as if she was speaking to a beggar.

”What do you think? ” He answered without any thought and almost smacked himself for speaking nonsensically.


An old bald man in grey silk clothes walked inside and bowed to Madam Xiao Ning to which she nodded with respect.

”Young Master Smith? Jing. I am called Uncle Wu here, I hope you had a good sleep in our finest room. Its very rare to see a talent like you who can sneak past our guard formation. I believe you if you say you are a Formation-Smith. ” He bowed slightly and then looked directly into Jings eyes.

He didn avoid Uncle Wus gaze. ”Golden Iris, golden hair, physique like Iron Jaw Apes but no cultivation and proficiency in Formation? How odd? Please enlighten us, Young Master Jing. ” Uncle Wus words tightened his choice of excuses.

He kept his gaze and spoke confidently. ”Are you curious? ” He cursed again at himself but it was his fault, he has no good excuse so he let his newfound confident mouth speak for himself.

”We are, young master. ”

”Whats in it for me? Will you forgive my intrusion? ” He loudly cried inside about why he just admitted he barged inside like a thief. ”Whats the point of telling you your formation weak point if you are not going to appreciate it? ”

Uncle Wu thought for a moment. ”Very well, then the young master, please suggest to us what would be a satisfactory course of action for you? ”

He thought about what would be a proper excuse to buy time and he suddenly blurred out. ”What if I repair it for you? ” This time it was not his new confidence that spoke but his stupidity.

”Sound suggestion young master Jing, we will call our Formation smiths and if you show them the weak point and also repair the Formation to their satisfaction then there will be no harm done at all. ”

He felt relief but he is no formation expert so he would have to find a way to run away as quickly as possible. He cursed the Isekai gods for this situation but inside he was very excited because of this unknown adventure.

Uncle Wu approached him closer and pulled a big silvery shiny metal ring which looked like a fancy shackle. ”Young master Jing, please wear this for our trusts sake. ” And he dropped the silvery shackle in his hand.

He looked at the shackle and understood why anyone would believe his words if he was going to run away later anyway. This shackle is insurance.

He opened the shackle and wore it on his right hand as it was supposed to and showed it to Uncle Wu for his satisfaction. Uncle Wu smiled in return.

”Please. ” He gestured to come with him.

”But I like this room. ” He blurted out and this time he agreed with his confident mouth.

Uncle Wu frowned but quickly hid it. ”This room is very costly and not enough as payment for Formation repair. We will not mistreat you, please come. ”

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