Chapter -03.

hy at all. ” Said one of the Elder ones.

”We know, we have no complaints with spears daughters but if only you had more hands to help you. ” Said one of the nuns.

”If we could get enough hands then we can end this for all in one sweep. ” Said one of the immature younger warriors who was getting dressed by maids in a beautiful palace gown.

Everyone sighed. ”What? Did I say anything wrong? In fact, that beast was right about absolute power. It will solve every problem in one sweep. ”

They all looked at each other and then looked at the immature one like they were looking at an idiot.

”Absolute power is an illusion and its pursuit is the key to corruption, the creatures we are fighting, do you think they are pure and sacred? They are mad in corruption, the corruption of power. Thats why they fight like idiots, thats why they fall to our tricks every time. Do you think you would worry about your defence and exploiting your opponents weaknesses if you had absolute power? Would you calculate the strength in your every strike if you had absolute power? ” The words of her leader strike like a hammer.

”Do you think you will respect and follow my orders if you have more power? Do you think you would pay respect to anyone if you had absolute power? Do you think you will follow rules and law if you had absolute power? ” Her words reverberated like a gong of enlightenment for everyone who had similar thoughts.

”Pursuit of absolute power is the first step into corruption, we don need absolute power, we need the power of unity, power of trust. As long as we watch each other back we can fight anyone. ” She grabbed the younger one and hugged her as she had tears of guilt in her eyes.

They all smiled with affection. ”Lets go, lets celebrate. ” They all clapped like flowery girls, they have been all completely transformed into royal ladies who spend their days in gardens, tea ceremonies and gossip parties by their maids.

They all left giggling and waving their paper fans but only one nun stayed behind. She looked back at the desolate blood desert as a slow thump walked towards her.

A dark red armoured individual slowly walked towards her with an even darker halberd in their hand. The armour had several dents, tears and damage with dark liquid mixed with blood seeping through it.

”What a lovely ideal, if only I had these ideals earlier if only someone had scolded me in my younger innocent days. ” A pain-filled sweet voice echoed everywhere.

The nun kowtowed with immense reverence. ”Grand Ancestor Matriarch! ” She kept her head down.

With several thuds, a pile of dark orbs rose near the nun. She still kept her head down and reheard the slow thump of footsteps walking away from her deep into the blood desert.

The nun stood up with tears in her eyes as she took each and every dark orb and inserted them into pillars.


In the imperial harem in a secret location, a door opened and each and every warrior beauty exited the door silently to their own courtyard to rest.

A maid was standing in front of a mature woman in a revealing dark purple undergarment surrounded by various men sleeping soundlessly.

”No casualty this time also Grand Matriarch. ” Her voice had a hint of pride like she personally achieved this feat.

However, the Grand Matriarch sighed which confused the maid. ”Whats weighing you down my Matriarch? ”

”Do you think I have become useless? ” She said in a sad, heavy tone. Her warm calm voice which calms down even a fierce beast is now uncertain.

”Not at all my Matriarch! Why do you say that? ” The maid had a hint of panic in her voice. Its her duty to keep her Matriarch happy, she is the main pillar of power.

”They all are out there risking their lives and here… ” she caressed the cheek of one of the men with love. ”…I am enjoying them. ”

”They have their duty and you have your duty, none are smaller, in fact, you have a greater one. ”

”And yet here, I have failed to conceive even in a third week. ” Her voice filled with uncertainty.

”Maybe they are not compatible. ” The maid pointed at the men.

”You dare blame them for my failure? ” Her doubts-filled voice turned stern but she kept her voice low to not wake up sleeping ones.

The maids knees gave up as she kowtowed. ”I ask for mercy my Matriarch. I had no intention of shifting blame. I was only trying to convince you that you are also not part of the blame. Have mercy! ”

”Keep in mind girl, shifting blame is the sign of weakness and taking responsibility is the true character of strength. Go, do your responsibility instead of flattering me. ” She scolded her out of the room.

She calmed down her mood and with a smile looked at the men sleeping around her, she stood up and slowly slipped in between them and kissed one of them deeply, waking him up.

Outside the room, the maids guarding sighed a breath of relief when they started hearing the pleasure-filled moans of her Grand Matriarch.

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