Chapter -04.

g himself smile like an idiot.

”Then come, we are about to start the class. ” Li Mei invited and ran inside a nearby door like a little girl.

He took the step to follow but then looked back at Cao Ru. Her cute fierce eyes were still looking at him and saying that they were watching him as she also walked inside.

He smiled and followed her into the room. He found himself in a large warehouse with lots of wood and dry herbs & ingredients on wooden supermarket-style shelves.

In the corner, there was a wide open area with more than 20 large tables full of ingredients from dry to fresh. Each table had a stove and various cooking pots and spoons.

From the other end, 20 girls in similar white dresses like Li Mei walked inside following her who was carrying a set of clothes.

All the girls were also plump like Li Mei but they were all at her elbow in height. Li Mei walked enthusiastically towards him and gave him the dress.

”They are mine, only my size is available for you, I hope it will fit you. ” Her cheeks turned red again when she gave the dress.

He took the dress and turned and met the eyes of Cao Ru who was still glaring at him. He looked the other way and noticed a small room, he quickly entered the room and changed into the white ninja uniform which perfectly fit him.

The girly floral smell from the dress made his mood very bright. The only complaint was the flowery pattern near the waist. So he used the white silk sheet again to hide it.

The moment he walked out Li Mei was waiting for him outside which made him smile again like an idiot and he quickly controlled his emotions. Her cheeks were also red to see him again but she shyly approached him and fixed his dress properly.

”Come ” She grabbed his hand and pulled shyly. He followed her pull like an innocent child. His heart beat faster seeing a girl pulling him to the rising sun.

However, it was not the rising sun like he was imagining. It was the class she was the teacher of.

”Everyone, we have a man in our class now, so behave accordingly. ” She giggled shyly when she said to behave. He can see the eye roll of Cao Ru and some other girls too.

”His name is Jing, he might be hungry so lets quickly make a good breakfast for everyone. ” She said all of these without letting go of his hand which he didn mind at all because for him he was in heaven.

She took him to the front table and then she let go of his hand and took her teaching position on her table facing everyone.

”As this is Jings first day we will start with basics again, which is not a harm to learn again. Correct? ” She looked at everyone for approval except Jing. Everyone gave neutral approval as if they already knew what was going to happen and they had no say in it.

”Lets start with the Mantra of flame. ” She turned serious and looked at Jing to focus closely.

Suddenly a chant echoed and they all did a full-length hand movement like a dance move and then they pointed their palm at the core of the stove.

The stove core which had wood and a small amount of lint in it suddenly caught fire out of thin air igniting the wood also.

He felt impressed like a child who just saw a neat magic trick. Seeing all 22 stoves lit up at the same time was magic on its own after a magical chant.

He saw the smugness on everyones faces. He looked towards Li Mei and her eyes were looking at him full of anticipation.

”Oh, you want me to try? ” He saw her nod with eyes full of hope. How can he say no to those hopeful eyes?

He closed his eyes and replayed the memory, the hand sequence, the chant and whatever his vision saw. He saw glowy particles gathering in the fingertips and pushed into stoves.

He looked deeper and those particles were like embers, he opened his eyes and looked at his own fingers and made a small swirl motion.

He saw a very faint smoke-like white substance quickly come out of nowhere and vanished the moment he let go of his focus.

He saw everyone was waiting for him so he focused on the stove. He did the hand movement but only with his wrists not like others using the full length of their arms.

However, he did not chant the mantra at all and pointed his palm at the stove.

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