Chapter -0002.

souls. You are now a living mausoleum. ” Her eyes got wet as she described the sad conclusion.

Jing looked away but he didn believe a single word, how can he believe something like this, every person, animal, plants and other beautiful living lives were sacrificed in an instant for his childish wish to be Isekaied.

There is no doubt he had a strong desire to be Isekaied but not at the expense of sacrificing others. This is against the very joyful phenomena of Isekai we all Weebs desire, celebrate and enjoy.

He is pretty sure nothing happened to earth but this is a parallel multiverse shenanigan. But he is sure Elder Peach is also not lying which means he has soul seeds in him and someone sacrificed to give him these soul seeds.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes to rest, he decided there was no point overthinking it and flowing with the flow will give him answers.

”How did you do that? ” Elder Peach asked.

”What do you mean? ” He opened his eyes and inquired politely.

Elder Peach gestured towards what she was looking at. Jing stood up and looked and saw the beast was closer to the boat but calm and still holding its torn tentacle arm.

Jing was a little surprised but didn get high hopes from it. ”What do you want? ” He yelled at the beast.

The beast stayed silent and still, Looking at Jing emotionlessly. ”Go away, shoo! ” Jing waved his hands.

However, the beast remained unmoving. Jing was about to ignore it and sit down when it raised one of its tentacle arms, which was holding the torn tentacle arm, as if offering it as a gift.

”Today is the day of surprises, it wants to give its arm back to you. ” Elder Peach exclaimed. ”The hunger in its eyes is still there, the mind is still simple but evolving because of extreme hunger. ”

”You mentioned that you were once a yin-yang beast, how did you gain consciousness? ” Jing asked seriously.

”As a yin-yang beast you will not die with hunger but hunger will keep you mad and feral but if your fate is good then after eating enough of your own kind you gain consciousness and the first thing you feel is guilt because you are now able to understand all the memories you have eaten. Its very rare for it to show such early clever tricks like this. ” Elder Peach answered while indirectly telling her own past.

Jing felt a little guilty asking the question but it was a necessary query. He looked back at the beast. ”Does It want to use his torn arm as bait? ” Jing got impressed.

”It seems like it. ” Elder Peach agreed.

”Well, there is nothing much to do then lets take the bait. ” He flew up slowly and descended carefully near the beast. Elder Peach attempted to stop him again, but then remembered that it was unnecessary.

The beasts body quivered on instinct to be wary of the person who can hurt him but it didn run away.

”What? Did your desperate hunger crazed simple mind figure out that if you bait me with the piece I kept earlier will be a good idea? Huh? Then did your idiot brain wonder why I gave it back in the first place? ” He chastised the beast but it does not understand a single thing.

”Okay, here I am, eat me, I will not do a thing, let see what you can do? ” Jing closed his eyes, but was still able to see everything because his super vision can see through his eyelids.

The beast didn move at all as if stuck on a specific thing. Jing wanted to burst out laughing seeing the beast still holding the torn arm like a bait.

”Fine, I will play with your bait game. ” He raised his hand slowly, grabbed the bait and saw the other tentacles start approaching him very slowly and innocently.

Jing tried to hold back his laughter as he watched the beasts childlike behaviour. He gently pulled on the bait, which was stuck, but was able to tug it slightly as the beast stretched out its arm.

”Oh! You are playing with your line to reel me into your trap? ” Jing was impressed and decided to play along, taking a step forward to properly grab the bait as the beast slowly pulled.

But before Jing could properly grab the bait, all of the beasts tentacles – both dark and bright – suddenly grabbed him tightly and pulled him away from the boat.

”Should I follow? ” Elder Peach called out.

”Yes, ” Jing replied, his voice muffled by the tentacles wrapped around him.

The beast then dove into the deep water and swam off at a rapid pace. Thanks to his super sight, Jing was able to see everything clearly as they travelled.

The beast didn stay in the water much because it looked like he couldn see in the water and needed to surface from time to time to see, however, that was not a problem for Jing.

The Elder Peach also followed but slowly because the boat was not built for speed, however, she had no worry about losing track of Jing because she has her soul mark on the silver spatial bracelet.

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