t Fu Yichen got some key information from it.
Su Zhan is always the Male Protagonist in Mary Sue novels by Mary Sue lovers.

Su Zhan’s appearance is undeniable and he also has the temperament of the Male Lead of idol dramas so he could become a heart harvester of idol dramas and become a male god in the heart of thousands of girls.
These facts are understandable.
Although Fu Yichen didn’t know that Su Zhan was frequently used as the Male Protagonist, at the very least he was aware of the latter’s popularity in the entertainment circle.

Although Fu Yichen had bound with the Mary Sue Reversal System to reverse the ending of the novel, it was still the world derived from the wishes of Mary Sue lovers from the real world.
It is understandable why the Male Protagonist has Su Zhan’s face. 

In addition to that, the system acting like a nympho when it sees Su Zhan was also probably affected by those from the anti-Mary Sue alliance, as the members are also very fond of Su Zhan.
They harbor resentment towards those using Su Zhan as a Mary Sue Male Lead. 

At the same time, the system’s cynicism towards Mary Sue is also affected by the resentment of the anti-Mary Sue alliance towards Mary Sue which made it quite a humanized system.

After figuring this out, Fu Yichen asked the system once more, ‘Did you really not bring Su Zhan here?’

[Of course not.
How could the Mary Sue Reversal System blaspheme the Male God? Do you know how perfect the Male God is? How can a Mary Sue be a match with…]


The system completely changed its tone when he mentioned Su Zhan.
Fu Yichen didn’t have the time to listen to a mechanical voice praising another man like a nymphomaniac.
What’s more, the person with the same face as it’s Male God was probably just an NPC.

However, he wanted to confirm once more. ‘Are you sure that there’s only one system in this world?’ If the other person wasn’t brought into this Mary Sue world by his system, could there be other systems? Systems similar to the Mary Sue system and such.

Fu Yichen’s idea was not unreasonable but it was quickly rejected by the system that owed-beating.

[Of course there is only one.
The Mary Sue Reversal System is designed to reverse the ending of the Mary Sue in getting the Male Lead, so there is only one system in this world.
There is no second system, alright?]

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To sum it up in a sentence, he is the only real person in this world and the rest are all virtual, even Shen Tianyu with Su Zhan’s face.

After realizing this, Fu Yichen breathed a sigh of relief.
But Fu Yichen, who was relieved, soon discovered a very real problem.
He didn’t know the way.

In addition to that, Shen Tianyu who was being surrounded by all those nymphomaniacs also chased after him.
But the other person followed him from a distance and didn’t dare to approach him.
Fu Yichen unconsciously slowed down.

However, he didn’t know that the other party was also experiencing the same embarrassment as he was and was even counting on him to lead the way. 

“Let’s go, Xiahou.” Shen Tianyu took a few steps towards Fu Yichen.
The both of them stood together with their long legs and good looks.
The nymphomaniacs who didn’t dare to approach the both of them started to scream again from a distance.

“Yeah.” Fu Yichen maintained Xia Houming’s high and cold temperament and at the same time calmly reduced his pace, stepping back half a step behind Shen Tianyu.

But the other party seemed to not want him to walk behind him and also took half a step back behind himself.
Fu Yichen suddenly felt a strange feeling.
However, at this moment, a sudden but timely voice came into their ears.

“Hello, classmates.
Do you know how to get to the class of Year 2 class 1?” The voice was pleasant to hear, in the author’s words ‘It’s like a sound that came from heaven that made Shen TIanyu’s heart skip a beat.’ 

Then the author mentioned, ‘She was like a fairy.
A sweet voice, a cute and beautiful face, a small waist that could be gripped tightly and a petite figure…’ She was also wearing a casual outfit that was incompatible with Xingyao’s school uniform.

Fu Yichen blinked a little unnaturally.
She was 17 years old with a short stature of less than 1.5 meters.
He was unable to see her face but her cheap plaid clothes and white-washed thick-soled canvas shoes were very eye-catching.

Sure enough, according to a Mary Sue’s routine, the male protagonist is the richest man in the world and the female protagonist is too poor to buy a pair of long pants even if she saved money for three years.

So, has the main storyline begun? 

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Fu Yichen remembered that the first meeting between the heroine and the hero in the novel was in such a scene.
The heroine came to Xingyao on the first day, not to mention the description of the environment of the school which was similar to Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden3A scene from ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’.
As a result, she lost her way.
Just as she was asking for directions, the hero Shen Tianyu appeared. 

When Fu Yichen was regretting not being able to stop the Female Lead from saving the principal’s wife, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Shen Tianyu moving out of the corner of his eyes.
He then saw him walking straight towards the heroine Su Susu who had her back turned to them.

Fu Yichen raised his eyebrows, so it was hopeless to prevent the hero and the heroine from meeting for the first time. 

Everyone saw that the devilish school grass, who was about 1.8 meters tall, suddenly walked behind the petite and delicate Su Susu.
He then bent down slightly, putting his chin on the short figure.
His lips in a sinister smile were placed close to Su Susu’s small ears.

*Hiss~* The crowd of onlookers suddenly held their breath and the nymphomaniacs were so jealous that they were about to faint. 

“What are you going to do in class 1 of year 3, little girl?” The sexy and magnetic voice carried a bit of evil.

The little white rabbit who was startled by the sudden voice in her ear suddenly turned her head sharply at just the right distance that their four lips touched.
In an instant, the both of them widened their eyes in disbelief.
A large crowd of nymphos fell down.

Fu Yichen put his hands in his pockets as if he was watching a good show.
The angry roar of the system sounded in his mind, [DEATH TO ALL MARY SUE! Let go of the male god and die!]


A small hand slapped the noble and handsome face of the devilish school grass without hesitation and the sound of the loud slap resounded in the noble middle school.

At that moment, time seemed to stand still.
As if the pause button had been pressed and stayed in this position for a few seconds until Young Master Shen, who had been held high since childhood, reacted.
Then everyone saw him pinching the heroine’s little face.
Directly pinching her face until her small lips formed into the number 8.

“Stinky girl, are you courting death?” Young Master Shen gritted his teeth.
In the author’s original words, ‘His anger was like a volcanic eruption.’

Fu Yichen watched it with gusto and suddenly remembered the first chapter’s very appropriate title, ‘On the first day of school, was taught a lesson by the devil.
After taking his first kiss, I gave the devil a slap’.

Su Zhan, who was pinching the heroine’s face, was a little mad.
He was in a bad mood.
Fortunately he knew the plot earlier and the moment the heroine turned her head, he shrank back.
Otherwise, if she really touched his lips then it would be a slap to his face.
You must know, all of his kissing scenes were always borrowed!

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