ugh Fu Yichen’s eyes never fell on them from beginning to the end. 

Ouyang Qi had originally wanted to continue to use Fu Yichen to mock Shen Tianyu but after meeting Fu Yichen’s eyes, Ouyang Qi trembled involuntarily and swallowed the words that had reached his lips. 

It’s not that Ouyang Qi was an idiot.
In the original setting, Ouyang Qi didn’t know the true identities of Shen Tianyu and Xia Houming at first.
Especially Xia Houming’s military background.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to provoke them with the small identity of a mayor’s son. 

Although this setting is obviously unreasonable, Fu Yichen could only shrug his shoulders and continue to watch the show. 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +2]

[The total favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male is 30] 

Fu Yichen silently wiped his sweat, the favorability has risen again.
It can be seen that Young Master Shen is quite satisfied with his performance. 

Ouyang Qi looked a little arrogant.
After all, he had brought three people with him and they in turn had brought a few more others.
So in his opinion, he definitely has the advantage in terms of momentum.

“You.” Ouyang Qi pointed at Shen Tianyu’s nose without fear for his life and then pointed at himself, “And I, whoever gets 10 points first will win.
Do you dare to bet?” 

As a qualified cannon fodder Third Male, he will also have a notable height and body length.
It’s impossible for him not to be handsome.

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However, in the eyes of Fu Yichen, a mature adult man, he would always feel that this guy looked a bit short and young.
The arrogant look on his face made him look like a rogue, unlike Shen Tianyu who is a blessed protagonist, giving off a cool and handsome look.

“Heh.” Shen Tianyu sneered disdainfully.
“I’ll play.” 

The onlooking Killing Matt immediately echoed, whistled and laughed maliciously.
Fu Yichen still had an expressionless look on his face, his eyes still on the two people standing in the field.

When it came to basketball, Fu Yichen actually liked it.
Probably boys are naturally fond of this sport.
In addition to his height, Fu Yichen had been favored by his school’s basketball team for his figure since high school.
At that time, Fu Yichen was also keen to clash with others on the playground after school every day, trotting his way home covered in sweat.
Inexplicably, Fu Yichen felt as if he had returned to his youthful and sweaty student days.

Street basketball didn’t have as many rules as a regular game.
It’s more casual, especially in single-player duels.
There was no need to pay attention to teamwork.
Street basketball is more about showing individual skills. 

At first glance, Ouyang Qi seemed to be a regular in street basketball and this person isn’t someone that obeys the rules.
On the first ball he played, Ouyang Qi unexpectedly turned around, digging his elbow into Shen Tianyu’s belly and taking a leap for a dunk.

“Woo~” The onlooking Killing Matt cheered wantonly, making mocking gestures with their thumbs down and whistling like an uneducated person.

The system that was released by Fu Yichen immediately called out in anger, [I’m so angry! Pissed off! The Male God is being bullied! Male God…]

‘If you continue to be noisy, I’ll block you again.’ Fu Yichen mentioned this lightly.
He had found that even after shielding, the function of the system wasn’t affected at all.
It would still give out a prompt when needed.

[The host is going overboard.] This could be seen as the system’s grievous complaint.

Fu Yichen turned a deaf ear to the system’s complaints.
Only to see Shen Tianyu’s darkening eyes at the proud Ouyang Qi.
Insead of getting angry, he became even more disdainful. 

Then on the second ball, without waiting for Ouyang Qi to block him, Shen Tianyu made a handsome dunk.
His speed was so fast that his body had jumped up before Ouyang Qi could even react and rudely knocked him out.

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Ouyang Qi staggered and almost fell to the ground, his face turning blue and red.
He is a person who often plays street basketball and his agility is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.
He didn’t expect Shen Tianyu to be that fast and the ironic smile on his face slowly turned gloomy. 

Next, Fu Yichen watched a wonderful basketball show.
Whether it was jump shots, fast breaks, dunks, defense, steals and breakthroughs, Shen Tianyu’s performance was perfect.
The game after Ouyang Qi scored the first point could be said to be Shen Tianyu’s crushing solo performance. 

After the 1:10 defeat, Ouyang Qi was quite pale after the game.
He stared at Shen Tianyu with a stiff expression on his face.

Ouyang Qi’s strength wasn’t weak.
Even though Shen Tianyu had won beautifully but after such a physically exhausting game, he couldn’t hold his breath for a while.

Fu Yichen walked over to him calmly and handed him a bottle of water.
His eyes however, were fixed on the twenty to thirty pairs of eyes around him.
The group of Killing Matt also slowly moved towards the two of them.

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

When Shen Tianyu took the water that Fu Yichen had handed over to him, the system gave out a prompt.

“What? Can’t afford to lose?” Xia Houming’s indifferent voice was probably because of his military upbringing.
It was inexplicably intimidating.
He looked at the crowd of people that were slowly surrounding them.
Ouyang Qi didn’t accept the fact that he had lost.

Because of his background, Xia Houming has received professional training since he was a child.
So in the original text, the Second Male’s fighting skill is the only thing that could not be surpassed by the Male Lead’s protagonist halo.
Fu Yichen moved his body naturally, standing in front of Shen Tianyu in a very subtle protective posture. 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +1] 

[The favorability of the Male Lead towards the Second Male +2] 

Fu Yichen: What?…

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