Mashooque (معشوق)

Character\'s Introduction



This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

___________( Family : No One ) ___________


”AMNA ”: Amna is the name of a baby girl. She is the mother of Wadera Hanif. She is Approximately in her 80s but still alive. She mostly spends her life sitting on Khat [ ”Khat ” is a ”SINDHI ” word which means ”Charpai ”(Charpai means a bedstead of woven webbing or hemp stretched on a wooden frame on four legs)]. She is also illiterate.

”WADERA HANIF GAZI ”: Hanif is the name of the baby boy. After his father Salaars death, he becomes the Wadera ( ”Wadera ” is a ”SINDHI ” word which means ”LANDLORD ”) of the Village. He is approximately 60s in age. He is an honest man, he is famous for his honesty in the village. The village name is on his fathers ”Salaar ”, ”The Salaar Village ”. He studies until grade 5th.

”REHANA ”: Rehana is the name of the baby girl. She is the wife of Wadera Hanif. She is also the same age as his husband. She is good in manner and behavior. She is illiterate but her manner is good than other women in the village.

”WADERA SAHIB ”: Sahib is the name of the baby boy. He is the eldest son of the Wadera Hanif. He is good at his fathers business, mostly he is the one who runs his fathers business. He is approximately 30s in age. He left his study in grade 12th and start focusing on his fathers business. He is already married to his cousin Sana, but unfortunately, they do not have children because of his default.

”WADERA BILAL ”: Bilal is the name of the baby boy. He is the youngest son of the Wadera Hanif. He is a naughty and flirty man. He is approximately 26 years old. He moved to the city for his education. He has a mustache and beard.

”SAKINA ”: She is the eldest daughter of the Wadera Hanif. She is born after Wadera Sahib. She is 28 years old. She is almost completed her study and is ready for her marriage.

”ADAN ”: She is the youngest daughter of Wadera Hanif. She is still studying. She is 13 years old.

___________( Family : No Two )___________


”AJGER LODHO ”: He is also Landlord. He is the younger brother of Rehana. He is approximately 55 years old. He is shifted to the city during her daughters study.

”MANU ”: She is Ajgers wife. She is the sister of Hanif. She is the same age as her husband.

”RAHIL ”: He is the son of Ajger. He is 30 years old. He has an engineering degree but he has never applied for a job. He is the only son of his father so he took the responsibility for his fathers lands.

”MALALA ”: She is studying at University same one where Bilal is studying. She is the fiance of Bilal. She is 24 years old.

___________( Family : No Thre

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