Mashooque (معشوق)

Character\'s Introduction


This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

Sobia while laying on the bed thinking about Feroz and smiling. She tries hard to control her emotions.

The same happens with Feroz, he thinks about Sobia while he does not know her name. He is smiling himself.

Malala also thinks about how she met Bilal today and turns left to right on the bed.

Rahil is thinking about his future wife that how she looks and whether Is she happy being his wife.

Akram also remembers his touch on Zainab and starts thinking about her every single expression.

And there Zainab can not sleep and thinks Bilals jokes in mind.

”That is why our oldster always says that empty mind is the house of the devil. ”

After a while of thinking, everyone falls asleep.

As always the sunrise occurs in a pleasant climate which makes everyones mood well.

When Zainab woke up she runs from the house because she knew that If her father sees her he will punish her for her behavior towards her stepmother. She directly runs towards the Sobia house.

And her brother Rizwan wakes up and sees her sister is missing. He knew that she runs because of her fathers punishment. His sister left the house without eating.

He makes his tea and while sitting next to his father starts sipping his tea with a loud sound.

Jamal does not say anything to Rizwan because he does not have control over him. Rizwan only lived in this house because of her sister.

He knew that If he left his sister with them they will never marry her and make her their servant forever.

Jamal wakes up because of Rizwans sipping sound and shows his eyes to Rizwan.

While smiling Rizwan asked his father: ”Abu (father)! Do you need anything? ”

Jamal starts shouting: ”Najma! Take my tea here ”

Najma replied: ”yes! I am taking ”

Rizwan leaves for their crops.

Jamal asked: ”What does happen to him? ”

Najma replied: ”I do not know ”

”Zainab! You are here? ”, Sobia asked:

”I misbehave with my stepmother. I am running here from my fathers punishment ”, Zainab replied:

”You did good ”, Sobia replied:

”I know ”, Zainab replied:

”Zainab! ”, Maria said:

”Asalam-e-Alaikum aunty ”, Zainab replied:

”Walekum Salam, Beta but what are you doing here so early ”, Maria asked:

Sobia and Zainab both see each other and think about what does reply to the aunty but fortunately, Foziya takes handles the aunty and shouts about her leg pain.

Because Maria aunty does not like that Zainab misbehaves Najma and runs to her house. This is not the first time happened, it has already happened Maria never bears Zainabs rude behavior towards elders.

Last time Maria refuse their daughter to meet with Zainab and one more thing according to Najma Zainab will be Marias daughter-in-law.

Sobia enters Zainab into her house and asked for tea. There is also Akram taking tea by sitting.

Zainab covers her face with her scarf and Akram turns his face.

After that, the three return to the Waderas house.

And Foziya is busy with her household chores.

After arriving at Waderas house Sobia and Zainab did as always they do. And Akram is also busy with Wadera Sahib.

”Maria! I am thinking that we also do marriage of our son Akram now he is getting old ”, Ali Bux asked Maria.

”G (Yes)! I am also thinking that, after Sakinas marriage. We will go to Jamals house and take Zainab and Rizwans hands for our Akram and Foziya ”, Maria replied:

Manu enters Malalas room she sees and is shocked that the first time Malala woke up early and no one woke her up.

”Malala! Why did not you sleep outside in fresh air? ”, Manu asked:

”Ami! I do not know when I fall asleep? ”, Malala replied:

”Beta! Next time, sleep outside in fresh air, okay ”, Manu replied:

”G (yes)! Ami ”, Malala replied:

”Come outside and do breakfast ”, Manu Said:

As her mother moves outside.

”Ami! Wait ”, Malala replied while thinking that If Bilal blocked her, so what I will call him from my mothers mobile he will pick her up.

”G! Beta ”, Manu replied:

”Ami! I need your mobile ”, Malala asked:

” Why?! What happens to your mobile? ”, Manu replied:

”Actually, Ami my package is finished. I want to call my University friends to ask them about studying ” Malala replied and thinks how many lies for love?

”At this time. No, this time is not good maybe they are sleeping and I will say your brother about your package. He will fill it soon ”,

Manu replied:

”Okay! Ami ”, Malala replied:

Foziyas father while talking about Akram and Foziyas marriage he sees Foziya busy with household chores.

”Foziya! ”, Ali Bux called:

Foziya comes to her father and replies: ”G (yes)! Abu ”

”Foziya! If you do chores here, so why do not you do it at Waderas house ”, Ali Bux asked:

Foziya sees her mother and her mother see her.

”Foziya! As like you doing her chores, you can do chores at there as well ”, Ali Bux replied:

”Foziya be ready when I will leave from here. I will take you and leave you at Waderas bungalow ”, Ali Bux replied:

”G (yes)! Abu ”, Foziya replied and leaves to wear clothes.

In Waderas house, when Akram takes milk cans Akram put these cans directly into the kitchen and Zainab starts making tea.

Foziya wears the dress Shalwar Kameez.

”Foziya! ”, Ali Bux called:

Foziya comes to her father.

”Are you ready? ”, Ali Bux asked:

”G (yes)! Abu ”, Foziya replied:

”Lets go ”, Ali Bux Said and then leaves for Waderas bungalow.

While Sobia woke up everyone she moves to Feroz and Bilals khat ( four-legs bed), Rehana called her.

”Sobia! Leave them, I will wake them later ”, Rehana replied, and Feroz woke up after listening to Rehanas aunty voice. Feroz sees Sobia going from inside his bed net. Sobia is moving to take breakfast for Adan, Sakina, and her friends.

Feroz wakes up and says Salam (hello) to Aunty Rehana and enters his room. But Bilal is still sleeping.

Feroz takes out clothes and takes a towel and enters the washroom.

Rehana comes to Bilals bed.

”Bilal! Beta wake up ”, Rehan said politely.

”Ami! You never wake me up like this ”, Adan said while standing near her mother and taking tea.

”First of all, take tea while sitting ”, Rehana replied:

”Allah! Ami, What happened to you? Why are you guys talking on my head? ”, Bilal said while laying on the bed.

Adan moves to sit down on the bed.

”Bilal! Now you woke, so go and take shower ”, Rehana said:

Bilal gets up and tight his all muscles then he leaves for his room.

Foziya covers his face from her scarf and down her face. Both his father and Foziya enter Waderas bungalow.

”Foziya! Go there is Baji Rehana ”, Ali Bux said and leaves from there.

Foziya goes to Baji Rehana and Said: ”Asalam-e-Alaikum ”

Baji Rehana turn her face to Foziya while saying: ” Walekum-Salam ”

”You! girl ”, Rehana said while shocking.

She almost scares the Foziya.

”Yesterday, I said you to wash my clothes but you washed my sons all clothes and I did not expect that you will come, today ”, Rehana said:

”Baji! I am sorry ”, Foziya said in a deep slow voice.

”Go back to your home. I am not giving you any work ”, Rehana replied:

Bilal sees that Feroz already secured the washroom. So, Bilal takes Ferozs dress which he put for his wearing on the bed and takes a towel from the closet. Bilal leaves the room for the bathroom which is out of the living room.

As Foziya moves to leave Rehana remembers that she needs a maid and as well as Bilals clothes still hanging on the wire. She called Foziya.

”Wait! ”, Rehana called:

Foziya turns her face towards Rehana Baji and Bilal moves from there towards the bathroom.

”Yesterday, You washed clothes take them here. When you take them here tell me, okay ”, Rehana said:

”G (yes)! Baji ”, Foziya replied and moved towards the bathroom side where she hung clothes after washing.

Bilal enters the bathroom and he off his clothes, throwing these clothes at the side. He hangs towels on the wall, as well as clothes which he brings for wearing. He starts taking shower.

Foziya comes bathroom side and starts talking off Bilals clothes from a wire. Bilal did not see his clothes because he was sleeping.

Bilal takes shower and dries himself with a towel and again hangs the towel on the wall. He takes clothes, while taking clothes his clothes fall on the floor, and become wet.

He pick that clothes and see that they fully wet. He think that if I wear that clothes. So, I will need bath again because today is Friday and I have to perform Salah.

(Do not take on religion this is just Bilals thinking)

He shouted for help but there was no one except Foziya. Foziya listens to him but does not respond to him and fastly removes clothes from a wire.

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