Mashooque (معشوق)

Chapter: Two The Salaar Village


This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

At the beginning of the story, In the room of the hostel of the Medical University, the alarm on the table, beside the bed of Bilal starts ringing. Bilal is sleeping.

On the other side, there is also a bed on which Feroz is sleeping, he opens his eyes while putting a bedsheet on his face and says.

”Bilal! ”, Feroz called:

”Bilal! ”, Feroz shouted:

”Bilal!, Off the alarm ”, Feroz shouted while saying this he gets up. And his bedsheet slowly falls from his face. He is a handsome, cute, dashing man and was born with a wealthy background. His face is clean shaved and he is approximately twenty-five years old man.

Then he gets up from the bed and off the alarm by himself. He takes his towel and goes to take the shower. After five minutes of taking shower, he covers himself with a towel and comes out of the washroom. While touching his hair via hand, he comes and stands in front of the mirror. When he sees sleeping Bilal in the mirror, he directly runs to him and wakes up.

” Bilal! Bilal ”, Feroz called:

Bilal turns his face to another side while making sounds.

”Bilal! get up ”, Feroz said:

Bilal puts a bed sheet on his face and again sleeps.

”Bilal! Get up, you are late for your exam ”, Feroz said:

”What? ”, Bilal replied while shouting this, he get up. Bilal is also smart, romantic, and good-looking, with an attractive personality. He has a mustache and beard on his face. He is approximately twenty-six years old man.

”What is the time? ”, Bilal asked:

”Its 8:00 am ”, Feroz replied:

”Oh! shit, my exam will start on 8:30 am. Why did not you wake me up early? ”, Bilal by saying to Feroz. Leaving bed fastly, he takes Feroz worn towel and runs toward the washroom.

”Bilal! ”, Feroz shouted and fastly cover himself with Bilals bed sheet.

Bilals phone is ringing, and Feroz with coverings himself with a bed sheet moves toward the mobile.

”Bilal! your phone is ringing ”, Feroz said loudly to Bilal.

”Who is on the mobile? ”, Bilal asked in a loud voice.

”She is a girl with the name Malala ”, Feroz replied:

While talking to Bilal Feroz comes near the washroom door. The door of the washroom is open and Bilal comes out of it by covering himself with a Feroz towel.

Bilal sees him and starts laughing at him in his situation and snatched his mobile from Ferozs hands. The mobile is again ringing Bilal sees on the mobile screen and disconnects the call.

Fastly, Bilal wears his clothes. After wearing clothes, he takes a ballpoint pen from Ferozs study table because Bilals study table is messy nothing is put properly, then leaves the room.

He comes again into the room and sees his hair in the mirror and comb his hair with his hands. He left again, Feroz runs to the door and locked the door. He moved for wearing his clothes.

A beautiful, slim, smart, with black straight hair, her hair is blowing and having sand skin color. She is approximately is twenty-four years old. She is standing at her window and trying to call someone but he is not attending her call.

”Malala! Beta, is it necessary to go to University, today? ”, Her mother Manu asked her because she needs to leave the city as soon as possible to the village because her son Rahils marriage is also near, approximately after one week.

Manu is fair in color she is an elegant woman. She is the youngest sister of Wadera Hanif. She is fifty-six years old.

”Yes! Mom, today maim will give us the important project. This projects marks are important for me because maim said that she will add this project marks in the semester ”, Malala replied:

She is lying to her mother. Actually, today is the Bilal exam so she wants to go to encourage him. She had a huge crush on Bilal when she first time saw Bilal at University. Malala is also in the same University as Bilal but in different classes. Malala is in her third year while Bilal is in his fourth year of University.

”Okey! Beta, I am preparing breakfast on the dining table for you, must eat before leaving for the University. And when you will come home we will leave for the village ”, Manu replied, after saying this she left for packing her stuff.

Malala takes her mobile and handbag and comes out of her room then she moves toward the dining table. There is sitting his brother Rahil, He is doing breakfast.

”Asalam-e-Alaikum Bhai (brother) ”, Malala replied to Rahil, and Rahil replies to her back by shaking his head.

Rahil is tall and handsome. He is thirty years old man. He completed his degree but never apply for a job because he is the only son of his father, so he starts running his fathers business (landlord).

After having breakfast, Malala asked her brother to leave her at her University.

Malala did not attend her classes and waited for Bilal at the side of his exam classes.

Bilal is sitting on his seat and waiting for his question paper. When he get the question paper he laughed and said to himself: ”I do not know the answer of any question, why? Why? Bravo Bilal, you will pass again. ”

He writes whatever he knows until two hours. He thinks and writes again thinks and writes. He completed his paper before everyone and then left the exam room.

When he sees Malala waiting outside he thinks that she will ask about his paper. He tries to run from there but she sees him.

”Bilal! ” Malala called:

Bilala stops there then she comes to him.

”Bilal! How was your paper? ”, Malala asked:

”Good! ”, Bilal replied:

”Oh! Feels good after listening to that ”, Malala replied:

”Me too ”, Bilal replied then he tries to leave.

”Oh! Bilal, Will you pass this time? ”, Malala asked:

”Malala! Did you take your classes? If you don so go first and attend your classes then we will talk okay, bye ”, Bilal replied fastly and hurriedly moves from there.

Bilal returned to his hostel room, lay on the bed, and then take a deep breath while closing his eyes.

”How was your paper? ” Feroz asked:

”Ahhh! You rascal, you scare me ”, Bilal said:

”Whats happened to you? Are you fine? ”, Feroz asked:

”Yes! I am fine but until you do not ask about the paper ”, Bilal replied:

”Okey! ” Feroz replied:

”Good! ” Bilal replied and after a few minutes later he fall in asleep.

”Sakina Baji! please help me in packing I don understand what to take and what not? ”, Adan replied worriedly. She is the youngest sister of Bilal but her height is much greater than her age. She is thirteen years old.

”No! Addy, You can see, I am busy with my packaging and I have to call my friends too. They will also come with us. ”, Sakina replied. She is beautiful and the eldest sister of Bilal. She is approximately twenty-eight years old. After completing her degree, her parents engaged her marriage to Rahil.

After listening to her reply, Adan starts crying. Sakina sees her crying but behaves like that she does not listen and see anyone.

”Ami! Ami ”, Adan shouted while crying, and moved toward her mother Rehana.

”Adan! Beta, why are you crying? ”, Rehana asked:

She is the mother of Bilal. She is a strict mother. After being illiterate, she is famous for her polite and caring manner. She is the wife of Wadera Hanif. She is Fifty-nine years old. She is the sister of Ajger Lodho and Gafar Lodho.

”Ami! Baji Sakina is not helping me out in packing. She does not want me in her marriage but she wants her friends ”, Adan replied:

”Its okay, I will help you. Will, you need my help? ”, Rehana asked:

”Okey! Ami ”, Adan replied:

”Hey guy! where do you reach? ” Sakina asked:

The doorbell of Sakinas house door is rang.

”At the gate of your house ”, Laila replied:

Sakina sees her mother open the door and she happily greets her friends Fiza and Laila.

Fiza and Laila are good University friends of Sakina. Fiza is twenty-six years old while Laila is twenty-seven years old. Fiza is more beautiful and soft in nature than both of them. Laila is a little bit heavy in size. Because of it she eats food and vomits out after eating. This is Lailas secret only her friends know.

Fiza and Laila also help Sakina in packing her marriage accessories. Hanif takes out the car and asked servant Shokat to put all things in the Van. Shokat is a twenty-five years old farmer of Hanif. Hanif takes Shokat from the village to guard the empty house till the week. Now, they are ready to leave for the village ”The Salaar Village ”.

Before leaving Wadera Hanif calls Wadera Ajger and asked about that when will they leaves for the village. The Ajger replied to him that when his daughter come from University.

When Malala comes from her University, her mother Manu helps her in packing because she already packed everything except Malalas. They left Raja to guard their empty house and Rahil drive the car and they left for the village.

”Bilal! ”, Feroz called:

Bilal opens his eyes while laying on the bed and again asleep.

”Bilal! Will you not go to the village? ”, Feroz asked:

While rubbing his eyes, Bilal wakes up.

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