Mashooque (معشوق)

Chapter: Three Destination


This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

The beginning of this chapter begins with the name plate of the ”Salaar Village ”.

The Salaar is the name of a person, who first lived here in this land area, so on his name, the village is called Salaar village.

”Sobiaaa! ” Maria shouted; while sitting in the mud-made kitchen and their house is also made up of clay. She put some cotton plant dry sticks in the clay stove. She burns the biomass of the cow and put it between the sticks in the clay stove. Her fire is burning out, which makes smoke and she starts coughing.

Maria again shouted: Sobiaaa! ”where you died? ” ( while calling Sobia she comes out of the kitchen).

Maria is a wife of a farmer in Wadera Hanif, her husbands name is Ali Bux. She is forty years old. She is illiterate.

Foziya enters while having a sack of grass on her head and she replied joyfully: Ama ( mother) you know that Sobia is not a person who does household chores at her parents house. Certainly, maybe she will clean utensils at their parent-in-laws house.

Foziya is the eldest daughter of Ali Bux. She gives her all time to her family first. She never visits Waderas house after childhood. In her childhood Bilal beat her then she left going there. Whenever she sees Waderas house she remembers no respect, no value of lowers.

She is born after her brother Akram. She is twenty-two years old. She is uneducated, she loves to live simply, she does plait and wears her dress which she by her own earning or my fathers earning shalwar kameez.

”Was not she with you Foziya? ” Maria asked.

”No Ama! I wait for her on the landside but she did not come to reap her crops. I saw her landside area but she was not there also, so I came home ”, Foziya replied while putting his sack of grass down on the land.

”Ama! I reaped your and fathers side extra grown grass. you do not need to go this land side now ”, Foziya said:

Maria replied: Thank you Foziya! you are my dearest daughter. Why don you teach Sobia household chores? She did not listen to me, may be she listened to you.

”But Ama, now unnecessary grass is grown in excess on Sobias landside, she did not clear her grass last time ”, Foziya replied:

”If your sister does not want to go, so I have to go there after all these are our crops ”, Maria said:

”Ama! Don worry, I will reap that grass tomorrow in the morning ”, Foziya said:

”Foziya! ”, Maria called:

”Yes, Ama! ” Foziya replied:

”Do you know, where will I find your sister? ”, Maria asked:

” Exactly I do not know, but maybe she is with Zainab ”, Foziya replied:

Maria has one cow and three goats, one of them is Foziyas goat she named her ”Bijo Rani ” because she does good acting while eating grass. Foziya starts putting grass in front of their animals.

Waderas family recently arrive at the village from the city, for the marriage of Sakina. Wadera Hanif arranges her daughters marriage with her cousin Rahil, the son of Ajger Lodho.

Recently, their parents announced their marriage, before this announcement they were cousins only and they did not have that much contact with each other. They and Bilal and Malala were also engaged in childhood in exchange for them but their engagement keeps in secret.

Wadera Sahib welcome them by firing guns in the air. They happily meet and greet with each other but Fiza and Laila are scared of the sounds of guns.

After having no child, Wadera Sahib lives with his wife Sana in the village. Wadera Sahib is thirty years old while his wife is twenty-four years old.

Sanas parents become poor. His father is an alcoholic and lost his all property in fraud. So they can educate his child Sana and marry her to Wadera Sahib. Wadera Sahib carrying his fathers business in the village. He loves his wife but he can not give her a child.

Now her parents are farmers far from Salaar village. Now they become stable and want her child Sana back to marry her with another man but she refuses which causes her parents angry with her.

Sobias and Zainabs bonding is good with Waderas daughters as well as Sana. From childhood, they called Sobia and Zainab for their household chores.

While reaching the village, they see Dodho on the street and asks him about Zainab and Sobia.

Dodho informs Zainab, about Sakina because Dodho is a stepbrother of Zainab, before telling Zainab he tells his mother. He is ten years old. Zainab is a slim tall girl. She is wear shalwar kameez and made one plait all the time. She is illiterate. Zainab is twenty-two years old. Zainab start moving to go, and her mother Najma asked:

”Zainab! where are you going without cleaning the ground? And How to allow you to go? ”, Najma asked. Najma is a stepmother of Zainab. She is a little dark in color. She is illiterate and a little greedy too. She is thirty-one years old.

”Ami! Baji Sakina is calling ”, Zainab replied:

”So what do I do? You are not going anywhere go and clean ground ”, Najma replied:

”Or If I will go so what will you do? ”, Zainab replied and moves towards the door.

”Okey! then I will marry you with Akram ”, Najma replied:

Zainab with control of her rage comes near her and starts massaging her stepmothers legs.

”Ami! If I do not go there so Sobia will go then Baji will impress from her and gives her different gifts ”, Zainab replied:

”Okey! okay go there before Sobia. Whatever she gives you take to me first ”, Zainab replied:

Her mother is a little greedy and Zainab knows how to agree to her stepmother. She is also illiterate. Zainab always feels a little jealous of Sobia. When Zainab came to Waderas house she also took Sobia with her.

Sobia is the youngest daughter of Ali Bux. She is beautiful, slim, and smart. She is a little lazy in her household chores but she does everything said by Baji Sakina. She is twenty years old. She gets many clothes from Baji Sakina she mostly wears that dresses branded Kurti trousers but these are used clothes of Sakina. She is also illiterate but has well behavior after spending much time with Sakina Baji.

Sobia asks while putting oil in Sakinas head.

”Sister! how many days for you are here?

Adan replied Sobia: Sobia! ”Until her marriage ” replied with a smile.

Sobia asked bunches of questions at once: When? with Whom? and in the Village?

Sakina in her shyness becomes reddish and cold. Everyone jokes about her this situation, and she left that place instantly. With Sakina, her cousins and friends were also there. Some of them are married and her friends are all unmarried, Fiza and Laila.

Adan Replied to Sobia: ”I will answer all your questions on one condition. ”

”and What is that? ” Sobia replied:

”I know your father will not refuse you, will you come to the function ”. Adan asks:

Zainab asks: ”Or me? ”

Adan replied: ”yes, yes! you too ”

”But! Why do you want me there? ”, Sobia asked:

”Because of some important marriage rituals. I know you will help me better ”, Adan replied:

Sobia replied: ”But I don have clothes for wearing on marriage? ”

”Just tell me! are you coming or not ”. Adan asks

After thinking a few seconds, Sobia replied: ”Yes! I will ”

Zainab replied: ”I will come too ”

”She is going to marry cousin Rahil, this week they will marry and yes, marriage will happen here, in the Village ”. Adan Replied to Sobia.

After finishing their household chores. Zainab and Sobia both moves to their houses at 5:00 pm.

While Hanif laying on khat and using his mobile. His wife Rehana comes to him and asks.

”Listen, do you call Bilal that why is he late ”, Rehana asked:

”No! now I am doing ”, Hanif replied:

”So, what are you waiting for? ”, Rehana replied:

Wadera Bilals mobile is ringing, while he is packing his bag in his university room. He is still here because of he failed in his last semester and he is giving his paper again. Today is his last paper finished, now he is free to go. He picks up his mobile.

”Hello! ”, Hanif replied:

”Hello Abu!, I am listening to you ”, Bilal replied:

”When will you come home, after your sisters marriage? Everyone is asking about you, tell me, what should I reply to them that my son again fails in his semester? Why are you still there? ”, Hanif asked:

”Abu!, Abu!, please listen to me first. Today was my last exam of the semester. Tomorrow in the morning, I will reach you anyhow, Okey, now you are happy. ” Bilal replied.

”Tomorrow, anyhow ”, Hanif asked:

”Anyhow, Okey Abu bye, bye ”, Bilal replied:

”Who is on the mobile with you, whom you are scarring off? ”, Feroz asked:

Bilal while laying on the bed and replies.

”Obviously, Its Abu, Other than Abu, there is no chance that Bilal can scare off anyone ”, Bilal replied and starts smiling.

”Feroz! Yaar you are very lucky. You are living a luxurious life. Your father is busy in his business and I never listen that someone yelled at you ”, Bilal said:

”Al-humdullah! ”, Feroz replied:

”Feroz! while you
e father is a businessman then why are you taking a degree. ”, Bilal asked:

”Because my father thinks that business is not a stable thing and He wants me to be educated. I don think so that he will bear me as an illiterate person ”, Feroz replied:

”Are you coming with me to my sisters marriage? ” Bilal asked:

”No Yaar(friend)! What will I do at your family marriage, I will be bored there? ”, Feroz Replied:

”There will be many girls ”, Bilal replied with a creepy smile.

”No yaar! Our class Perveens(who flirts with every boy) are enough for me ”, Feroz replied:

”But, in our class, there is no girl with the name Perveen ”, Bilal replied:

After listening to Bilals reply, he laughed at him.

”Hye! my innocent friend ”, Feroz replied:

”So means, you are not coming with me ”, Bilal asked:

”Nope! absolutely no ”, Feroz replied:

”Okey! ”, Bilal replied:

”You will not force me ”, Feroz asked:

Bilal replied exactly in the same way as before Feroz replied.

”Nope! absolutely no ”, Bilal replied:

”Okey good! you are my good friend, you understand me ”, Feroz replied:

Maria holds the stick for Sobia and waits for her at the gate. Foziya put her khat next to the door and while sitting she is waiting for the best scene.

Sobia sees this scene and starts scaring that today I will not save. Asks for help from God, ”God, please help me and save me from this stick ”. She waits there that her mother will leave but from the back, her father comes.

Sobia enters with her father but her mother does not let her go and starts hitting her with sticks here and there. Foziya is enjoying it. Maria hit Sobia until her father snatched the stick from Marais hand and broke it.

”Are you gone mad? ” Asked Ali Bux, harshly. He is the honest servant and farmer of Wadera Hanif. He is also illiterate.

”Asked her where is she from morning? ” Maria replied.

Instantly, Sobia replied while sobbing: Abu( father)! I swear I was with Zainab at Waderas house, they call us, Zainab and me.

Abu, Abu, If they call me, so should not I go there?

Foziya goes into the kitchen and takes with a glass of water for Sobia.

Ali Bux replied: You should go, after all, they always support us and we are their servants, but you should need to tell your mother before you go anywhere. Now you are big.

”And now I never see you hitting any child of mine ”, Ali Bux replied to Marai.

Eagerly Ali Bux asked Foziya: ”Foziya beta( daughter) can you bring food for me, your dad is very hungry today ”.

While eating food Ali Bux asked Sobia: ” why did Waderas daughters call you? ”

”Because they are marrying Sakina in the week, so they need our help in household chores, ” Sobia replied:

”Foziyaaa! ”, Ali Bux called Foziya. Wadera Hanif did not tell Ali Bux because Both did not meet today.

”Yes! Abu ”, Foziya replied:

”Foziya you also go with Sobia for helping them ”, Ali Bux asked:

”Yes! Abu ”, Foziya replied:

Maria said: And what about me, who will help me?

Ali Bux replied: ”Maria don be childish, its only about one week. After one week they will here with you. ”

Ali Buxs Nokia mobile is ringing. He picks up his phone.

”Hello! ”, Ali Bux replied;

”Hello, Abu! Maybe, today I will come late at home, so do not wait for me ”, Akram replied. Akram is the only son of Ali Bux. He is also working under Wadera Sahib. He is also illiterate. He is twenty-six years old.

”Okey beta(son), take care ”, Ali Bux replied and disconnect the call.

When Bilal sees Feroz is asleep, Bilal wakes up and packs a suitcase of Feroz.

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