Mashooque (معشوق)

Chapter: Nine The Lie


This is a fictional story, which is written by myself. This story is completely based on fictitious Characters, Characters names, Places, Behaviors, and scenes.

I will not bear plagiarism. If you do not want copyright on your story please do not steal my story. This story is meant to entertain the readers.

”A book is a gift, you can open it again and again ”.

The decoration of the house started. Guests or we can say, relatives of Sakina start coming to her home but the majority of relatives decide to come from the side of Rahil.

After finishing the food Bilal takes plates toward the kitchen. There he sees Zainab washing the utensils. He moves toward her. Zainab hides her face and down her eyes.

By sitting next to Zainab he puts plates down and said.

”Did mother say anything? ”, Bilal asked:

”No! ” Zainab replied:

”I know! She said you something, tell me ”, Bilal again asked:

”Please go from here, Otherwise ”, Zainab replied:

”Heh! Zainab, What otherwise? ”, Bilal asked:

”Otherwise! I will call your mom ”, Zainab replied:

”Okay! call ”, Bilal said:

Zainab leaves utensils, stands, and shouted: ”Bajiii! ”

When she sees Bilal running from there. She starts laughing at him then she again starts washing utensils.

Now the day is over, Its the time of sunset. Everyones birds and plants wilted.

Rehana asked to Zainab for cooking of dinner and then Rehana comes to the Girls room. Rehana wants to do these cores before 8:00 pm because she wants to send these girls to their homes as soon as she can.

”Girl! Is Sobia free, can I take her with me ”, Baji Rehana asked while standing at the door.

Sakina replied: ”G (yes)! Ami ”

Rehana takes Sobia with her. She said that makes the khat (bed) outside of the room.

Sobia made a turn by turn everyones bed and cover the bed with a net because she did this yesterday. After making all beds (khat), Rehana baji calls her and gives her an extra bed sheet to make an extra bed for Feroz and Bilal. Rehana shows her, Feroz, and Bilal khat (bed) by the gesture.

Feroz and Bilals khat is in front of their room. Feroz comes out and sees Sobia is making a bed. He helps her in covering to bed with a net. After making bed she is leaving from there but she remembers to tell him that this is his bed.

while covering her face down her eyes Sobia said: ”Listen! this is your bed, Feroz and that one is Bilals. ”

After listening to his name from her mouth, he has a cute smile on his face and starts calling his name: ”Feroz, Feroz, Feroz, and shying. ”

Bilal comes out of the room he sees his friend become Majnu. Then Feroz also sees him and both see each other. Bilals asking him whats happening by doing his eyebrows up and down. Feroz replied him ”Nothing! ” by shaking his head.

”Something, Something ” Bilal replied in a joking way by coming near to him and hugging him with one hand.

Feroz without saying him anything just listening to him.

”Yaar (friend)! Feroz, If you tell me maybe I will help you to meet with her ”, Bilal replied:

After that Malala and her mother, Manu arrived with two more aunties and his father drives a car. Bilal and Feroz see the car at the door Feroz asked: ”At this time who comes? ”

”Oh! They are our brother-in-laws parents. Ahh this lizard also come ”, Bilal replied:

”Which lizard? ”, Feroz asked but Bilal leaves from there to receive his Uncle, and Feroz also moved toward him.

Everyone Salam (says hello) to everyone and Bilal helps them in picking up their suitcase in which they take the brides marriage dress.

But spontaneously, everyone moves from there even Feroz too and Malala stand in front of Bilal and said: ”Hey Stupid! Why did you block me? ”

Bilal replied: ”On your deeds ”

”Oh! Unblock me right now, Otherwise ”, Malala replied:

”eh! Otherwise, What? ”, Bilal replied:

”Otherwise, I will tell your mother ”, Malala replied:

”Tell what? that you are calling again and again but Bilal is not picking phone ”, Bilal asked:

”No! I will said her that whenever I call you, you shout at me and now you blocked me ”, Malala replied:

”What?! You… ”, Bilal replied:

Aunty Manu called Bilal he leaves for her while muttering that ”Why everyone is threatening me? ”

When Sakinas mother-in-law with their companions enters in the Sakinas room. Sobia and her friends already covered Sakina with Scarf completely so that none of them can see Sakina.

They give marriage clothes in Sakinas hands and marriage shoe pairs and jewelleries. Uncle Ajger spend that time with Hanif and Wadera Sahib and then they left to their home and Malala left while showing eyes to Bilal but Bilal does not care.

Zainab gives everyone dinner. Everyone had a great dinner. After that, they asked for permission from Baji Rehana to go to the house. Baji Rehana allow them and asked them if they need help to stop them at their houses, so she will help them. But they refuse and said that they will go by themself.

Baji Rehana leaves them at the door, they move to their houses. Sobia remembers that scene when her sister telling about her accident with a car. And she wants to her sisters revenge on Bilal. As Sobia sees that Baji Rehana moved inside the house she said.

”Oh! Zainab I forget to give Baji Sakina her things ”, Sobia said without letting Zainab to see Sakinas things she moves to inside the house and said her to wait.

Sobia sees here and there. She does not find anyone then she goes to the Bilals car. She starts finding a small stick to remove the air from Bilals car tires.

The phone is ringing of Feroz, Feroz gets out of his bed and moves to the side. On the opposite side of the mobile is his mother Sidra. She calls him to ask about him. She is mostly alone at home. So, whenever so free she calls her son every day.

”Beta (son)! Today, you almost forget to call your mother ”, Sidra said sadly.

”Sorry! Ami I was a little busy, today ”, Feroz replied:

”What will be the more important than mother? ”, Sidra asked:

”Nothing! Ami do you know my friends sister is engaged, so my friend wants me there ”, Feroz asked:

”This is a piece of good news. You should go there ”, Sidra replied: Sidra and Kareem never stop Feroz from anything because he the only son and child of them. They want to fulfill his all dreams before saying to him.

While talking with his mother Feroz sees some movement near the Bilals car, he thought that it may be a thief, and he switched off the call. But as he goes near to it. He finds that it is Sobia.

Sobia is trying to puncture the tire but she does not know, how. She puts a stick near the tube here and there but the air is not eliminated. There is the darkness that makes it hard for her.

While doing this she is mumbling, ”How dare him to touch my sister? ”, If he is a Waderas son mean he can do everything? ”, ”No! absolutely not ”, and ”He has to pay for it. ”

Feroz comes near to her and catches her hand, she is gone in shock, completely, and she starts staring at him. Her heartbeat becomes fast and little sweat comes to her face. He opens his mobile torch, takes her hand, and put the stick in a tube of a tire.

The air is eliminated. The sound of air elimination takes Sobia into her senses. She jerks his hand and runs away from there.

Initially, she runs from there without picking up Zainab and Zainab sees her running but she is still standing there then Sobia again comes back and catches her hand then both run together.

”Why are we running? ”, Zainab asked from Sobia:

”I don know ”, Sobia replied while snickering.

”Now, Why are you laughing? ”, Zainab asked:

”I don know ”, Sobia replied:

”Do you have an answer, except I don know? ”, Zainab asked:

While thinking Sobia again replied: ”I don know. ”

”You have gone mad, Sobia ”, Zainab said:

After listening to Zainab, Sobia starts snickering and Zainab also starts chuckling with her.

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