While the others kept teasing her for the remaining night. Jessy had more to say in her mind. There was something about him that made her, scared. At first, she saw the composure of a strong man her father, who was also a strong figure in todays society. But with Kayn, it was, while composed, wild and savage. Something about the way his eyes moved so slowly when he turned them. The way nothing moving around him could phase him. His facial expressions seemed so perfect that she always thought of them as fake. The feeling of a mouse playing in the hands of a bored predator. But she didn know when that little feeling of fear, turned into excitement.

Ever since she actually got to know what her dad did for a living. Her views of the world changed. And it was since then that her tastes in men followed. Her man, while being a good person, should be dangerous. While Aiden was what the girls around her called a bad boy. She only saw him as a little kid rebelling against his parents, following the trends. She saw bad men, crazy ones at that. As for her father, while being one of the richest figures in the city, was the boss of one of the mafias. No one in her friends seemed aware of the later part of her fathers job.

While her thoughts wandered she received a text from her father.

”Get back home early my dear. We have to talk about some things. Work things. ”

Jessy stared at the message for a few moments, then excused herself in front of her friends and left as early as she could catching the subway to her home.

The butlers, men in black suits, and dozens of cars stood outside her door.

They all bowed their heads as she walked beside them.

”Young lady. ”

She didn care and walked directly to the living room where she found her father, surrounded by his counselors and close men, stressing over some papers, his hand holding his forehead as if his head was weighing on his neck. In front of him sat a man dressed elegantly in a navy suit.

”Dad, whats wrong? ”

”Oh, my daughter. ” Her father jumped from his seat.

The man in the navy suit stood up with a smile. ”I will excuse myself since you have company. I hope you can think this over. You are a good man, Akashi, a good leader. And I am sure our reputation, can help you make a choice. ”

Akashi, Jessys father, responded carefully. ”I understand. Bring word to your king, that I shall come to see him tomorrow morning. ”

The envoy smiled. ”It is our pleasure, ” and he walked to leave.

The men suddenly screamed at the envoy. ”You should pay your respects to the boss! ” While some spoke in the background.

The envoy still had a smile on his face, but his head tilted a bit as if he was confused by their actions.

Akashi roared furiously at them. ”WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOURE ALL DOING! ” His eyes were bloodthirsty. ”BOW YOUR HEADS AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. RIGHT. NOW! ”

The men and Jessy by the side shook. He was never this mad. They did as ordered.

The envoys smile finally disappeared from his face. ”We will take this into account. ”

Akashi stood there quietly. ”Please, be merciful. ”

”Again, you are a good leader, Akashi. ”

He answered with disappointment as he stared at his people. ”Thank you. ”

The man smiled again and left.

Akashi fell on the couch, sighing deeply.

Jessy sat next to him in a hurry. ”Whats going on dad? Who was that man? ”

Her father had his hand covering his face. He took a moment to calm down. Before addressing his counselors. ”From now on, everyone who disrespects, or does not listen to the messengers of that group, will be killed by me. They shall be treated with the utmost sincerity. Do you understand? Do YOU, FUCKING, UNDERSTAND! ”

While everyone seemed unwilling they still nodded to his words.

”Father, who is he? ”

He looked at his daughter for a moment. ”One of the envoys of, the masks of dusk. ”

Everyones eyes widened, trembling in fear.

How could they not know, the stories, the legends that took over the world in less than 5 years? A group that started mainly with six people, became the strongest military force in the world. Becoming the kings of the underworld from nothing, located in a huge city on a faraway island. A force mainly specialized in dealing with terrorism around the world. No one dared touch them. They had eyes everywhere they couldn be identified. Now to even send an envoy openly for this city, meant someone broke the rules they put on the underworld. Meaning, a massacre will take place.

”They would have wiped us out in a night if one of us broke the rules. But they didn , which means… ” concluded Jessy.

”It wasn us, but one of the neighboring mafia. The masks are not moving yet. ”

”Yeah, and everyone here knows how they are with this kind of people. ”

”Then, what do they want from us? ” Asked one of the men worriedly.

Akashi took over the pile of documents that the envoy handed him. ”They wanted to see our stand in this. After all, we had many dealings with the mafia they have their eyes on. ” He sighed, ”All of you, leave my daughter and me alone for the night. ”

”Yes, sir, ” bowed the counselors while looking at each other leaving.

Jessy was left alone with her dad, who didn talk but kept staring at the roof for a while.

”How are your studies going dear? ”

Jessys eyebrows twitched. She understood. ”Going well, father. You already have a lot in your mind. Don worry about me. ”

Akashi smiled warmly. He slowly stood up, walked towards his desk, and ran his hand through his precious collections, then suddenly pulled a small black chip from one of them, a voice recorder.

You could see the traces of anger on his face. ”Since we already finished making a clear stand that we
e not aligned with that mafia nothing bad will happen to us. ” But other than that, it seems like someone in our own ranks is trying to mess us up.

Jessy got up, she could hear his thoughts on his face as he looked at her, she smiled evilly. ”Then we just have to do it the old way. ”

Akashi grinned. ”Oh yeah. ” Will be fun.

Jessy suddenly got back to herself. ”But what will happen to that mafia? after all, they
e still one of the top three and one of our rivals. ”

Akashi stared at the big windows, staring at the shining city under the night sky. ”I am afraid none of them, will be breathing by tomorrow. To them, we
e just people playing with toys rather than weapons. We, are mere ants in front of those bastards. ”

”Makes me curious about them. ”

”Go back to sleep love. We will have to get as much as we can of what will be left. ”

Jessy turned as she was leaving. ”Oh dad, make sure to get the pavilion restaurant, I would love to try it but since it was under that mafia I could never. ”

”I will gift it to you as your early birthday gift if you want, darling. ”

”Thank you, dad, I would love that. ”

Jessy got to her room with a smile, but soon her expression changed.

”The masks of dusk, a domineering name. ” She hugged her pillow tightly. ”The demonic and terrifying kings and queens. The six that even the devil kneeled to. I wonder what kind of people they are. ”

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