Master Tisane And The Future Kids

CHAPTER 1: The Break In

”Honey ”—–no answer

”honey ”—–still no answer

”honey!!! ”

”Yeah yeah yeah…you don need to yell you know, I heard you the first time ”

”Oh really? ” Margaret stared at her absent minded husband whose eyes were still glued to his phone.

”You do know you are late for work right? ” Margaret asked still staring at her husband, this time a hint of impatience was evident in her eyes.

”You were yelling just to tell me that? ” Bob reluctantly tore his eyes away from his phone only to behold the growing annoyance in his wifes glare.

”Oh come on… only a few minutes behind schedule, besides Michael would come pick me up ”.

”Well, hes not gonna pick you up while you are still in your shorts, now would he?…besides why would you always believe everything Michael says…what if he doesn come? ”

”Well, he will come ” Bob replied confidently, still nonchalant to move from his position.

”Well, I demand that you get dressed for work young man ”

”Give me a break, am half dressed already, I just——- ” Bobs voice trailed away as he saw the insisting stubbornness in Margarets eyes. Sighing heavily he had to concede ”okay okay okay, am getting dressed….jeez ”.

Margaret now satisfied with her husbands obedience smiled ”thats more like it, you do know you have to take your job seriously if you want to feed our family and take care of our Tina ”.

At the mention of the name Tina, Bob couldn help but look in the direction of the little girl playing in the restroom with her toys. Bob couldn help but smile at his adorable little daughter. His wife was right, he should take his job more seriously, if not for anything but for his little Tinas sake.

He couldn help but sigh, he never really liked his current job, his real passion was advertising, which he felt that he did fairly well, but due to lack of sponsors and companies to work with, he found himself wandering from place to place like a homeless hermit, but due to the vehement insistence of Margaret, he had to take on a job, whether he likes it or not which brought him this job of mini van sales and retailing. *Sigh* for his family, he had to remind himself for his little Tina.



Michaels horn was heard across the lawn. ”yo Bob, you better hop in fast or we would miss our scheduled sales!! ”

”Yo am coming already! ” Bob could be seen hastily getting his things, he was also beginning to have some regret that he didn heed Margarets advice to dress up on time.

”If only someone had dressed up for work earlier ” came the scolding remark from Margaret.

Bob glancing at her could see the look of I told you so on her face, which irritated him a bit.

”Daddy! ”

”Daddy! ”

Seeing his daughter coming to meet him with her favorite toy in her hands, his mood was lifted a little.

”Hows my little angel? ” Tina looked so adorable as she giggled in his hands that he didn want to let her go, save for the constant blaring of Michaels horn.


”Daddy will buy Tina something nice okay? ”

”Okay ” Tina replied smiling. ”Bye bye daddy ”

”Bye bye little angel ” Bob had to stop to wave back to his daughter before hopping into the minivan of an impatient Michael who quickly greets the female duo while driving away ”hey Margaret, hey little Tina ”.

Margaret could only sigh resignedly, ”well, there they go again ”.

”Mummy, would daddy come back soon? ” little Tina asked while blinking her eyes.

”Of course sweetie ” Margaret picked her up while heading to the kitchen. ”Also, when he comes you can have lots of ice cream ”.

”Yay ice cream! ”

Margaret went to the kitchen to tidy it up, while Tina sat on the kitchen table to munch on some cookies.


Her phones back light switched on to reveal the caller. Margarets eyes widened upon seeing the caller. Not hesitating, the phone was already by her ear ”Stephanie!! ”

**Hey Maggie, sorry for the untimely call**

”Long overdue call is more like it….haha!! ” Margaret was all smiles and excitement due to hearing the voice of her best friend after a long time.

**Yeah, I guess you could say that** Stephanie giggled loudly, clearly affected by Maggies excited tone.

”So where have you been all this while, don tell me you guys are still in Africa ”.

**No, of course not we——–**

Margaret moved towards the kitchen door as she listened to Stephanies tale of past adventures and experiences.

Tina, having finished the cookies, fell on the cup cakes without pause; and with her fully bloated cheeks watch

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