Master Tisane And The Future Kids

CHAPTER 10: The Job Offer III

”Mum, ” Esther stared at her mother as she was about to finish eating.

”Yes dear ” Elizabeth raised her head to look at her daughter.

”Um…. ” Esther seemed to hesitate. ”Have you heard from Brother Tisane recently? ”

Elizabeths expression seemed to drop when she heard her daughters question.

Nodding her head, she replied ”Yes, I spoke to him on the phone not too long ago before you both arrived ”

”Really? ” Esther and Joyce chorused. ”How is he? When will he be coming home? ”

Seeing how concerned her daughters were over their senior brothers welfare, Elizabeths heart couldn help but feel happy. Only if Tisane realise how much they care about him.

”Hes fine ” said Elizabeth as she answered her daughters questions. ”But am not sure when he will be coming home ”

Her second answer carried a lot of meanings that Esther and Joyce exchanged glances as they grasped some of those meanings.

”Don worry, he is going to be alright. He just need to have some experiences out there ” Their mother reassured.

”But…will Dad let brother Tisane come back home? ” Joyce asked as she was about to finish her food.

”Of course, why not? Hes still our son and your brother ” Elizabeth said as a matter of fact.

Nodding their heads, Joyce and Esther quickly finished their foods, asked to be excused and made for their rooms.

Leaving Elizabeth in the dining room, deep in thoughts.

*Sigh* Tisane I hope you can get the courage to settle things with your father she thought with a sad look on her face.


Tisane could hardly sleep, thinking back to what Bayo told him about Melvina. He could feel his heart thumping loudly in his chest and the adrenaline of excitement rushing through his veins.

What would you do if you were told that the person you had a severe crush on actually also had a crush on you?

Tisane was clueless on how to approach her, not because he was afraid she would reject him, but because he was not sure of what to do that would surpass the birthday party and gifts that she prepared for him.

Should he take her out on dinner? But he had no money.

Should he take her out for shopping? Girls love that. Just one problem, he had no money.

Should he buy her expensive accessories and the likes. That would be great, but alas, he f*king had no money!

*Sigh* Tisane held his head as he developed a splitting headache. Having a girlfriend in Nigeria involved a lot of spending from the male counterpart.

Girls were never ones to engage in a poor relationship and especially a girl like Melvina, whom dined and wined with plates of gold and cups of silver *(TL).

Though Tisane would never hold it against her, as she was the girl he had his eyes on since junior school, hoping and praying that maybe one day, he would be worthy enough to be called her boyfriend.

And now, he just discovered that the day might actually be here but his lack of money might make him lose out.

Too depressing, just too depressing. Tisane racked his brain to look for a solution, when he remembered his second conversation with Bayo which involved employment into his fathers company.

Yes, that right, Bayo wants me to join his fathers company

Tisane saw a glimmer of hope in solving his financial problem.

While he was making up his mind he heard a knock on the door of his room. Sitting upright on the bed he called out…. ”Yeah, come in, its not locked ”

When the door opened he saw Tunde peeping in showing only his head…..

”Bro good morning ” Tunde was still peeping with his head.

”Tunde how far? Whats up. Good mo–wait did you just say good morning? Is it morning already? ”

Tisane shifted his gaze towards the window, only to discover that it was dawn and the morning rays of the sun was brightening the atmosphere.

He has been awake for hours without sleep. Tisane was a bit surprised.

”Hope I am not interrupting? ” Tunde asked slowly walking in.

”No not really ”

Tisane noticed that Tunde had a playful look in his eyes.

”Has she left? ” Tunde asked smiling.

”Who? ” Tisane nocked his eyebrows.

”Aww, come on, you know who am talking about ”

Tisane was clueless as to what Tunde was talking about.

Seeing Tisane holding a confused look on his face, Tunde nocked his eyebrows before his eyes widened.

”Wait, was Jennifer also here?! ”

”Guy what are yo–? ” Tisane seemed to understand. ”What do you mean by Jennifer was also here? Of course she wasn ! ”

Tunde stared at Tisane for sometime, before scratching his nose.

”Hehe, I knew you were a one woman type ” he smiled.

”Huh? ”

Sitting down on the bed, Tunde clasped his hands together while staring at Tisane and grinning widely.

”So how was it? Did she moan, gasp or scream….? Wait, she did all that at once right? I know you are still a rookie, but no worries, uncle Tunde here got you covered ”

Tisane was beginning to think that Tunde just came as usual, to blab nonsense and make fun of him.

”Tunde, for your information, I didn sleep well last night. So now, I would like to have a little shut eye to reduce my fatigue, if you don mind ” Tisane began tucking himself into bed and about to roll up the blanket, before he was stopped by Tunde.

”Cmon man, you can treat me like this. Am sure you told Bayo the juicy details, tell me too! ”

”Tell you what?! ” Tisane was the beginning to get irritated. ”What juicy details? ”

”Seriously? ” Tunde had an incredulous look on his face.

They both stared at each other for sometime before Tisane grunted.

”Later Tunde, I don have the time for this ”

”Everyone knows that you and Melvina hooked up last night. Whats the big deal? Can you at least share the experiences with your bro? ” Tunde stated unrelentingly.

At this point, Tisane shot up straight from his lying position.

”What did you just say? ” Tisanes eyes became as round as a golf ball.

”Wh–what? ” Tunde was taken aback by Tisanes sudden reaction.

”What you said earlier, that everyone thinks what? ”

Tunde pondered a bit ”Oh, you mean that everyone knows that you and Melvina hooked up? ”

”They know? ”

”Yeah of course they do. You thought, you could hide such a thing from us Eh? ” Tunde laughed and waved his index finger at David.

”Haha, you sly dog, not a chance. All you can do now is cough up the details of how it went so your big bro here can give you some pointers ”

Tisane rolled his eyes and then fell in deep thought, as if hesitating.

”There is nothing to talk about, it just happened and as you can see, am quite exhausted as it is. I need to gain back the energy I lost last night. So if you don mind, I want to sleep, if you have any further questions, you can ask Melvina yourself ”

Tisane shrugged with a nonchalant look on his face as he fully tucked himself in bed and went to sleep.

”…. ” Tunde stared at Tisanes sleeping figure speechlessly.

Damn, since when did Tisane become So cool?! ”


Kpuuu! Kpuuu!

Elizabeth was still deep in her thoughts when the horn of a car came from the front of the house.

The security guard stationed at the gate, peeped through the security pigeonhole, only to close it and hastily open the gate wide enough for the car outside to drive in.

Elizabeth immediately knew that her husband was back from the office.

The maidservant hurriedly walked in.

”Madam, the boss has arrived ” she said bowing.

”Im aware. Go and arrange his food on the table ” Elizabeth nodded and gave her instructions.

”Yes maam ”

Elizabeth walked to the stairs and called out to her daughters.

”Joyce, Esther your father is back! ”

”Well be down in a minute! ” came the girls voices from their rooms.

Stepping out the front door, Elizabeth saw a Toyota Camry drive and parked at the parking lot of the house.

Stepping out of the car was a middle aged man of 50-60 years of age, medium height and a hard flabby face.

Elizabeth stared at this man who noticed her and began walking towards her with a grin on his face.

Elizabeth was an independent woman and always sure of she wanted, also with a decisive nature.

But when she met James, she could feel her defensive walls crumbling, her wilfulness softening and her stubborn decisive nature becoming submissive.

James was a man whom never cared about anything apart from his job, that is until he met Elizabeth.

”Welcome home ” Elizabeth smiled as they embraced and kissed. ”How was work? ”

”Nothing much ” James shrugged with a nonchalant look on his face. ”Just some little squabble in the northern and eastern borders ”

Elizabeth nocked her eyebrow at her husband. Even if the entire country was at war, he would still refer to it as a little squabble.

*(TL) someone who eats and lives expensively.

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