Master Tisane And The Future Kids

CHAPTER 8 : The Job Offer

Staring at her elegant figure, Tisane couldn help but imagine holding her in his arms. Even if its just for a second, it would all be worth it.

Oh Melvina….so pure, so beautiful Tisane felt his heart beat faster and his face become very hot and flushed.

As he was having his romantic fantasies…..

”Hey everyone! Tisanes here. Time to get this party started! ” Ibrahims yell was like a grenade blasting away Davids romantic thoughts.

Turning his gaze to Ibrahim, Tisane had the urge to palm his face when he saw Ibrahim stupidly smiling and winking at him.

Gosh…..this is so embarrassing Tisane thought, hoping Melvina didn catch on to the awkward atmosphere.

”Is that you Tisane? ”

”Oi, Ibrahims right, it really is Tisane! ”

”Haha….so you finally arrived Tisane?! ”

Due to Ibrahims yell, Tisanes arrival became known to everyone.

”Well, well Tisane you took your sweet time! ” Bayo said as he came over.

Tisane smiled as he saw his childhood friend embrace him in a manly hug.

”Good to see you too Bayo ”

”Haha! ” Bayo laughed in his carefree manner.

”Hey guys ” Tisane was quite happy to see Tunde, whom still had his freckled face and weird dreadlocks.

”Hey Jenni ” Tisane greeted the always beautiful and sexy Jennifer.

Hugging her, he felt her soft round breasts against his chest and couldn help but stiffen.

She giggled ”awww…..Ive missed you so much Tisane ” her eyes blinking seductively.

Tisane gulped and smiled awkwardly.

Still a seductive queen as always his thoughts were a mess as he stared at the alluring Jennifer.

Finally shifting his gaze to the one girl he had his eyes on ever since junior school.

Melvina was wearing a jean bum-shorts with a beach T-shirt. Her alluring legs gleamed in the sun, while her long hair danced in the wind as she folded her hands across her D-shaped breasts.

”Good to see you Tisane ”, she said as she smiled at him

Tisane felt he could stare at her forever.

”Well since we are all here, no time to waste, lets get this party started ” Bayo suddenly cut in.

”Yeah, theres food waiting to be eaten and drinks waiting to be drunk ” Ibrahim said hopping forward.

”Hmph, you glutton ” Jennifer stared at Ibrahim and shook her head. ”You treat every party like an all you can eat buffet park ”

”Um….what else are parties for? ” Ibrahim asked shrugging.

”Haha.. ” everyone burst into laughter as they went into the house.

Tisane marvelled at how much the house has changed since he was last here.

Interior designs of every size and colour adorned the parlour, giving it that rich homey vibe.

”Lets move to the backyard Tisane, thats where we have everything set ” Bayo said as they all moved through the corridor to arrive at an open space at the back of the house.

Tisane was quite amazed with the decorations. Well, quite a nice set up for a party Tisane thought ut hold up… that a cake?

Tisane stared at the huge cake placed in the centre of the yard.

Giving him no chance to think any further…

”HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! ” Tisane saw guys and girls of all sizes and complexions coming out of hidden corners yelling at the top of their voice.

It was too shocking that he forgot to breath for a few seconds.

”Haha!!….happy birthday Tisane!! ” Bayo laughed as he patted Tisanes shoulder.

”Yeah happy birthday!! ” Tunde and Ibrahim chorused as they hugged Tisane, squeezing the air out of him.

Tisane couldn believe his eyes. Wait, today was his birthday? How could he have forgotten?

Seeing the look in Tisanes eyes Bayo shook his head and laughed. ”I know you have a lot of things on your mind, but don tell me you forgot your birthday Tisane ”

Tisane could only scratch his head in embarrassment. ”Uh….I— ”

”Happy Birthday Dave! ” Tisane felt those large breasts press on him again as Jennifer held him in a hug.

”I prepared a surprise just for you! ” she said, with her face closer to Tisanes.

Tisane could feel her breath and intoxicating perfume as his body went numb.

”Hey Tisane! Come make a wish now will ya? ” a guy called out pointing to the huge cake.

”Yeah make a wish!! ”

”Cut the cake birthday boy!! ”

Each and everyone chorused enthusiastically.

Tisane stared at everyone present as his eyes became wet. They did all this for me his heart felt warm.

Under everyones urging gazes, he walked towards the huge cake, held the knife which was inserted into the edge of the cake.

As he cut through the edge of the cake with the knife and blew the candles, there was a resounding yell; ”HIP HIP HIP!!! ” followed by a loud chorus; ”HOORAY!!! ”

This went on for the next ten seconds followed by the popping sounds of champagne bottle corks.

The birthday party was underway…..


The birthday celebration went on till evening.

There was eating, drinking, dancing and merrymaking.

Tisane have never felt so happy in his entire life.

At least I have friends who care and accept me for who I am

When he thought back to his experiences in life, he couldn help but be grateful for this moment.

”Hey Tisane, whats this? ” Ibrahim walked up to him in a drunken manner. ”You
e not drunk yet? Unacceptable! ”

Tisane shook his head as he watched Ibrahims body sway under his drunken state.

”Guess am not ready to spend my night in the toilet, Eh Ibrahim? ” Tisane said recalling the incident that happened in junior school. When they all sneaked out of the hostel to attend an underground party, only to have Ibrahim drink himself to stupor and sleeping in the female toilet till dawn.

Recalling that fateful day, Tunde and Bayo laughed themselves to tears.

In the process of the merriment, Tisane shifted his gaze to Melvina whom was sitting beside him. He felt a rush of adrenaline as he stared at her irresistible figure.

”Would you have a dance with me Mel? ” he stretched forth his hand towards her.

”Uh….. ” she froze staring at him for a few seconds before nodding her head and smiling; ”okay ”

Taking his hands, she allowed herself to be pulled by him towards the dance floor.

Twisting and turning, they both seem to go in sync with one another.

Beautiful, so beautiful Tisane kept thinking as he stared into her lovely almond shaped eyes.

As he pulled her closer to him he felt his body heating up as their face drew closer. Noticing what was going to happen, Melvina tried to stop her forward movement only to have him strengthen his pull the more.

At this moment, Tisane felt he was going crazy, he wanted her, he desperately wanted her.

In no time to spare, their lips connected. Making sure that she does not pull away, Tisane embraced her fully, enclosing her with his arms as he dug his lips deeper into hers, while his tongue played with hers continuously.

It felt like time had frozen and they were all that remained on the party ground.

What the heck am I doing? Tisane felt he was not in control of his body anymore. On normal days he was not bold enough to approach Melvina, talk more of actually locking lips with her!

But….damn! It felt so good, he wished they could stay like this forever, except you can really eat your cake and have it.


Someone made a whistle sound loud enough to reverberate around the entire area.



The song was chorused by everyone as Tisane and Melvina finally broke apart, with Melvinas face turning beet red.

Tisane stared blankly as all eyes were on them winking, mouths yelling and lips whistling.

It was quite embarrassing. Well not as embarrassing as when Melvina suddenly pushed him and walked away swiftly with her face looking like a tomato.

Aish….. Tisane Involuntarily face palmed himself. Did I just overdo it? he could feel his heart breaking.


e home!! ” two smooth crystal clear voices resounded at the front door of a well decorated and structured six bedroom bungalow.

Hearing the voices, a middle aged woman rushed to the door, opening it, she gave a shout of joy.

”My angels! You have finally arrived! ” she didn give the girls a chance to reply as she grabbed them in a tight hug. ”Welcome home! ”

”Thanks mum! ” the girls chorused again.

”Gosh, you both look emaciated ” the woman said with concern. ”Have you been eating at all? ”

”Mum seriously? ” one of the girls said while rolling her eyes.

”Come in and rest while I prepare your favourite dish ” the woman said as she instructed the maidservant to help the girls with their luggage.

”Mum, you don have to go through the trouble. We are not hungry ”

”Nonsense! ” the woman responded. ”What kind of a mother would I be if I don feed my children appropriately ”

Staring at their adamant mother, the two girls could only shake their heads and smile.

”Alright mum, go do your thing while we freshen up ”

Smiling at them, their mother nodded. ”You do just that my angels. When your food is ready Ill call you ”

”Okay ”

”Okay ”

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