Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 23 – Strange Development

Chapter 22 – Allen

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Apprentice Warlocks of the Black Cottage put on the black necklaces and silver headrings with fear and trepidation. Only the heads of 3 people were blown off, the rest were lucky to pass the test.

Yang Feng uttered in astonishment: “How surprising! I thought that half of you would have your heads blown off. I didnt expect that your loyalty towards Black Cottage was so shallow!”

The eyes of many Apprentice Warlocks flashed with shame.

“Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye! Although we are Apprentice Warlocks of the Black Cottage, but apart from a few disciples treasured by the master of the Black Cottage, the rest of us had to pay a price in order to obtain knowledge from the Black Cottage. A lot of gold coins and magic stones had to be spent for each piece of knowledge. Moreover, every year, we have to run errands for the Black Cottage and struggle to earn magic stones and gold coins to then exchange for Warlock knowledge. Our relationship with the Black Cottage is only based on benefits. Naturally, there isnt much loyalty involved.” A level-2 Apprentice Warlock with short golden hair, average build, and ordinary appearance stepped out from amid the group of Apprentice Warlocks, knelt on the floor, and explained to Yang Feng.

The level-2 Apprentice Warlock prostrated himself on the floor and said respectfully: “We have fulfilled our duty towards the Black Cottage! Now that the Black Cottage got defeated, we only want to live! Please be magnanimous, and grant us a way to live. We are willing to serve you.”

When the other Apprentice Warlocks saw this, although they secretly cursed him for being shameless, they still followed his example and prostrated themselves on the floor, pleading: “Please grant us a way to live! We are willing to serve you!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and asked: “Interesting! Whats your name?”

Allen looked up at Yang Feng with eyes flickering with flames of ambition and answered respectfully: “Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye, my name is Allen!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching radiance, and he said unhurriedly: “Go to the Warlock College Antalya as my representative! Tell them that I will destroy the Fernando Family and dominate the entire Fernandro Principality within a month. At the same time, I am willing to succeed the rights and duties of the Fernandro Principality!”

Although the Fernandro Principality couldnt compare to an empire, but it was also very rich in resources. It was specially rich in mineral resources. Once he took hold of it, his power would quickly expand. Over time, it was entirely possible to contend against the Warlock College Antalya and the other major Warlock groups.

What Yang Feng currently needed the most was land, resources, and time. Therefore, temporarily attaching himself to the Warlock Collage Antalya wasnt that bad. Additionally, in order for him to tread the Warlock path, he also needed the support from the Warlock College Antalya.

Allen spoke concernedly: “Sir, the Fernandro Family has a good relationship with the Warlock College Antalya. The first patriarch of the Fernandro Family was a student of the Warlock College Antalya. Additionally, the consecutive generations of the Fernandro Family would send their most talented geniuses to join the Warlock College Antalya to study, and many teachers of the Warlock College Antalya were taken care by the Fernandro Family during times of poverty, so the relationship between both parties is extremely close. Youll only anger the Warlock College Antalya.”

Yang Feng responded coldly: “Tell them that if they dont agree, then Ill choose to join the Savage Claw, and act as a sword to slash at them!”

Allen sighed in admiration: “Join the Savage Claw, thats an excellent idea! Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye is brilliant!”

There was a feud between the Savage Claw and the Warlock College Antalya, and they had been at each others throats for more than 1,000 years. Both had blood belonging to countless powerhouses of the other party on their hands. Warlock College Antalya was slightly inferior to Savage Claw in terms of power. If a powerful Warlock capable of capturing a Warlock tower joined the Savage Claw, the pressure over the Warlock College Antalya would only increase.

After flattering, Allen continued with concern: “However, the Fernandro Principality is a member state of the Southern States Coalition! The foundation of the Warlock Collage Antalya lies in the Southern States Coalition, so they wont easily relinquish the Fernandro Principality.”

Although Allen wasnt strong, he was only at the level-2 Apprentice Warlock rank, but he had helped the Black Cottage deal with all kinds of secular affairs, and had a good understanding regarding matters of the world.

Yang Feng uttered faintly: “If that wont do, then have the Fernandro Principality cede the Golden Sand City and Hard Wood City! In return, Ill send my sole blood-related successor to the Warlock College Antalya to practice cultivation and tread the Warlock path. This successor is the young master whom you are to serve from now on. You must serve him as you serve me. If he dies, you will follow him into death! Therefore, you must protect him with your own lives! Understood?”

“Yes! Sir Steel Lord!” The hearts of the Apprentice Warlocks present tightened, and they replied respectfully.

Yang Feng swept Allen with a look, and said faintly: “Allen, I never mistreat competent subordinates. If you accomplish this task, then when you return, the others will become your subordinates! Additionally, theres a chance that Ill help you and let you become an official level-1 Warlock!”

“Yes! I will accomplish this task, Sir Steel Lord!” Allens eyes lit up with excitement, and he responded with a trembling voice.

The other Apprentice Warlocks of the Black Cottage looked at Allen with jealousy and envy in their eyes.

The gap between an Apprentice Warlock and an official Warlock was like a bottomless chasm. In the Turandot Subcontinent, no matter where an official level-1 Warlock went, they would receive enthusiastic offers of recruitment. So long as they joined a state, they could obtain the status of an aristocrat, which would be recognized in any other state.

It was very difficult to become an official level-1 Warlock. In the Black Cottage, only Bonney was an official level-1 Warlock, yet there were over 100 Apprentice Warlocks.

Once Allen became an official level-1 Warlock, his status would change dramatically. The other Apprentice Warlocks were naturally quite envious of him.

In their pursuit of strength, many Warlocks made deals with formidable beings, such as devils and fiends, from other planes. In order to get get strength, Bonney even transplanted a fiend bloodline.

If these Apprentice Warlocks had the power to make deals with fiends and devils, they would certainly do it in order to be able to promote to level-1 Warlocks, and gain strength and a long lifespan. Just handling a matter for Yang Feng could get you a chance to promote to an official level-1 Warlock, this left the other Apprentice Warlocks full of envy and jealousy towards Allen.

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