Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 24 – Fernandro Principalitys Decision

Chapter 23 – Strange Development

Translator: Xaiomoge

At nightfall, the Black City was under curfew.

There were squads of level-4 bladed robots patrolling in the streets.

No light was allowed to be ignited in the entire city, so darkness overtook the land, looking like a city of deathly stillness. Only the red electronic eyes of the bladed robots could be seen shuttling through the darkness, looking extremely terrifying.

The earth shook slightly as the sound of marching rang.

200 level-6 bladed robots, 50 level-7 shielded robots, 100 level-6 gunner robots, and 30 level-7 artillery robots formed a large squad and trod the streets of the Black City.

A silver vehicle slowly traveled amid the large squad.

An owl soundlessly flew out from a cottage, and its eyes flashed with a glint unique to intelligent life forms.

The owl had just flown out of the cottage, when a red light flashed in a battery, a pair of electronic eyes locked on the owl, and a 12.5 millimeter heavy machine gun extended from within the battery.

Accompanied by the sound of fabric being torn, red lights flickered, the owl in midair was torn to pieces, and numerous pieces of flesh scattered and fell to the ground.

A squad with 100 bladed robots rushed over from afar and quickly arrived before the cottage.

The leading bladed robot slashed at the door of the cottage and sliced the door into pieces, and then led the crowd to charge inside.

A small candle was lit behind the door, and dim light illuminated the interior of the room, making the things inside faintly discernible.

Within the room stood a handsome man and a beautiful woman. When they saw the bladed robots break in, their faces paled.

The young man asked timidly: “What are you doing, Sirs? Why did you break into our home?”

The bladed robots raised their alloy battle blades, then they blurred into motion and pounced at the young man and woman.

“Grease!!” The seemingly ordinary woman clenched her teeth, pointed at the leading bladed robot, and cast a level-0 spell.

The bladed robot slipped and tumbled to the floor.

Unaffected, the bladed robots in the rear stepped over the bladed robot that had fallen on the floor and continued with their attack.

The young man looked at the expressionless bladed robots and couldnt help but shout: “We surrender! We are spies as well as emissaries dispatched by the White Elephant Ivory. Please stop!! I wish to see Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye!”

In a flash, six alloy battle blades stopped just 1 centimeter from the young man.

10 alloy battle blades stopped at the neck of the beautiful woman, scaring her stiff. During the fight earlier that day, the both of them witnessed the ruthlessness of the bladed robots. No matter how the thugs who had seized the chance to pillage pleaded, the bladed robots ruthlessly killed them one by one. They didnt resemble humans at all.

A bladed robot spoke with a mechanical and synthesized voice, emotionless:

The two spies of the White Elephant Ivory relaxed a bit. Under the escort of the squad of bladed robots, they obediently headed towards the prison.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Following a string of gunshots, a mouse hiding in a corner was pulverized together with the nearby house.

After the mouse hiding in the dark corner was disposed of, the electronic eyes of a 5-meter-tall level-6 gunner robot equipped with four six-barrel Vulcan cannons and two 37 millimeter anti-aircraft cannons flashed with red light, and it lowered its six-barrel Vulcan cannons.

The means of Warlocks were varied and strange. Some Warlocks could easily control a variety of animals to act as their eyes and ears to carry out investigations.

Yang Feng knew too little about those means. The only thing he could do was to avoid everyone, to wipe out any animal or human that approached his true body.

Gunshots rang along the way Yang Feng passed through. Squads of level-4 gunner robots and level-4 bladed robots patrolled and wiped out mice, cockroaches, and other animals active in the area.

The vehicle stopped in front of the Warlock tower. 8-meter-tall shielded robots with shields glimmered with light, and a huge energy shield shrouded the entire area.

Yang Fengs true body alighted the silver vehicle and strode into the Warlock tower.

Shortly after, an elite squad formed from level-6 battle robots guarded the Warlock tower.

Accompanied by Robot Bonney, Yang Feng arrived at the altar at the bottom of the Warlock tower.

He gave the egg atop the altar a profound look and strode over. He took out a syringe, extracted his blood, and poured it on the egg.

The egg flashed with silk-like magical patterns and directly absorbed his blood, and then a timid spirit fluctuation came from the egg and very carefully made contact with Yang Feng.

He made himself comfortable on the floor next to the huge egg. He gently stroked the egg while Robot Bonney taught him the secret method that allowed him to empty his mind, and then transmit his spirit fluctuations.

After his spirit fluctuations and the spirit fluctuations of the being inside the egg intertwined, a joyous and wonderful feeling awakened inside the dark and lonely egg and firmly intertwined with his spirit. Yang Feng, who hadnt practiced cultivation until now, was overwhelmed, and he fainted.

“Shit! What the fuck? I still havent finished the arrangements!!” This thought welled up inside his mind before he lost consciousness.

The eyes of the deathly still Robot Bonney flashed with doubt characteristic of humans, and he spoke in a low voice:

3796s super computing chip suddenly took control over Robot Bonney.

3796 approached Yang Feng. Its right hand wiggled and turned into mechanical tentacles that covered his head.

3796 analysed, saying:

Mysterious fluctuations quickly spread towards Yang Fengs troops. The munitions factories began to work around the clock and crazily produce a variety of battle weapons. Apart from the necessary defenses, battle robots guarding other places were quickly transferred to the Black City to be on standby.

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