Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 24 – Fernandro Principalitys Decision

s traveled to theCore of Mechanics Plane in an attempt to kill the supposedly already very weak Acanthe. However, the formidable beings from other planes that went to that plane had become specimens hung in front of the mechanical gate. Over time, there were no formidable beings that would dare to venture to theCore of Mechanics Plane.

The mechanical legion of the 6th Warlock Dynasty was ferocious and formidable. If a single fighter class golem from the strongest mechanical legion of the 6th Warlock Dynasty were to venture to the Turandot Subcontinent, it would be able sweep across the entire subcontinent with impunity.

Archer said solemnly: “No need to panic. Even if he acquired the mechanical legion of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the mechanical legion already doesnt has much strength. According to our intelligence, the fighting strength of the golems is currently only at the Knight rank. Besides, most golems are of the melee type. They should be defective products. Otherwise, it wouldnt be so easy for him to get a hold of them. We can easily wipe them out so long as we deploy the Blood Bat Knights.”

“The Blood Bat Knights! If its them, then they should be able to crush those golems!”

“If there are only Knight rank golems, then theres nothing to worry about!”

“They are antiques from hundreds of thousands of years ago! They shouldt have much strength.”


The complexions of the ministers of the Fernandro Principality became slightly better as they consoled themselves. If they were to face the elite mechanical legion of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, which was capable of slaying fiends and gods, they would be powerless to resist. However, against defective products, they were confident in their ability to withstand it.

Archduke Fernandro spoke unhurriedly: “The Eye of Demonic Snake and the Fang of White Bear agreed to ally with us in order to exterminate Yang Ye. I need the councils authorization to mobilize 100,000 magic stones for military expenditure.”

Magic stones were energy crystals with mysterious power. The standard size of magic stones was approximately the size of the knuckle of an adults index finger. Magic stone was a treasure used in alchemy, pharmacology, and a variety of other fields. Magic stones were a unit of measurement in the world of Warlocks. The price of a magic stone was approximately 100 gold coins or 200,000 copper coins. 100,000 magic stones was equivalent to 10,000,000 gold coins or 20,000,000,000 copper coins. Archduke Fernandro required the authorization of the council to mobilize such a large sum.


“Your Majesty, I will do my best to pass this motion in the council!”


The ministers seconded the motion.

One day later, the council of the Fernandro Principality convened secretly and quickly passed the motion to transfer the 100,000 magic stones.

Three days later.

The Blood Dragon Mountains was a vast mountain range covered by boundless woods located 100 kilometers to the north of the capital of the Fernandro Principality. The Blood Dragon Mountains belonged entirely to the Fernandro Family. Apart from those who received approval of the Fernandro Family, anyone who entered the mountain range would be executed.

The Blood Dragon Mountains were very rich in natural resources. Every year, the Fernandro Family received great wealth from the mountain range.

Deep in the Blood Dragon Mountains, in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks hundreds of meters tall. The valley was covered with caves of different sizes. Occasionally, huge bats would fly out of the caves. The huge bats were dyed red as if covered in blood, and had 10-meter-long wingspans and sharp fangs.

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