Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 26 – Metal Storm

Chapter 25 – Blood Bat Knights

Translator: Xaiomoge

Soldiers with bare upper bodies, strange patterns painted on their bodies, and pears in hand rode the huge bats. The soldiers emitted formidable life fluctuations. The soldiers riding the huge bats were the strongest military force of the Fernandro Principality, the Blood Bat Knights.

The Blood Bat Knights were a 5,000-strong aerial troop. Each Blood Bat Knight was at least a Knight rank expert, and there were even many Great Knight and Earth Knight rank experts who were rarely seen in the world. The commander of the Blood Bat Knights Fernão was even a Sky Knight.

The Blood Bat Knights were an formidable aerial troop that even managed to besiege and kill lone official level-1 Warlocks many times. They were one of the pillars of support of the Fernandro Principality.

Inside the valley, on a huge rock sat cross-legged a 2-meter-tall, brawny man with stretched taut muscles, countless blade scars on his body, and cascading golden hair.

A skylark flew towards the brawny, blond man.

When the skylark approached, the brawny, blond man opened his eyes and extended his hand, allowing the skylark to land on his hand.

The skylark twittered: “Fernão, His Majesty Archduke has an order! He orders the Blood Bat Knights to prepare for battle immediately. Your target is the Steel Lord Yang Ye who occupied the Black City. The Eye of Demonic Snake and the Fang of White Bear will join you in the attack.”

Fernãos eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty radiance, and he licked his lips like a beast: “Another battle! My blood is starting to boil!”

Before long, an army formed of the huge blood bats flew out of the valley, nearly obscuring the sky.

The Black City, the Warlock tower. The third floor of the Warlock tower was remodeled into a command-center covered with screens, which flashed brightly and displayed different images.

While possessing Robot Bonney, 3796 stood silently as if a sculpture in the control-center. Its eyes flickered with numerous streams of data.

The screens displayed images of elite forces of the Fernandro Principality gathering from all over and marching towards the Black City in a flood of people.

3796s eyes flashed with red light as it analyzed:

If Yang Feng was the one in command, he would definitely dispatch the mechanical legion to exploit the period the forces of the Fernandro Principality took to assemble and destroy them one by one. He would even take the initiative to attack the capital of the Fernandro Principality. He would stall for time and consume the other partys forces.

One of the biggest advantages of his mechanical legion was that unless the wreckage of the mechanical legion was taken away from the battlefield, he could easily smelt the remains and produce new robots. In short, so long as there was enough energy, he could definitely wipe out the predominantly flesh and blood army of the Fernandro Principality.

However, even with his super computing power, 3796 could only choose to entrench the entire mechanical legion at the Black City due to Yang Feng being unconscious.

Time slowly went by and it was 10 days later.

On the altar in the basement of the Warlock tower, Yang Feng suddenly shivered and opened his eyes with difficulty.

There were IVs (intravenous infusion) inserted into his veins. Saline and glucose solutions as well as the most basic elixirs refined into the Healing Water elixir dripped through the IVs.

Yang Feng had yet to begin practice cultivation and tread the Warlock path, so his body still had the properties of an earthling waste. He would have already died were it not for the various elixirs intravenously administered on a daily basis.

“So dangerous! The things of Warlocks are so weird! Without a sturdy body, you truly cant afford to play with them. I almost didnt wake up.” Yang Feng shook his muddled head and thought with lingering fear.

After the possessed Robot Bonney finished speaking, its eyes emitted light rays, and huge screens formed midair.

The images of a huge army, which extended for dozens of kilometers, advancing towards the Black City were displayed on the huge screens. Above the huge army, there was a scalp-numbing flock of blood-colored giant bats.

While possessing Robot Bonney, 3796 said serenely:

Yang Feng couldnt help but say: “3796! Why have you allowed them to gather their forces? With the mobility of the mechanical legion, its possible to get rid of them before their forces assemble. Counterattacking and sending the mechanical legion to threaten their capital would also do!”

Fully charged, the level-4 bladed robots of the mechanical legion were capable of combat within a 200-kilometer-radius. However, if they carried replaceable high-energy batteries, they could continuously expand their radius of combat. With the mobility of the level-4 bladed robots, they could have gotten rid of the human troops before they assembled.

If it was up to Yang Feng, he would have used the mechanical legion to easily handle the army whose mobility, except fort the Warlocks, was at the level of medieval times.

3796 said:

“Of course we fight! Go get rid of them!” A cold glint flashed past his eyes, and he quickly ascertained the positions of the mechanical legion and issued a string of orders.

Forming a mechanical flood, the mechanical legion that had pulled back into the Black City immediately marched out of the city and went to intercept the Fernandro Principalitys army.

A huge magic carpet 100 meters in diameter flew above the army of the Fernandro Principality. Atop the magic carpet stood the three level-2 Warlocks.

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