Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 4 – Battle Robots

level-7. Requires an airplane-runway to take off.>


Yang Feng looked at the information regarding the different types of weapons, then frowned slightly and said solemnly: “The highest is only level-7, isnt it too weak? There are no higher level weapons?”

Ever since he received the inheritance, he saw a lot of terrifying weapons with power far beyond that of trivial level-7 robots.

“A fortified stronghold?” Yang Feng willed it and looked down at the bottom.

“Fuck!” Yang Feng cursed in a low voice.

10,000 tons of steel required 20,000 to 30,000 tons of iron ore. 1 ton of iron ore costed about 2 gold coins. Therefore, 30,000 tons of iron ore was equivalent to 60,000 gold coins. If purchased under normal circumstances, then even a centurys worth of the Autumn Leaf Towns income wouldnt be enough.

As for energy, the solar umbrellas could absorb 0.01 kun of energy per day. At present, 2,000 solar umbrellas could only absorb 20 kun of energy per day. At the current rate, it would require 50,000 days to collect the energy necessary for a mobile fortified stronghold. As for dimensional crystals, he hadnt even heard of it before.

He contemplated for a moment before saying: “First produce a batch of simplified versions of the bladed robots, gunner robots, and artillery robots for me to employ.”

3796 asked doubtfully:

Yang Feng put forward his improvement requirements that cut down on various aspects: “My current enemies are only medieval people without guns. The bladed robots only need to be able to kill Knights with their blades. The gunner robots can employ 12.5 millimeter heavy machine guns, the artillery robots only need to be equipped with a 120 millimeter heavy artillery, and the combat radius can be reduced to within 200 kilometers. Theres no need for such large frames, human-sized frames will do it. If possible, equip them with human-like skin and make them look like humans.”

According to Yang Fengs requirements, 3796 made some adjustments and modifications, and quickly designed battle robots that met Yang Fengs requirements.

Satisfied, Yang Feng placed a large order: “First make one of each to protect me, and then make 100 of each.”

3796 responded:

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