Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 5 – Black Wind Bandits

colored amethyst fruit, star field embryo membrane, using these treasures, youll directly promote to a level-10 powerhouse. By then, a trifling Knight can be easily killed with a slap. Furthermore, your cultivation aptitude will be upgraded. As for the xizu, they virtually had no cultivation methods. They were soul forms that fully merged with robots. They were immortal. As long as they had an immortal robot under their control, they would never truly die.>

3796s eyes flashed with red light and it advised.

Yang Feng laughed, saying: “Ha-ha, well talk about that later! I have no intentions of becoming a robot, for now at least.”

He got a goose that laid golden eggs, aka 3796. He had yet to enjoy the benefits of this goose. He was unwilling to become a robot, at least not until he was forced to.

Yang Feng had a bad premonition, saying: “Star river golden flower, true sun water, seven-colored amethyst fruit, star field embryo membrane, can you produce these treasures?”

“A level-7 mobile fortified stronghold!” Yang Feng was speechless.

The requirement in terms of materials and their preciousness for every consecutive level of the mobile fortified stronghold increased geometrically. Yang Feng had never even heard about many of these materials. There was no telling how long it would take him to build a level-7 mobile fortified stronghold.

He said: “One step at a time! First make me a level-5 liquid metal robot. Lower its weight as much as possible and augment the thickness of its armor after transformation!”

“The liquid metal robot first!”


Outside the Autumn Leaf Town, there was a wide expanse of very fertile, black soil.

Many emaciated, dirty peasants, as if ants, laboriously worked underneath the sunshine.

Forming a beautiful scenery, dazzling rice crops waved in the wind.

Suddenly, the sound of horseshoes came from afar. When the peasants who worked the fields looked up, they saw a fully armed cavalry cloaked in black galloping their way.

“The Black Wind Bandits! Theyre the Black Wind Bandits!!”

“The Black Wind Bandits!”


Alarmed voices rang in the area. With appalled expressions, the peasants abandoned everything and scrambled to flee.

The cavalrymen cloaked in black, with sinister smiles on their faces, rushed towards the Autumn Leaf Town alike sharp arrows shot from a bowstring.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

A resonant alarm reverberated in the Autumn Leaf Town. Alarmed, the Autumn Leaf Town people hid in their homes and grabbed weapons, shivering.

“Close the gate! Close the gate immediately! Hurry up, fools! For your own sake, quickly close the gate!” At the Autumn Leaf Castles gate, an officer with a pale face directed the guards to close the castles gate.

Under the officers scolding and cursing, the castle gate finally started to close.

“Master, its bad! The Black Wind Bandits are here! The Black Wind Bandits are here!!” With a pale and frightened expression, the butler Liu stormed into the castles garden and shouted towards Yang Feng.

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