Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 6 – Knight Rank Powerhouse

Warrior. Moreover, if pitted against anyone of those junior Warriors who went through numerous life-and-death battles, even the strongest person in the Autumn Leaf Town, Zhao En, might not necessarily be able to kill them.

Over 100 Black Wind Bandits, as if a whirlwind, quickly arrived before the Autumn Leaf Castle.

Covered in a black heavy armor, Barry dismounted his mount with ease and, through the visor of his helmet, looked coldly at the Autumn Leaf Castle.

The over 100 Black Wind Bandits dismounted their mounts skillfully, took their places behind Barry, and looked at the Autumn Leaf Castle with ridicule.

Without any nonsense, Barry drew an enormous sword from his back and strode towards the Autumn Leaf Castle.

The more than 100 Black Wind Bandits followed Barry and charged towards the Autumn Leaf Castle.

“Release the arrows!! Release the arrows!! Shoot him! Shoot Barry!!” Zhao En looked pale as he shouted.

The 10 archers desperately fired at Barry from atop the city wall.

Shortly after, ten arrows shot at Barry alike raindrops.

The 10 archers obviously werent well trained as nine of the ten arrows missed. Only one arrow hit Barry in the shoulder, and then ricocheted.

Unaffected, Barry proceeded towards the Autumn Leaf Castle like a terrifying tank.

When they saw this, the guards atop the city wall had their courage and moral plummet. The second volley of arrows didnt even brush against Barry.

“Amazing! Thats a heavy-armored Knight for you, amazing indeed!” When Yang Feng saw Barry charge amid the rain of arrows in an unrestrained fashion, his eyes flashed with admiration.

Within a few breaths of time, Barry arrived at the bottom of the Autumn Leaf Castles city wall. He erupted with a shocking aura and, with a vigorous step, jumped up, then landed atop the 6-meter-tall Autumn Leaf Castles city wall, slashed down with his sword, and chopped a guard in twine, scattering blood and viscera all over.

The guards atop the Autumn Leaf Castles city wall had never experienced a bloody battle. Seeing this terrifying scene, their morale crumbled and they scattered.

“Barry! Barry!!”

“Barry! Barry!”


At the bottom of the city wall, the Black Wind Bandits raised their weapons and burst into feverish and excited cheers.

Barry swept the Autumn Leaf Towns guards with a cold glance, then dropped down ropes from atop the city wall with a wave of his hand.

The Black Wind Bandits at the bottom grabbed the ropes and swiftly climbed up.

The legs of the butler Liu trembled. He looked at the death-god-like Barry and said in a shaky voice: “Master, we should escape!!”

“No matter how high his martial prowess are, he can be felled with a shot! A mere Knight doesnt count for much in front of a firearm!” Yang Feng sneered, pulled out a 9 millimeter pistol from his waist, aimed at Barry, and pulled the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The unbridled Barry was shot six times. Hit by the 9 millimeter bullets, Barrys heavy armor was ran through, and six bloody holes appeared on his body, and blood gushed out.

“You injured me!! Fucking yellow-skinned son of a bitch! How dare you injure the mighty Knight Barry! Ill crush your bones inch by inch, mince you, and feed you to the dogs!” Barry was shot six times, yet his eyes turned bloodshot and flashed with a savage glint. With a furious roar, a terrifying power erupted from his body, and the six bloody bullets were ejected.

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