gorized as monsters and beasts. Or perhaps these legends are in fact supposed to be ability classes or tamed beasts of Transfers.

Another batch of humanoid crawlers, twin-headed centipedes, and bone throwing little monsters approach him. Instead of panicking, he stomps at the ground and goes for the multiple kill with his activated.

After half an hour of doing this routine all around the lake, a System notification appears over his right shoulder.

[ System Message: You have leveled up! ]

[ Level: 25 ]

[ New Skill (Passive) acquired! ]

He quickly navigates through his system interface using his consciousness. His Stats have definitely gone up. Additionally, a new passive skill has been unlocked.

[ Passive Skill unlocked! ]

[ Description: Recovers 2 HP per second when is active; removes all debuffs ]

He then switches to the Missions Tab. Aside from training Vi to level ten and surviving the night at the northern forest which he accepted, the mission to consume the beast of the lake still prompts for his decision.

[ ACCEPT? Yes | No ]

He realizes two additional problems he currently faces. His system interface lacks a navigational map and a clock or calendar. If not for the sharp senses and natural great retention of his vampire ability class, he would have noticed this problem earlier. Without the need for sleep and his sole time reference being the countdown for his six-month tenure in Esprit, he also forgot to consider the time of the day.

Having no navigational map will pose a great deal of problems when he sets out to travel further around Esprit. The importance of knowing the time of the day is equally important in that it may significantly affect his daily goals.

A horde of bone-throwing monsters surrounds him. One among the hundred is significantly bigger and has a necklace made of human skulls. It bears no bone lance, but its large eye is definitely enraged and fixed to his direction. With a deep grumbling, it commands a strategic attack of multiple troops. Some approach his front at a very fast pace while some proceed to his side in a slower tempo. The rear and remaining outermost troops remain still but with their lance on offensive standby. The leader then growls and throws around ten more little monsters above Keen to avoid his possible air maneuver.

”Isn this kind of an overkill? ” he takes a deep breath. ”Well then — ”

A large explosion occurs in the area where he left Vi. Hi eyes flare and his breath produces steam while fangs protrude between his lips. With the horde having no time to process what happened, every one of them starts disintegrating into pixels after having been pierced by .

Keen is gone from the scene, leaving only one hundred cores and a lot of item loots as the only trace of the one-sided encounter.

When Keen arrives at the acacias vicinity, he sees Elise and Jerud fighting a horde of fifty level 15 Humanoid Crawlers encircling the tree. A third person stands at the top of the tree, as if floating. It is a man in a bluish armor with a right pauldron having protrusions resembling the visual representation of the suns rays. His reddish hair is delicately combed to the right and his face bares no emotion. His weapon of choice is the golden sword-and-shield combination.

Elise recognizes Keens arrival. However, there is no time to interrogate him yet about leaving Vi alone in the middle of Northern Forest as five more crawlers leap to her direction.

Jerud intervenes, dissolving two enemies in a single jab of his flaming fist. Elise gives him an agility buff so he is able to deal with the three others, using a martial art that resembles Muay Thai.

Keen appears before the two with hands in his side pockets, arriving like a ghost whilst landing on a tiptoed foot at first before the other foot touches the ground on its soles. Once again, his face and especially his fangs are hidden.

”Thats a fancy entrance ya got ere! ” Jerud looks over his shoulders to see him, grinning while three humanoid crawlers disintegrate into pixels in front of him. He has a green aura which is Elises , a buff skill that increases his evasion and agility.

”Why did you leave her alone? ” Elise frowns at him. However, a drop of sweat suddenly accumulates on her chin upon realizing that the man before her has become even stronger. She cannot see his level. But with her elf ability classs sensitive link with nature, a chill being sent by Keens presence feel more than the sum of the monsters before them.

Even the man on full armor atop the acacia tree shifts his gaze towards the man in blood-red hooded long coat.

”She was safe on the trees caving until you arrived. ” Keen heads towards the tree. He can see a silhouette of Vi peeping out of the caving upon seeing his return. ”The tree has a monster aversion enchantment. ”

Elises eyes widen in surprise. She can easily see the characteristics of trees and other forms of nature because of her ability class. However, Keen has an assassin-type ability class that doesn possess such skill. But that can wait. He is about to enter the range of the barrier that Sir Isidore put up ten meters from the tree in all directions. It prohibits all kinds of passage, even Transfers or skills. His HP will be siphoned relentlessly if he tries to overcome the barrier.

”Wait, dude. Thats not a good idea — ” Jerud takes two heavy steps and pummels three humanoid crawlers to the ground.

Effortlessly, Keen passes through what is supposedly a strong invisible barrier that will prohibit even them from entering. Sir Isidore shows a suddenly overwhelmed facial expression that almost makes Keen chuckle.

”Jump six feet above the ground if you want to live. ” Keen says in a calm voice before vanishing. A few seconds later, he heads out of the caving with Vi behind him.

With a single nod from him, Elise casts a levitation spell for herself and Jerud. The humanoid crawlers try to jump at their feet, but a single wave of unknown dark aura flashes over the horde and instantly disintegrates them. All thirty five cores and item loots drop to the ground at the same time.

”Is it really true that it is that mans first day on Esprit? ” Sir Isidores eyes narrow on Keens direction, his grip tightening on the golden sword.

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