ng all your memory fragments. ”

The situation becomes even more complicated as more information is given. Answers lead to even more questions.

Without even seeing his face, Keen understands the slight excitement from the Adjudicators voice.

”How, you ask? Monsters and beasts contain human memory fragments called Release. By killing them, the memory is automatically awarded to you, whether its yours or not. You wouldn even know its not yours. ” The man finally breaks into a chuckle.

The Adjudicator seems to predict his next question, or perhaps owing to the psychological suggestion of the conversation. With a pair of yellow orbs as eyes, the robed man stares into Keens.

”An ability class is awarded at the moment you enter Esprit. You can think of it as a bargain for the memory we get from your login. Your ability class is displayed under your character feature.

Keen quickly summons back his Menu and opens the first feature in the list.

Name: Keen Calisto

Ability class : VAMPIRE (Rogue mythical-type)


Weapon (Left) : None

Weapon (Right): None

Head: None

Ear: None

Neck: None

Body: None

Shoulder: None

Elbow: None

Arm: None

Hand: None

Hips: None

Thigh: None

Knees: None

Legs: None

Feet: None

A vampire? Keen switches to the next feature: Stats

Level: 1

HP: 200

MP: 100

Memory: 500 / ????

Exp: 0 / 100

Agility: 300

Strength: 120

Intelligence: 400

Magic Affinity: 0

Charisma: 200

Luck: 100

Instinct: 360

”Now this really is a VR game. And a MMORPG, I think. ” Keens lips start to curve upward. ”The memory loss about gaining knowledge in this kind of technology must be a side-effect. I haven even heard about technology of this caliber in the news. I can even feel the faint brushing of a breeze against my skin. ”

Keen browses over the other features in his interface as the Adjudicator continues his speech. Only two skills are currently unlocked in his Skills Page: a passive skill called and an active skill named .

is automatically set as long as his opponent cannot see him with bare eyes, while allows him to devour the enemys life, along with their knowledge and memories.

The last phrase of the description catches Keens second glance: devour the enemys life, along with their knowledge and memories.

The Adjudicator is just mentioning something about the memories a person has upon first entering Esprit being completely gone into he system within six months.

”You mean that aside from the login requirement you took from me upon entering this game, my remaining memories also fade away within six months? ” Keens emotion shrinks back to concern.

”I assure you, your memories are indeed fading in real life. ” Burnoose Guy looks toward the direction of his hourglass. ”We conduct extraction at random intervals, but it happens once a day. I hope everything is clear to you now. After this welcoming, your six months in Esprit will officially begin. Have fun with nirvana, Mr. Keen Calisto. ”

Right after his statement, without entertaining other questions, the Adjudicators hourglass starts counting down.




At that moment, Keens first mission also appears…

[ Mission 1: Consume the Adjudicator ]

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