p>His mere presence seems to suddenly emanate shockwaves of dominance over the other fighters as they stop in a daze. Even the mage who conjured the familiars earlier has stopped his incantations, dispelling the mist.

Keen takes a step forward as the archers arrow approach, which he doesn even bother to dodge. His hooded long coat is now like a compressed scarlet smoke. The arrow simply goes through his body and continues to the assassins direction, hitting the right leg. Instead of an intelligible response to pain, the assassin only grunts like a wounded animal.

”Please, ” the woman he is trying to save stretches an arm towards him, as if trying to reach out. A tall, muscular man dressed as a clown is grabbing her by the waist with a single arm. His other arm is clenching a fist while compressing something really hot, like lava. He is almost twice as tall as the others.

”Save yourself, ” the woman tries to open a bruised eye. Her breathing is too feeble. ”They
e Insane. Theyve lost all their original memories. You can reason with them. ”

Her statement catches Keens attention. Her neck cuff doubles his interest. Shes a Transfer, too. And she seem to know a lot about Esprit than I do.

”Don give up, ” he prepares on both hands while his eyes still glowed sinister red. ”Ill save you. ”

Keen doesn remember being so engaged in saving other peoples lives. He is also in a rush to collect his missing memories before the time limit ends in six months. Even so, this woman catches his interest.

According to Adjudicator Juns memories, time inside Esprit is the same as the time in the real world. Obviously, he shouldn be gone from home for too long. His parents would be worried.

He would also be —

He? Who is that he? Keens mind experiences a short moment of bizarre pain.

Seeing the small moment being out of focus, the clown guy drops the woman and leaps to his direction, grumbling as his lava fist prepares to pummel Keens face. The spear wielders also regain their composure and charges at him as well. The other long range fighters stand by to support.

Keen then smashes the ground with a monstrous punch, creating a five-meter wide crater and causing a great deal of rock debris and dust in the air to hide his presence. His activates again and he takes this opportunity to run towards the woman and secure her from being held hostage. He is by her side in just half a second.

He sees her bruised eye and battered body. Her plain yellow shirt is torn halfway in the midsection, which she tries to hide with her feeble arms. The black, frilly, knee-length skirt she wears is so far undamaged. Upon closely looking, the cinnamon rose color of her hair catches him in surprise. But he realizes the incoming attack.

A male crossbow wielder with a scar in his left cheek and the blonde female archer with long ears shoot a barrage of attacks that resemble the rain. The arrows are just too many!

Keen uses his high agility to dodge most of the attacks. Those he cannot dodge, he strikes with his on one hand as he takes a hold of the helpless woman with the other.

Her lips open, but no sound comes out.

The clown guy and the two spear wielders head back towards him while the mage starts whispering incantations. A melee fighter with an axe and wearing no upper garment starts to charge towards him like a mad beast.

Keen takes a deep breath. He retracts his and smashes the ground once again, making the dust mist activate .

Within a second, Keen and the wounded woman are gone from the vicinity.

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