is long coat.

”Your ability class is an elf, am I correct? ”

”Yes. Its not uncommon in Esprit. However, only a few can actually maximize its potential. ” While she pauses momentarily, Jerud slams the door open. Elise almost jumps from her seat in surprise.

”Heya there, everyone. The medical experts are finally here, ” he announces, lifting a thumb up towards Elise while grinning. ”The doctor Vulgrim, herbalist Zeke and healer Arom are here as I promised. ”

Three people come out behind him. The first one is a real-looking doctor. His square framed eyeglasses, almost bald hair, and white lab gown is the image Keen would instantly think of when the word doctor comes to mind. Right after him is a brown haired boy with big circular eyeglasses, leather clothing and carrying a bag about half his size. At last is a tall, green-haired man with pale skin and wearing a jewel-embroidered, blue wizard robe whilst carrying a pen-shaped wand.

Elise is just about to tell them something when Blue Robe Guy rushes forward and starts enchanting a spell to the unconscious woman. ”You are a careless party. It seems like you don even have a healer in your group for her to have this much physical injuries until now. ” His voice has a hint of annoyance.

”We are not a party, ” Keen replies firmly.

”Oh, ” the doctor brushes his chin. ”Curious. It is more than rare to have someone help a complete stranger here in Esprit. ”

”Are you…perhaps new here? ” Big Bag Guy stutters.

”Ive finished catering to her internal injuries. You go deal with the external ones, Doc Vulgrim. ” Blue Robe Guy taps the white-clad mans shoulder.

”Sure will, Arom. ” The old man goes beside his patient. He then takes out a needle with a string that is almost invisible to the naked eye. With a swift motion, he goes over the bruises and lacerations. Right after, the womans skin was smooth again like it didn encounter any damage earlier.

”Im Vulgrim, anyway. I was a real doctor before entering Esprit, so people here are fond of calling me Doc. ” He taps Keens left shoulder, then laughs weakly. ”Take care of your comrade. Her beauty is a great loss if you keep her at the front line. ”

The third guy, supposedly the herbalist Zeke, walks erratically towards the unconscious woman on the bed. Elise is standing beside him with an amazed expression in her face. Suddenly, Zekes eyes glow in a purple shade and start scanning his patient. Afterward, he conjures a potion flask from thin air and hands it to Keen.

”Make her drink this when wounded in your next monster hunt. It should recover some of her HP and MP. ” There is a sudden air of confidence in him.

”As I said, shes — ” Keen is cut short when he sees Jerud land a punch on Aroms chest. The healer suddenly disappears! Elise doesn seem to be surprised by the event.

Jerud does the same to Doctor Vulgrim and the herbalist Zeke.

”Thats some weird teleportation skill, right? ” Elise answers Keens curiosity.

”Its pretty hard, actually. ” Jerud laughs humbly. ”I need to punch the person in the manubrium of his ribs with a certain amount of force for this skill to work. Its called , which returns the target to where he was half an hour ago. It is a difficult skill to execute so its a good practice of my concentration in preparation for monster hunt. ”

”There he goes bragging again, ” Elise teases. Jerud blushes. ”Doc, Zeke and Sir Arom are busybodies so I thank you for having the courage to ask them to come here all at once. ”

”Anyway, I need to go now. I still have to train before I go on a quest with my team later. ” Jerud rushes outside and closes the glass door behind him.

After a moment of silence, Elise inquires again. ”So, mister nice guy. Why did you save the girl if she isn part of your party? ”

”I don know. ” Keen answers matter-of-factly. ”I don even know why Im here wasting my time when I still have to collect Release and gather my missing memories. ”

Just as Elise is trying to say more to Keen, the unconscious woman twitches a finger feebly and begins to open her eyes.

”Where…am I? ” her lips are still pale.

”In the infirmary of Guild Hall. ” Elise presses her hand firmly. ”Thank goodness you are awake now. Are you hungry? Ill get some refreshments. ”

The braided blondie heads out without saying a word to Keen.

The feeble woman turns her head in his direction. ”Thank you…for saving me. Im Vi. ”

”Keen. ” He answers briefly.

”You are strong. You were able to save me from that large group of Insane. ” She tries to reach his hand but fails due to loss of strength. ”Were you hurt? ”

”No. But I wasn able to defeat them. I only fled. ” He grits his teeth upon recognizing he is still far too weak and thinking whether he can survive Esprit alone.

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