Three months ago.

Murder. Its such a heavy word, isn it? Many gasp in horror at the mere thought of taking a life. But in the end, all have killed. Whether it was an ant or a rat.

And humans. Killing humans is taboo. But for people like me, it is the same as squishing a bug.

I stepped into my room, holding new bedsheets. But rather than an empty room, I found something else inside. A girl was bent over the bed, in which she spread all my jewellery out. She was holding something in her other hand, but I couldn see it.

She picked a silver hairpin and said, ”Ill take this! ”

This… This stupid… So this is where my missing jewellery went.

I dropped the blanket and the girl, Lily, stared at me, her eyes wide open. ”M-Miss Allen. Why are you here? ”

”I should ask you that question. ” I stalked towards her, but she backed away from me and hit the wall.

I banged my hand on the wall next to her neck. The sound resonated throughout the room. ”What did you do with all of my jewellery? ”

The blood drained from her face, and she began crying. ”I have done nothing! Honest! ”

”Don lie to me. ”

She cried harder. ”Why would I ever lie to you? I swear! ”

I took the hairpin from her hand and traced her face with the sharp end and whispered, ”Why did you steal? ”

”I… I am in a relationship with a rich man… ” she sobbed. ”I wanted to look my best when I met him, and… and everyone knows you have the prettiest jewellery. ”

”And? ”

”But you won give it. So I… ”

”So you know I hate other people having my possessions. Then why in the world would you provoke me by stealing it? ” My voice went dangerously low.

”I didn … ”

”You did. ” I placed the hairpin against her chest, cutting off a small portion of her blouse.

She screamed and grabbed onto my arm. ”Please don kill me! ” Her eyes looked into mine. ”I don know what Ive done wrong… But please don hurt me. ”

A clang echoed through the room. I looked down and found a locket. It resembled a globe, and inside it was a golden ring. It was a simple band with unknown greenstone that resembled my eyes.

My eyes widened, and I felt pounding in my ears. ”You dared to take my locket?! ” I roared.

Lily trembled, trying to calm herself down. ”… Im sorry! I swear! I thought no one would know about that! ”

I clenched my fists so hard they turned white. ”You… you
e such a fool. ”

She nodded rapidly. ”Y… yes! Yes, I am! Thats why I stole everything. You wouldn want to kill an idiot, will you? ”

I twisted the pin in my hand and stabbed it through the heart of my target. ”No… ”

Her eyes widened as blood poured out of her body. ”What… What did you do?! ”

I took out the hairpin and stabbed it in her throat. She couldn even scream before she went limp. Blood spurted everywhere.

A clean death. This is why you mustn provoke me.

I tore pieces of her dress and tied them over her wounds, stopping the blood. I wiped my face and rubbed the blood off my clothes.

Sighing, I carried her on my back. I was too impulsive. Now I can afford any distractions.

I peeked outside the room. There was no one in sight. Everyone would be busy as its still afternoon. I walked along the hallway and stopped in front of the wall in the corner. I traced my hand on the walls. Finally, I found a loose brick. I pressed it and the wall slid, revealing a dark pathway. Stepping inside, I took a deep breath and looked behind me. There was no one.

The darkness surrounded me. There were no lights and no sound apart from my breathing. The tunnel was small but it was enough for my small frame. Although I did have some difficulties since I was carrying the body. I walked further forward feeling a stone under each footstep, my elbows lightly scraping the walls.

I will never get used to this place.

Based on the memory I had of the interior of the mansion, I navigated through the tunnels. And soon I reached the dead end. There was a leaver on that side of the wall. I reached out and pushed it open. The metal creaked loudly.

Once the light came in, I took a better look. I looked at a luxurious pink room. On the bed slept a young woman, oblivious to her surroundings. Her lips were parted slightly. From the looks of things, she was sleeping very well.

Im fortunate. The young lady sleeps like the dead.

The wall closed behind me and I left the room and headed down a winding staircase. I passed by a maid.

She did not look very surprised at the body on my back. After all, this was a common occurrence.

”Who is it now? ” She asked.

”Lily. ”

The maid raised her eyebrows. ”That one who was killed? ”

I nodded.

”Do you want me to dispose of her, Miss Allen? ” She inquired.

I shook my head. ”Can you? Im afraid I have work to attend to. ”

”Its no problem. We all know you work hard. ” Her expression softened.

I gave a tight smile. ”Thank you. ”

I passed the corpse to her and kept going down the stairs. Making my way to the servants quarters, I went to my room.

I picked up the blankets off the floor, put all the jewellery inside the box and remade my bed. I picked up the locket from the ground and wore it around my neck, hiding it beneath my uniform. Finding a dirty cloth, I began scrubbing the blood off the walls and the floor. When I finished cleaning all the stains, I put the box in the bottom drawer of my desk.

I lay on the bed once I was done. My back hurt due to bending too much. I sighed and rolled over my face on the bed.

My eyelids drooped low. I shook my head to get rid of the sleep, got up in a hurry and tripped and fell onto the floor.


I winced and stood up. Heading for the kitchen, I stepped outside. Servants hurried about, preparing their masters snacks for tea time. I walked by them, and they didn seem fazed by my presence. They must be used to me doing this, after all.

I made my way to the kitchen. The smell of food filled my nostrils and my stomach grumbled angrily. The cooks were currently occupied with cooking some kind of seafood dish.

The young lady will be happy during dinner.

”Oh, Myra. ” The head cook called out. ”The snacks for young lady are ready, you can take it up. ”

”Thank you. ” I picked up the tray and took off and made my way to the Young Ladys room.

A figure stood in front of the door, observing the area.

”Hey, I didn see you earlier, ” I called out, reaching the door.

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