Mercy? Nae Macabre


”I didn see you here a while ago, ” I greeted the young ladys butler.

”I had to take care of something, ” Louis said, avoiding my gaze.


I observed him. He was dressed as usual in his butler garbs but… the white fluid near his crotch was noticeable against the black.

Is that what I think it is? How disgusting. To do that during work hours. Tch. But wait, he is not in a relationship with any of the staff. So what caused this? The other maids? No, he sees us daily.

I looked towards the closed doors of the young ladys room.

Don tell me… How despicable. She is but sixteen, almost a decade younger. Then again, as a sinner myself, I do not get to judge others.

A bell rang, bringing me out of my thoughts. I flashed Louis a tight smile and opened the door carefully. I stepped in and closed the door behind me.

The young lady stood in front of the mirror. The reflection revealed a frown on her face. Her wild hair bounced as she turned around. ”Myra! My hair! ”

”Yes, milady. But first I have brought some refreshments. ” I set down the tray on the table and gently held the lady, guiding her to the table.

She picked up the teacup and began sipping, humming a little tune I have never heard before.

What am I going to do about this situation? She was anything but elegant. It was certainly worrisome since the season will begin soon.

She set down her cup with a clang and turned to look at me. ”My hair. ”

”Yes, milady. ” I went to the dressing table and took out her favourite hairbrush. It was made of wood, decorated with carvings of flowers and butterflies. The handle was sharpened and stained red with dried blood.

Charlotte was already seated in the front of the mirror. I stepped behind her and began brushing her hair.

After several minutes passed in silence, the lady sighed.

”Myra, I will need you to brush my hair as soon as I wake. Do not delay. I do not want another incident like last week. ”

”Of course, milady. ”

But was it not in your favour? The gentleman looked quite interested after the incident. But if the same thing repeats the gentleman might believe it was intentional. Since when was the young lady so smart?

I set the brush back on the dressing table and stepped back, hand folded in front of me politely.

The young lady glanced back at me. ”You may leave now. ”

”As you wish, milady. ”

I bowed slightly, gathered the used utensils and took my leave of the room. Louis was still standing outside. I glanced at him, ”Its better if you wipe the stain off your trousers. ”

I walked away without waiting for his reaction. Once I was in the corridor, the first thought that crossed my mind was, What an interesting day it has been…


Darkness engulfed my vision. All I could hear was silence and faint footsteps. My senses became alert as I tried my best to keep quiet. I tried to move my hands but they were tied by a chain. I tried stretching my arms but I felt nothing. A chill travelled through my body. Why is it getting colder than ever?

Chains jiggled and there was a loud crash behind me, followed by a moan I tried to spin around but failed. I listened, my ears perked up.

The footsteps were now louder. A door creaked open and then shut tightly. Wherever I was, there seemed to be some kind of space between two walls.

”You wench! ” A male voice cried out.

Angry footsteps sounded and a slap echoed through the room. A loud cry followed along with a scream.

”Please… ” The voice pleaded, broken and pained. Another slap.Another moan.

Chains jiggled once again. I shut my eyes, pretending to be unconscious. Something it the floor.

What is that?

Horror coursed through my veins. Its a whip. A cruel whip. A whip meant to hurt or even kill.

I shuddered.

The sound of leather hitting flesh reverberated through the room, accompanied by blood-curdling screams.

”Stop it! ” Another cry.

More slapping and groans. More pleading. Then silence.

Silence. I waited patiently.

Finally, I dared to crack one eye open. The room was dark. Not pitch black, just dark enough to make out objects.

My eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness. Everything seemed calm.

A hand grabbed my shoulder making my heart leap out of my chest.

The hand moved up to my chin and forces me to turn left. I vaguely saw a silhouette of a fat man holding a whip. Beyond him, on a chain similar to mine, hung a teenage girl. Her clothes were torn and bloody, revealing her bare skin. Her lips were bleeding heavily, leaving trails behind. Tears were flowing from the corner of her eyes as her face contorted from pain.

I swallowed my saliva.

e awake. ” The man smiled coldly, releasing his grip.

”Miss Allen! Myra! ”


I opened my eyes and blinked, adjusting to the bright light.

”Oh good, you are awake. Hurry along, we have to go to the dining hall! ”A middle-aged woman wearing a maid uniform appeared beside me.

Dining hall? Who is she?

It came back to me.

Ah, Mrs Smith. The head cook. Need to serve dinner.

”Sorry, Mrs Smith. ”

I quickly fixed my appearance and ran outside until I found the line of maids. I joined the line and walked with my hands folded in front of me. My heart was beating fast and my breath was shallow. It did not calm down until we reached the large doors of the dining hall.

Once inside, we set the table and after we were done, we retreated until our backs hit the wall.

Soon our masters arrived and entered the room, taking their seats. The head cook served them some steaming hot tea.

I lifted my head and looked at them. At the head of the table was Marquess Edenshire, an old man with a stern face. The seat on his left was empty, reserved for the young master who was currently attending the University of Oxford. On his right was the Marchioness followed by the young lady.

”Lets pray, ” the marquess announced.

The three made a cross sign and folded their hands, bowing they began,

”Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen. ”

Amen, the servants echoed.

”Let us begin our meal. ”

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