POV—–> Azur [AHZER]

”Y-You tricked me! You wretched worm! ”

The one who exclaimed in this manner was a deity.

A deity unlike every other.

It can be said that he was responsible for all creation but he was the only one that had the strength to assume a throne at the threshold.

”I did tell you my info wasn as good as you thought, anyway thank you for holding up your end, I shall take my leave now. ”

I was initially knelt before his throne in a royally designed large throne room, but after my address I stood and began to take my leave.

”This bastard!! Kill him! ”

The deity exclaimed at the top of his voice.

There were other beings present, they were stunning transcendent angels of pure light.

Currently just two were present, the one responsible for dragging me here; Metatron and his colleague, Michael.

They both sported four bright wings and after the Deitys command they began to approach me.

At the discomfort and dismay I felt, I protested.

”I didn even ask to be here! You insisted that I come here. ”

Metatron, who was the one to pull me by the collar and drag me here then retaliated.

”You claimed that you had a reason for your quick improvements! ”

”Well I guess I do have a reason now! ”

As I said this a bright ambient light shone from my shoulder blades and two poles of bright energy burst through.

These later went ahead to form crimson looking wings which I attempted to use to escape.

Unfortunately, I was just too slow.

Metatron vanished from his position and appeared just above me with his fists clasped together and then he painfully walloped me back to the ground forcefully.

”You made the Great Divinity hand you all the information in existence, don you see how wrong that is!? Im the only one that is too have such a thing. ” Metatron said as he descended.

Michael leapt high off the ground and slammed himself into my back with his feet.

My entire ribcage felt like grains of sand and I felt as though all my organs were squished.

”We can retrieve the ability from you, but we can do this much. ”

Michael grabbed unto my right crimson energy wing and began to pull it out.

It was painful even though it wasn even a part of my body.

It sounded stupid that someone that could give people all the knowledge in the universe would be looking for information on supreme power growth.

Yes, indeed it was.

But, all the knowledge in the universe would be quite hard to sort through, even with infinite lives.

So, this information they thought I supposedly knew was something that could be exchanged for all this knowledge.

… And the best part was that he didn have this Infinite Knowledge accessible to him, he could only gift it upon a few, and I conned myself into being the second.

Despite this deity already being the most powerful being in existence he still needed more, he was insatiable.

Michael finally ripped my left wing off, with it was a slight gush of blood and cracked bone and then the wing dissipated in his palm.

He grabbed unto my head and rushed out the through the door of the throne room.

He was so fast that he got to what seemed to be an edge of this wide Pantheon in mere seconds.

While I struggled he emotionlessly threw me down.

”This is how it should be. ” I said while descending.

”Engage. ” I commanded.

I wasn delirious, I just had a vision.

I had what I could only describe as a system and it was the only reason I attained this level in Sorcery.

It was illogical, I had no idea how to explain it and I had no idea how I ended up with it, but thanks to it and the dumb residents of the Threshold, I could get what I desired.

I utterly despise ignorance, I also despise the results of ignorance, they disgust me. I hate scenarios where I feel ignorant and I am completely willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve the knowledge to eradicate all possibilities and chances of being ignorant.

The system signals flashed before me.

-{Bibliotheca Update Received And Archived Import completed. Shall The Plan Be Continued. Y/N}

”Yes. ”

My body started warping, my facial attributes vanished and my height increased.

-{Erasing All AZUR Traces}

-{All Stats Have Returned To Zero}

-{Memories Backup Have Been Saved To Archive In BIBLIOTHECA}

-{Memories Have Been Completely Deleted}


-{AZUR Has Ceased To Exist}

-{Goodbye Sir}

-{Reboot Has Ended, AZUR Is Born Anew}

I am even willing to sacrifice myself so long I will never be ignorant.

This is my desire. My very messed up and petty desire.

”A-Azur? ”

This was the last thing I remember hearing.

My mind went blank abruptly.

And next thing I knew I slammed into the ground and created a wide crater with cinders of flames fluttering about.

My handsome face, my muscular and perfectly sculpted body, my radiant skin all vanished.

I was like a husk of my former self.

Then I finally lost my consciousness completely, if I was half as smart as I thought then this would surely work out.

I just had to wait for who I thought was an old friend.

POV —–> Dr Edward Stein

I could feel mud seeping into my boots and this irritated me to the point where I scoffed.

”Ugh, why did I even come looking for test subjects myself?! ”

I was rummaging through a muddy area near my research facility, I had ways of eventually finding beings that have been kept alive by nature.

These were the kind I needed for my work.

There was a simple looking crooked and thin beast like creature behind me, it was almost like a pet to me, it randomly started to vigorously shake and vibrate violently with a strange noise.


I instantly knew what it meant and ran in a direction I was sure held something like what I was searching for.

… And there it was.

It didn look like much now, but I could just smell the potential within it and it was clear that even my pet thought so too.

”Oh, Faceless and slightly formless, it probably can maintain its own life but i can always fix that. ”

I didn have any more time to waste, I wanted to collect more potential subjects but I was already irritated by just being out in the open and I had other guys searching for more Subjects elsewhere.

Better to start with this one.

Eventually, I returned to my research facility.

Days upon days went by and every other potential subject I collected had fulfilled their fate as either the ones to live or die after my experiments.

It took much longer than I expected but finally, this Subject succeeded.

”Thats it, just like that …

Soon you shall be much better than all the other products … ”

POV —–> ???

The harrowing and coarse voice of a man young but devoid of hope.

Intelligent but devoid of dreams.

Constantly talking to himself its unsure if its because of his horrifying life of solitude and hatred for something either non-existent or too far away to play any significance.

This unknown hatred moved on from his rather bland and uninteresting life with not even a good enough tragic back story that he could use to cast a veil over his true and self-acknowledged values.

Turning himself into what he imagined as the perfect image of an innovative and intellectual man who was way ahead of his time and wanted to create something that could appease his somewhat imaginary goal.

His hair now greyish from malnutrition over the years.

His eyes were laced with obvious exhaustion but he still peers endlessly at his goal.

His skin lined almost everywhere with seemingly precisely done stitches, along his forehead and across his face were the most prominent stitches.

He looked so weird he could be confused for Frankensteins monster instead of Frankenstein himself.

He had disposed his glasses prior to his defection from society and estrangement from the world and its cultures despite his poor eyesight which he chooses to not accept.

Putting on even the cliché stereotypical white lab coat that was mostly used to signify scientists of his nature.

In his highly secluded research building or facility as he called it, he had initially conducted research on the simplest of things for mere curiosity.

As the prodigy he acknowledged himself to be on his own he had discovered information that were impactful enough to be regarded as the ”Secrets of the universe ”.

He discovered that there were things that marked the end of ones life other than death, two of which he took particular interests in; Ascension and Transcendence.

Ascension as in being liberated from your world into one upon a higher plane of existence and Transcendence as in complete movement out of the concept of reality and existence into one where you are no longer bound by the petty rules and regulations of reality or completely separating yourself from existence as a whole.

Those discoveries were what led him to his further inhumane experiments.

He then tried to create subjects he could use to test whether or not it was remotely possible for someone on his realm.

He started off trying to create bodies, actual physical bodies and subject them to continuous quick paced and forced evolution.

But they hardly ever survived or went the way he wanted.

He then dropped the petty social norms and began doing things without caring for the way the foolish masses saw him, either way if he succeeded he would basically become a god in one way or another.

He acknowledged the fact that ”Mother nature ”, the ”Universe ” and The Deity had a much greater precision in the creation of successful sentient entities.

He began using the ones that were naturally born and survived his very own personally modified ”Natural Selection ”.

Which is ironic because he prepared the conditions.

The products are then taken and used for further experimentation.

Hundreds upon hundreds of beasts and weird entities were created successfully.

Thousands upon thousands of failures effectively disposed of.

His goal ended up changing along the way.

Whether he merely forgot his aim due to over immersion and focus or the aim changed along the way.

But now what he is trying to do isn creating a good test for possible ascension of himself but to create something capable of becoming a deity in all rights and he wants that deity in his full control.

What hed do afterwards is only known to him and whatever being was responsible for creating him the devil, The Deity or otherwise.

Oddly enough.

This isn just about the estranged mad scientist; The self-proclaimed Edward Stein.


Don be confused.

This is about his impact and by his impact what is meant is the result of his grave mistakes.

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