POV—–> ???

After being put through inhumane experiments by stein he has finally reached the level desired by him.

He has been put into one of his first travails right after he barely gained consciousness.

The ironic Natural Selection.

POV—–> Azur [AHZER]

I, unfortunately had to be one of Dr Steins test subjects.

Since I gained sentience all I can remember is peering into endless darkness.

Sometimes I may feel like I see something in the distance but it was non-existent.

I even seemed to lack physical feeling, naturally I didn think much of it but later on I realized that if I got a fatal wound and I didn feel it.

It would most likely lead to my death.

The only sensation I felt was the free-flowing energy all around me, it was warm and seemed it could easily be manipulated.

I first grasped the idea of collection and release of the energy then I realized there could be many other things I could do with it.

While trapped within Steins ”Natural Selection ” I would constantly rotate the energy around myself.

After mastering the sensation of the energy rotation, I was able to vaguely have an idea of what my body looked like.

The places where the energy within me reached and bounced back would most likely be the borders of my being.

I quickly understood I had a weird figure with two appendages on the sides of my upper torso and at the very end of myself were two longer appendages.

[A/N: The discovery that he had limbs would be weird to someone who never had any.]

After my discovery the period of confusion I expected in relation to my limbs didn come up.

Almost instantly words occurred to me on what seemed to be plaques of stone.


I realized these were the names aligned with my fore and hind limbs.

The information felt weird because I had no memory of ever accumulating such knowledge.

I realized I was on immobile.

Thanks to me later grasping how I could project the energy I had collected into my ambient surroundings I was able to gain a vague idea of the environment I was in.

Little shards of what seemed like glass or dust filled the area.

The words occurred once more and collected within my thoughts.


I had a good understanding of what it was.

It could have been knowledge that I had seemingly gathered prior to this event, either way, I was thankful for this.

I felt good knowing how I looked and where I was, although I had no sight I was able to have a vague idea of my environment.

Even though I felt no pain nor pressure nor temperature, I couldn just stay in one place I needed to acquire a form of mobility.

Just by having the thought it felt like a dam had been broken in my psyche and strength flowed within my body.

It felt refreshing.

Like being newly born and feeling the tingling of ability at the tips of your toes.

My hands motioned into some weird maneuver and before I knew it I felt myself being lifted from the ground.

I was upon what my psyche previously called my legs.

I felt tall and sublime.

I then stopped basking in the glory of my breakthrough and thought of actually moving forward.


The words chained into a sentence in my thoughts and my body was forced into doing just what it said.

I stumbled a few times but I was glad I was moving.

When I got a good understanding of it the words occurred again.


I was indeed moving in a method called walking.

But it was rather slow, my goal was to look for a way out or something like that.

I have no idea why, but something eerily screamed for me to leave.

Possibly because there were other subjects here who could have already mastered their forms with the information from their psyches and could prove to be dangerous.

[A/N: He came to the conclusion that everyone had these Words occur to them.]

I then tried to add a steadily increasing power behind my step and surprisingly enough I was moving more quickly.

The words changed once more.


I then began to feel something the sensation was indeed weird but I was grateful.

The dry wind surrounding me was pushed out the way due to my quick mobility method and it flowed into my ears it made me want to chuckle but my mouth seemed to be sealed along with my eyes.

I felt like if I wanted to live I had to use every sense at my disposal and since taste and sight were out of the question I must make due with all the others that were at my disposal.

My cheerful trotting came to an abrupt end when I made impact with some peculiar obstacle.

My forceful contact meant there were enough of my accumulated energy that was displaced out and within the object so I clearly understood what was standing before me.

In fact, even though I lacked the ability to sense physical contact the Words could tell me what I was to feel.

From that I could make my verdict.


There was a large experiment subject right in front of me.

Based on what I was told, it seemed to be a huge being with quite the number of limbs.

It said numerous so more than two was naturally my mark.

It seemingly had hardened skin of sorts.

The last word was what made me feel like I should have been running.

What was dangerous about a fellow Stein victim.

We could reach a common understanding of each other and possibly work together to redeem ourselves-.

Before I could even finish collecting my thoughts I saw the words once more.


Seeing that, I instantly gave in to my instincts and leapt away.

It was exhilarating leaping for what seemed to be the first time but my time came to an end and I hit the ground hard with my bottom.

I hadn taken landing precautions.

I then felt the broken dam feeling once more and I began to be able to hear.

All thanks to the impact the attack of the other beast did on the sandy floors, I heard everything so vividly it was exciting but I had to focus on what could have been before me.

What would I do.

I don think running would solve anything, although they probably also had its eyes sealed but if it thought to attack me and did so knowing where I was standing it probably had a means of seeing like I did.

So, it would eventually find and end me.

I did need this experience.

It seemed the knowledge within me that came up as my thoughts in words would only come up when I start trying to perform activities related to them.

In fact, all the words and basic knowledge I have currently only came because I began thinking to myself.

[A/N: If you were wondering how he had such knowledge if he claimed to know nothing. His thoughts triggered quick learning from The Words.]

If I tried to take part in this hostility I could gain information on what it was and how to do it more effectively.






The information flooded in and almost overwhelmed me.

But I got a vague idea of what was expected.

I clenched my palm into a fist and trudged forward to my opponent even though I could barely sense its location.

I tried the previously failed leap and made what I thought was a nice combo.

If it was like me then it wouldn be able to discern my location unless I come back within its range and I figured its range wasn that wide since it didn attack me until I hit it.

Hence it wouldn sense me until Im close enough to administer pain but I was rudely awakened by a heavy impact to my left side which I was sure altered the setup of the inside of my body.



I still didn feel any pain.

But The Words made me understand what the impact could lead too.

I lacked sight and much knowledge of the opponent.

I felt hopeless.

The only thing that kept me a bit joyful was that the information I could extract at a time seemed to be increasing.

It started with vague words but it seems sentences are trying to form, maybe the more I use it the better it gets.


I then once more instinctively leapt away.

I began to wonder what I could possibly do and the strikes of the opponent seemed to be getting faster and stronger because the resulting displacement of air and sand from the impact made an even louder sound.

But I sensed the energy within the attack.

Could attacks be made more effective when utilizing the energy.

I began to concentrate the energy within the soles of my feet and the muscles in my calves and with the release I felt like I was soaring in the air.

The feeling was truly amazing.

Before basking in my own glory of achieving a higher and faster jump I concentrated energy within my palms then clenched it into a fist once more.

Blasting it into what seemed to be my opponents head I felt an extreme sense of triumph.

I didn have the chain of words occur to me to teach me how to utilize the energy for offense.

Maybe it only helped me where I failed to completely understand or I just had no previous knowledge of energy manipulation, either way I was happy I survived.


From what was said I was able to break through the beasts head despite its hardened skin and it died.


I kept running and leaping, punching and kicking.

Sometimes the situation changed and the environment altered.

From an arid desert, to a frozen wasteland and numerous others.

I further grasped the use of the energy.

I soon grew tired of constantly narrating to myself within my mind.

[A/N: Don be. Youll be doing it a lot]

I had to find an exit and remove thread sewing my mouth and eyes.

Almost as immediately as I made this wish, I tripped.

I Stumbled and fell unto metal flooring and I finally felt the presence of the one who put me where I was.

Dr. Edward Stein.

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